April 2018

Virtual Light Broadcast

Segment 1

April VLB opens with good advice from Barbara to find one thing to be grateful for, each day. Steve and The group connect the dots between humanity’s new, higher vibration on planet Earth and the ability for us to come together in unity and love, instead of remaining in fear and separation. It’s time to find harmony by looking for areas of agreement with others, allowing them to choose their own path even as we stand in our truth.

Segment 2

In the Good News report, Chris Morris reports on how signs of unity and connection are showing up across the planet, from the possibility of surviving black holes to the colorful explosions of Auroras across Finland to Lego’s swapping plastics for plant-based materials in creating its products. Honorary Lightmasters of the Month are the brave young people showing all of us, of every age and color, how to get together and speak up for life.

Segment 3

Steve returns with No More Secrets, and some eye-opening information about who’s tracking whom, and why, and what it means for anyone’s illusion of privacy. Plus something you may not know about cloning puppies… and now humans too.

Questions from viewers include: What is green burial, and how and where can I utilize it? What’s the cause of my disabling fatigue? Why are there so many mass shootings now and how can we change the mentality behind them?

Segment 4

Steve and The group continue the story of Amor, as he and Saru contemplate parenthood, bring Mutter the dog into their lives, and take a young man under their wing, with unexpected consequences.

Segment 5

Segment 5 includes questions answered from viewers who wrote in. Additional questions from viewers include: How can I heal my recurring sore throat? What’s causing and what can I do about my disrupted sleep time? Who and what, exactly, is the family of E? Why am I seeing people and animals not in my reality–is it because the walls are thinning between dimensions?

Segment 6

Steve and The group close the broadcast with how we can harmonize every aspect of our lives to help change the wave of separation, find harmony in our relationships, eradicate fearful and hateful energies, and play the game joyfully.

Predictions, Comments & Questions

April PCQ begins with Barbara’s observation that spring is right around the corner and with it the possibility for new beginnings. We hear from Steve and The group (Em) that April also brings 7 of the 22 major energy waves coming this year which will help humans step into a whole new world. Look for continued volcanic and seismic activity; rejoice when these small releases of energy occur. Humanity’s efforts to ground the light have already reduced the activity of three major volcanoes. Em also offers specific direction on how to deal with those in fear and resistance, along with a fascinating take on how time can be stretched or sped up.

Questions include: How can an opera singer turned energy healer find a new passion and a new partner?
What are the practical aspects of multiple dimensions, and are all of our dimensions here on earth? Why would someone choose to be born in poverty or abuse? What’s ahead for the revaluation of money? Is going vegan good for everyone? What happens to our physical body after we step into light body? What’s this I’m hearing about a big shift of energy in mid-March? Why don’t I remember most of my dreams? How can we continue to keep our autistic son out of traditional education programs?

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