Article: “The group goes to the UN” – Vienna, Austria, May 1999

at the United Nations

The Group Goes to the UN.
Vienna, Austria
May 1999

Steve, Barbara Rother and the group are five time
presenters at the United Nations on two continents.

The Group Goes to the UN

We arrived in Vienna at 9 am after 13 hours of flight time from San Diego. Vienna is a beautiful city with rich heritage. This was the first time that Barbara and I had been to Europe and we were quite excited about this trip. Then came the difficult part: explaining the sword to many customs officials. Our Host, Lourdes Resperger, met us at the airport with a bouquet of flowers that set the tone for what was to come. She is the president of the Vienna International City Esoteric Society that hosted this event. Our Hotel was very near a canal off the Blue Danube River. We decided to check into our hotel and get some rest before attending the channel at the United Nations at 4 pm.

Eva Reinerman from Brussels and her mother Helen met us at our hotel, later that afternoon. Together we traveled to something called the Vienna International Center, on the “underground”. This was kind of strange for me because when I looked around I became acutely aware that I was the only one on the subway wearing a hat and carrying a sword. No problem, I have found myself in stranger situations before. We arrived at the entrance to the Vienna International Center. We had to present our ID and go through security and customs because we were entering a country within a country they explained. Everyone lined up and they checked our passports and gave us badges. Then the moment of truth came as the security guard asked all of us to place our belongings on the x-ray machine. I really didn’t want him to go into panic when he saw the sword show up on his screen, so I told him ahead of time that there was a sword in the case I was carrying. He responded but I could tell he wannt really listening. Then his eyes got really big as he saw the sword.. This is a look I have seen several times before. Then came the usual question: “Why are you carrying a sword?” You would think that after being asked that same question time and again that I would have a well versed answer ready and waiting. Not so, I stumbled out something to the effect that it was a ceremonial sword. Now his eyes got very big as he visions of human sacrifice shot through his brain. Then he spoke the all too familiar words: “I think I’d better get my supervisor.” The funny part is, when the case actually opens, I watch as highly trained security guards of the United Nations turn into little wide eyed boys at first sight of the sword.   His supervisor kindly asked me if we were going to cut off anyones head with this and when I responed with a firm no, and several other people who were in high positions at the UN vouched for us, we were admitted to the UN.

After passing inspection we proceeded into this city. We were invited by the VIC Esoteric Society at the UN compound to speak and do a live channel for the members and guests of this group. The Esoteric Society is a group of like minded individuals most of whom work at the various organizatiuons, including the UN, although membership is open. This group meets at the UN coumpound in the Vienna International Center regularly. Upon entering the compound we realized that this was in face a self contained city. This place was huge and there were many buildings that make up he Vienna International Center. This is a home for the United Nations, UNIDO Untied Nations Industrial Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency, UNOV and UCBDO. Upon entering the main lobby area all the international flags could be seen hanging from the ceiling. We went up several floors to the room where the channel was to be held.

There were about twenty people now in the room and we began meeting people prior to the talk. At 5:30 there was a big influx of people entering the room as members of the various organizations ended their workday. Many were there from the United Nations, UNIDO and the Atomic Energy Agency. When the introductions were made and I began the talk, there were about 70 people in attendance.

I shared with them how this whole thing got started and how the Group first came to me. I spoke about the messages from the Group and the basis of the work we were doing. I was surprised to find that most of the people in the room had been reading the Beacons of Light Meditations for some time. They were ready for the information and very anxious to see us. It turned out that we were a validation for them as well. We were a little anxious about meeting Lightworkers from different countries but after about five minutes of talking and looking into the smiling, eager eyes in the audience, I realized that we were Home and this was family.

I shared the Sword, Scepter and Quill with everyone and explained how we used each tool in the seminars to illustrate the information that the Group has given us. It was very special to see some of the special warriors of the Light holding the Sword again. I had been very concerned about jet lag and having to present something so important to me only a few hours after getting off a plane, but the moment I stepped up in front of the crowd the Group came in and I became energized.

After a short break I began the channel from the Group. They had decided to not let me in on what we were going to talk about. Normally I would have been very nervous about them not telling me the subject of the channel but I was simply too busy to worry about it. I’m really beginning to get very comfortable with the live channeling. Writing was my first form of channeling so this is relative new for me. I am now getting very comfortable with speaking in a collective voice and live channeling. Now I just open to the flow.

The timing of our trip put us in Vienna during the Kosovo crisis, which was only a few hundred miles from our location. Several people asked for answers as to why this was happening. They also wanted information about the role of the refugees. There was a real sadness in the air caused by this situation. This was the first information contained in the channel from the Group. They spoke of the role these wonderful people were playing and how their sacrifice would facilitate the further advancement of humanity. They spoke of the fact that it was appropriate to speak your truth in all situations including this one. Many of those in Vienna still have scar tissue from the last time this was attempted in the days of the holocaust. Once again, he Group said that our awakening on this planet began in earnest the day that Hitler left. It was our collective raise in vibration that said we would never give our power away like that again.

The Group began to speak about the Universal energy, and how it was all about blending. They used the illustration of tides in the Ocean that actually balance the rotation of the Earth. This constant movement of energy (water) is always seeking balance. To seek balance and blending is the way of the Universal energy. To support that blending will place you in the Universal flow. To oppose that energy would be against the Universal flow and would not be supported. They gave illustrations about how all actions should be compared to the flow of Universal Energy. They said that action supporting blending and the removal of imaginary lines of separation would help us make the shift as humanity moved forward. Those actions that resisted blending and encouraged segregation would not be supported. They spoke of how all things begin as a single heart. If there is a misdirection of energy that goes against the Universal flow then it would find resistance.

If the resistance was ignored then the misdirection would attract others with similar misdirections and soon there would be a community misdirecting energy. If that continues, like attracts like, and soon you have an entire country misdirecting energy. They did also say that if ever the majority of the planet began misdirecting energy then the Mother would end the Game and the cataclysmic end times would be visited upon the Earth. They also said to keep in mind that the events of Kosovo were a chance to shine Light where Light had not been for some time. They were not talking about a geographical location but rather, an idea of ethnic cleansing. They made it clear that we were in the higher vibrations and these actions would now meet abrupt opposition. The said that the words “fight” and “war” would not be in our vocabulary long, but it was also very important that we took a stand and spoke our truth and created our own reality. In many ways it was like having a chance to re-affirm the direction of the new Earth. They greatly honored those who accepted the role of victim. They said that they played very important roles that would not go unnoticed, and that we all owe them a real debt of gratitude.

Although the subject was prompted by the situation in Kosovo, it was about a much higher subject. It was about the flow of Universal Energy and how that is a guide for everything in our lives all and actions on the planet. They said that even our little decisions in everyday life can be compared to the flow to see if it is a misdirection of energy. They said that on government levels it is easy to see haw all actions and policies are either in the flow, or against it. They said there is no judgement about which one we choose, except that some actions get the desired results and others do not.

The pointed to the euro-dollar as a perfect example of blending and erasing imaginary lines that we call borders. They said we strengthen the bonds between us as we encourage becoming citizens of the Earth. They said once we get that in place we can start working on becoming citizens of the Universe. They talked about those who will be coming soon to help us understand our true heritage. And they said when that happens we will very quickly drop our imaginary boundaries and become citizens of the new Planet Earth. They spoke of our galactic neighbors and how varied they are from one another. They said that when they begin to show themselves, we will then see how very much alike we really are here on Earth, and we will bond as citizens of the planet.

The other points they spoke of were related to taking and holding our true power while still in biology. They spoke of the planetary alignments that have caused so much turmoil in recent times and spoke of the role of humanity on the Gameboard. They spoke of the physical changes that were to be expected, and the awakening of humanity. All in all, they gave a basic message that firmly placed the choices, as well as the responsibility for those choices, in the hands of those in attendance. The gently but firmly re-minded us that through our choices we hold the power of creating our own future.

At the end of the channel there was time for all to ask question of the Group. There were many interesting questions that ranged from asking about the 23rd Universe to how we can better re-member who we are. One question that produced and interesting response from the Group, was asked by a scientist from the Atomic Energy Agency. He asked about the nature of synchronicity as it related to the three dimensional representation of the sparks of God that I had placed on the board. The basis of their answer was that he was making things more complicated than they really were. The concept of God was too simple to fit in three dimensions. The questions came from Lightworkers in all walks of life.

At the end of the channel I opened my eyes to find that I had sat a little too close to the front row as everyone was in tears. I know that there is a proximity issue with this and have learned to tell people so they can choose if they wish to be in the flow of tears or not. At the very end as we all shared long overdue hugs and a wonderful Lightworker came up to me beaming from ear to ear. She was there to greet us, and had brought her friend along to translate because she did not speak English. She told her translator to tell me that after about five minutes of translating she had told her stop. She was getting the message just fine, and as she wiped the tears from her eyes she pointed to her heart. The translator told me she “heard” every word.

One of the most wonderful experiences at the United Nations was what happened several days later. Our host Lourdes asked us back to the UN for lunch. We got to really take a look around during the working hours and saw more than we imagined. The Vienna International City houses a lot of Lightwork, and it was really great to have the opportunity to be taken on a private tour of this vast place. Just before we left we had coffee and desert in one of the café’s. During the short time we sat at the table, about five people came by who had been either at the channel at that had attended the seminar, and we were greeted with hugs from family. This was more than I could have hoped for, and for the first time I realized that Barbara, the Group and I had a wonderful role of re-connecting family all over the world.

We did a two day seminar in the heart of Vienna, at which the Group shared more about the family of Michael in this very special place. They said the energy of Michael was very strong in that geographical location, and this was the reason we were finding each other now. In more ways than one we really had re-membered Home. We were deeply honored to have been asked to share this message with these important Lightworkers at this critical time on our planet. We have been asked to return in April 2000 and have gratefully accepted the invitation.

Barbara and I are so honored to be able to carry this message and connect Lightworkers worldwide. We thank all of you for holding the energy to make this possible. Together we are changing the world and creating Heaven here on Earth…one heart at a time.

Steve, Barbara and the Group.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]