Predictions, Comments & Questions

Barbara is excited about the coming month, with May as a wonderful opportunity for growth and expansion, to let go of the old and make room for whatever is new and exciting that we can invite into our experience.

Steve and the group bring us up to date on how life is opening up in many directions at once as we move from living in linear time to living in spiral time, which means we can clearly see cracks in existing systems and build something better in all areas: political, financial, and relationships. It’s time for us to prepare ourselves as conscious creators for what is to come, to breathe and relax, and create a miracle out of adversity.

Questions include: What does the group say about health challenges from the growing use of 5G technologies? How and why is seawater salty? Can and should I stay with my low-vibration husband or is it time to move on? With all the new energies can I ascend without my physical body having to die? What is Africa’s role in earth changes, and how can Third World countries have better access to spiritual teachings? What can we do to help the LGBTQ community from being the target of hate crimes and attacks? Why am I being held back at work despite my talent and enthusiasm? What do I keep and what do I discard as I prepare to move from my longtime home? Can Tachyon energies help heal energetic imbalances? Why am I having so much trouble trying to work with a medical intuitive to become more empathic myself?

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Virtual Light Broadcast

Barbara and Steve begin with important updates on email security and two upcoming events for Master Healer certification, which will include insights on the 7 Clans and how to plant seeds for yourself not just in the past but in your future. Barbara has some good news to share and Practical Magic about how we as Everyday Angels can make a difference for something we’re passionate about.

Meg Adamson’s Live Your Greatness segment explores how censorship is coming into play through existing social media and how new forms can counter that, by allowing freedom of expression and community-building without having your privacy threatened or your buying habits scooped up by data-mining. Good news indeed! She also introduces us to a remarkable teenager in Poland who’s organizing others to take positive action against the forces ignoring climate change. Meg’s question for all of us: “What do YOU want to do to create the kind of world you want to live in?”

In the closing channel, Steve and the group share exciting news from Solara you will definitely want to hear. We have a job to do, reassuring others in the universe that while the earth is going through many changes, we’re OK. It’s time to create the highest possible visions for ourselves.

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