Predictions, Comments & Questions

Barbara and Steve open Predictions, Comments and Questions for March with an exciting update on asteroid activity in January and February.  Remember last fall when we were asked to help redirect some giant space rocks away from Planet Earth?  Well, it worked!  No wonder Barbara suggests that we also feel empowered to let March clear away *anything* that no longer works for us.

In Predictions, Steve and the group bring in Merlia who reminds us about a new paradigm of masculine energy that’s starting to show up around the world, demonstrating that *new* ways of being are indeed possible.  Other changes coming soon include what’s happening in our physical bodies, with even more reasons to relax, stay positive,  and remember that it’s all for the good.

Questions include:  Why do I feel the pull to move again, especially when I’m not sure I have another move in me?  How do I use my husband’s desire for separation to rebuild our relationship instead?  Can you give us an update on how we can help people with their transitions?  Can I heal my glaucoma by myself?  Should people “follow the light” when they make their transition or does that trap them in a cycle of reincarnation, as some teachers suggest?  What does the group say about insuring water quality for all of earth?  What is the cause of so much suffering in my life that I’m not even sure I want to be here?  Why am I suddenly feeling so stuck after making many wonderful changes over the past few years?  Can you tell us more about Grace as a life lesson?  Should I prepare my life and my house for hard times?

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Steve and Barbara open the SpiritCast for February with an update on the computer issues that at first delayed the broadcast but have now been fixed–with the help of Lightmasters and others who sent good energy to get it done!

Astrologer Alison Chester Lambert describes February as “relentless” with lots of events coming one after the other to stir the energy around Trump, Brexit, banking systems and governments. A good opportunity, says Alison, for us to remain patient and get on with what we need to do.

The Lightmaster Outreach focuses on weather extremes, from the Arctic Blast with its frigid temperatures reaching into the US Midwest, and extraordinary heat throughout the Australian outback. It’s time NOW to master and anchor our connection to planet Earth, and this journey activation will help make that happen.

Steve and the group have the latest chapter in The Story of Amor, with details of how assistance summoned through heart energy helped Saru heal rapidly after suffering a broken leg. For Amor and Saru, the big surprise was how welcome some “down time” turned out to be, allowing them to continue building their relationship through memories and stories of their time together. The result: an even stronger bond that would last across lifetimes.

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Virtual Light Broadcast

Steve and Barbara bring news of asteroids, a new Dreamers opportunity, photonic activations coming in February,  and how we can use rhythms of light to align our energies in 2019 to their highest potential.  Exciting information!

Meg Adamson helps you Live Your Greatness with a special segment dedicated to Lightmaster Wendy Marie Collins and the “awesome fun” she lived every day.  Meg has much to share about the progress of women over time and the many ways that masculine and feminine energies can show up in love and nurturing, in celebration of each other instead of in competition.  Plus, another breakthrough in how science continues to affirm spirituality through consciousness–including some places you might not have considered that consciousness shows up–and how YOU can live that heightened awareness every day too.

Barbara has some wisdom about the small changes we can make in our lives to create better ones:  it’s easier than you might think.  Next, Steve and the group offer new insights about the balancing of masculine and feminine energy in everything from food production to politics.  The collective is now moving towards that balance–and best of all we can make it happen gently, with no need to go to war.  Here’s how each of us can help create the new paradigm.

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