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Time Travelers Awaken| December 11 & 16

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Can you picture the world as it will be 300 years from now–maybe because you’ve actually been there? The biggest challenge is that most do not remember they are time travelers. So how can you tell if you are one? Learn more

New World – New Body. Activate. Integrate. Elevate. | November 17, Dec 1 & 2

Look around. Can you see it? Can you feel it? It’s time to prepare for the next stage of life on planet Earth. The group says we aren’t going back to life as we’ve known it. They’re ready to show us how to step up. Learn more

Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves

Do you ever wonder why you chose to be here on earth–right here, right now? The group will offer us a new, updated vision of the game currently underway, from both the spiritual perspective of humans AND the Earth herself. Learn more


• Year Long Intensive Online Events
This program is a year long practice of the group’s most recent teachings, in real time, (nothing is pre-recorded or used from previous years teachings) based on the current evolution of the Earth and of humanity. Learn more


December 8 & 22 | RisingLight

Steady. Calm. Comforting. Regular, reliable guidance from trusted non-physical friends. Wouldn’t it be great to have that during these turbulent times? RisingLight is being offered as a monthly subscription. Learn more

December 19 | Virtual Light Broadcast (FREE)

Online Event • A 60-90 minute program bringing you a heads-up about important events for the following month, followed by a Q&A session answering your most urgent questions. Learn more

Thank you for taking your power

Following the LightMaster courses from Steve allow me to strengthen myself. I become more flexible towards the world around me and I am more able to provide accurate answers to my environment. This allow me also to have a more indepth reflection on the world around me. Steve and the Group helps me becoming a better person, for myself, for people around me and for Mother Earth in general. • Jean-Philippe

Beacons of Light

Beacons of Light November 2020
~ Intersection Of Time ~

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day because your time has intersected again. You’re moving at an incredible pace. [read more]

Virtual Light Broadcast

Global Light

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