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VirtualLight September 2019 – 1

– Welcome to September

Download the Video file here >

Barbara and Steve draw scholarship winners for the new LightMaster2020 class


VirtualLight September 2019 – 2

– Opening channel

Download the Video file here>

The game is about to get even more exciting

VirtualLight September 2019 – 3

– Human Angel Heart Connection

Download the Video file here >

3 young brothers send light to the world, one candle at a time

VirtualLight September 2019 – 4

– Alison Chester-Lambert

Download the Video file here>

Why it’s time to get busy around the house

VirtualLight September 2019 – 5

– Meg’s Live Your Greatness

Download the Video file here>

Good advice on how to merge your human and soul connection NOW

VirtualLight September 2019 – 6

– Closing Channel

Download the Video file here>

Steve and Em: Let go of old systems of survival and work on creating LOVE



VirtualLight August 2019 – 1

Welcome – News from Steve & Barbara

Download the Video file here >

The Virtual Light Broadcast for August begins with one of Barbara’s favorite events all year:  an invitation to apply for a scholarship for the LightMaster 2020 course, beginning this fall.  Ten scholarships will be awarded during the next VLB, so now is the time to send in your request to scholarships@espavo.org to be included in the drawing.


VirtualLight August 2019 – 2

Nurturing Channel from the group

Download the Video file here>

Steve and the group offer a new way to harmonize our hearts even more strongly as this major transition occurs on planet Earth.  It’s yet another way to tune into ourselves and each other, to take full advantage of the magic of home now visiting earth.

VirtualLight August 2019 – 3

Barbara’s Human Angel for Mathew Reel

Download the Video file here >

Barbara’s Human Angel Heart Connection highlights the work of a remarkable 12-year-old in Houston, Texas, who was so touched by the thought of classmates going hungry that he launched a BackPack program, inspiring kids to gather and donate food to other kids.


VirtualLight August 2019 – 4

Astrology Forecast with Alison-Chester Lambert

Download the Video file here>

Astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert  says it’s time to check your belongings, inject excitement and energy into your relationships, and turn anger into humor whenever you can.  2019 and 2020 are transformative years astrologically, Alison reminds us, and we would be well served by getting ready now.

VirtualLight August 2019 – 5

Steve’s Good News!

Download the Video file here >

Steve has some good news to share about how humanity is evolving for the better (even when it may not always seem that way). Case in point:  how New Yorkers behaved during a power outage 42 years ago and how they behaved when the lights went out again this summer.


VirtualLight August 2019 – 6

Meg Adamson – Dog Days of Summer

Download the Video file here>

Meg Adamson has inspiration on how to Live Your Greatness during these dog days of summer with insights from ancient Egypt that give us a clue about how to be (and feel) powerFUL instead of powerLESS.

VirtualLight August 2019 – 7

Aug Channel from “the group”

Download the Video file here >

Finally, Steve and the group are excited these days about where humankind is going in these changing (and challenging) times.  Look at all the humans doing good, says Merlia,  and allow yourself to fall in love–with yourself, with each other, and with the planet.


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