Virtual Light Broadcast

Barbara and Steve welcome us to summer (or winter, depending on where you are in the world…) with some interesting insights about the importance of solstices, plus an explanation of the new expansion of ESPAVOtv which brings new tools for us all.  They also shared the date of a special wave of energy coming our way (this is BIG) and the magical way it will influence events around the world.
Astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert picks up the solstice theme with a look at events ahead and what it means when exhaustion and stress combine with great opportunity for new clarity, especially around family issues.  The Cancer/Capricorn combo tells us that testing times can bring gifts, and whatever work they inspire us to do is of great benefit to collective consciousness *and* the cosmos.  
Barbara’s Human Angel Heart Connection reminds us of the power and benefits of meditation, in our personal lives and far beyond.  Just ask the residents of one town in Iowa who took up the practice and created a more peaceful and loving community for everyone who lives or even visits there.  (Talk about a good reason for taking action…! )
Meg Adamson has an invitation to Live Your Greatness with an inspiring new tool to tap into your own “She-Wisdom” (no matter what gender you may be)–an Oracle Deck to strengthen the connection between you and your own inner wisdom, and help you open to gentle nudges from spirit and your cosmic buddies.  Steve and Barbara demonstrate how it works and the insight it provides.
In a final channel, Steve and The group  bring in Em to explain more about the natural stage of evolution ahead for humans and the meaning of an upcoming timeline cross.  There’s a new paradigm coming, and the energy needs to have space made for it.  Crossing the timeline, Em tells us, will relieve humanity of the burdens we’ve been carrying for so long.  Our job:  to help create that energetic space, remain in love and not step into fear.