5 Words in Time

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5 Words in Time

The Keeper of Time spoke to a group of people gathered in Sedona, Arizona recently and told them they were all “time travelers” who had agreed to incarnate backward in time to be here right now.

He revealed that they had each made this agreement in order to assist and direct the trajectory of humanity as it begins to re-member how to consciously work with LightBody and Ascension work. Soon after this channel, the group spoke about during the VirtualLight Broadcast about planting 5 Words into the past, then watching for the proof of them in our present moment.

When we learn to work with this technique we can change the current trajectory of our lives, shifting our fears, doubts, self-judgements  and all the obstacles that are holding us back.  And if enough of us change our individual trajectory, then the collective is also able to shift.

In the past 4 weeks, this concept has gone viral, with many, many spiritual teachers sharing this information with their clients. We are elated that this is resonating so deeply with so many.

This is such groundbreaking information that we decided it should be a certified OverLight modality training. During our four days together the group will speak specifically about multidimensionality, time travel, planting 5 words in time and why we agreed to travel back in time to be here now.

  • Are you feeling really, really fed up with the human behavior you currently see in the world?
  • Are you just plain exhausted with life right now?
  • Do you feel like you don’t belong here?
  • Do you shake your head when you hear separation attempts like “bathroom laws”, “gender equality”, “women’s rights”or the color of a person’s skin having anything to do with anything?
  • If so, then chances are you too have traveled back in time to be here right now to guide humanity back to the level of oneness you already know in your heart is possible.

It’s possible because you’ve already lived it and are an expert at it. You are here because you are a Master and it’s time for you to re-member your Mastery so you can do what you came here to do.

This experience will first and foremost be for your re-membering. You will be taken on a journey to remember your 5 custom words that you brought with you, then Steve, Barbara and the group will teach you how to facilitate this process with others.


  1. I am very interested in the 5 Words in Time but need a bit more information on the times of this work. I see four days in January starting at 11 Pacific. How long does each session last? I’ll have to block that time off from work, so your input will help get me moving toward registration.
    Chrystie Stachura

    • Hi Chrystie,

      I can’t wait for this seminar! Each session lasts approximately 60-75 minutes and all classes are recorded. The recordings are posted approximately 4 hours after live airing so you can access them at your convenience if the live times do not work for you.