A New Expression of Love

A New Expression of Love

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Barbara and I have been doing this work for more than 20 years now and one of the most challenging things that we have seen over and again are people who  meet in our seminars and find a lost love or a soul-mate. Many times this is a wonder to see, yet there are times this can break apart other committed relationships. The group says that you cannot decide who you will love. Although it is not wrong, it can create very difficult paths that can change the direction of many peoples’ lives. There is also the inversion of this example.

The group says that many people have made contracts where the other person did not incarnate or was pushed to another part of the world or another dimension. In either scenario there is a longing, a knowing that something went awry, a feeling of not fulfilling your purpose, or a feeling that your life is not where you believed it would be, but you cannot explain why you feel the way that you feel.  This can be a very difficult life experience, especially if you haven’t yet understood why. It also leaves one feeling like there is an internal void that needs to be filled. In essence, you are searching for something you don’t quite know what or why.

Having recently opened the Esayoto (if you’re not familiar please visit Entering Esayoto to read more about it) we have access to experiences and answers to many of these questions.

In this three day event the group will take us to the Esayoto and let us connect to any and all contracts that may have missed being activated in this lifetime.

What they tell us is that by having this experience we can bring closure and peace to one of the most difficult human experiences. Human Love. Our intent is to give you clarity and completion that releases that deep inner loneliness and feeling of isolation. Our hope is that from this experience of witnessing the contracts you weren’t able to live out, you can feel and receive energetically the experience it was meant to be for you and release it, filling up with a new expression of love. This sets you into motion to return to your life filled up, able to create new contracts and move forward. Everything we do now while incarnated on Earth matters.

We also suggest that anyone who has read our book Spiritual Psychology or is a certified practitioner of our Spiritual Psychology modality attend this training for the added learning. Many of your clients may benefit greatly from this knowledge.

We also wish to state that with all of our seminars, we are leaving room for the group to expand the material as they see fit, based upon the energy of the group in attendance. You may find that extensions of the work covered in class may not have been in the initial descriptions.  We find it best to give them the space to observe and align the information in real time (is there such a thing?) based on the humans who attend.

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