Assisting the Heroes

Assisting the Heroes

April 10, 15 & 22

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You can assist transitioning heroes. Here’s how.


The Current Situation
One of the challenges during this virus is that many people are dying alone, out of touch with families and emotional support systems. We can make a difference with this. In this special three-day event we will gather on the Esayoto (a sacred safe space) and assist those who are crossing over, from our spirits to theirs. We will address the process of dying and what happens to the spirit during and after death. Then together, we will create a space where those who are energetically reaching for a hand can find one. Anyone who is crossing over can find unconditional help, love and guidance. This love not only helps a spirit to cross over but also helps the sender connect to the universal life force that strengthens the physical body.

The Potential of our work together

During this event the group will show us how simple it is to reach out an important helping hand. Those of you who have taken our modality training Transition Teams know how important the crossing of a spirit can be to the evolution of mankind. This is everyone’s chance to be a part of the solution on a massive scale, together.

During our three days together we will:

  • Connect with the Esayoto, a place where all possibilities lie and can be sped up in the creation process
  • Learn the process a soul takes when crossing the veil and returning home
  • Learn about soul agreements, especially when in group numbers
  • Learn more about the critical mass humanity is currently reaching and why that matters
  • Learn why the group calls every soul transitioning at this time a hero
  • Assist every transitioning soul along a moving timeline during this pandemic crisis
  • Learn why the level of love and safety a soul crosses over with matters to humanity’s evolution and reincarnation

– After the class you will have everything you need to continue to do this work on your own. The event will give you the tools needed.

Presented live in channel with a Q & A on the last day.

This is a Certified OverLight Training with the Espavo non-profit organization. All attendees will receive an email certification document upon completion of the course.


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      The class is still open for registration. Classes are designed so you can watch at any time so feel free to register. At this time we are not planning on an expiration date. If we do decide to pull this from our active seminar offerings we will give everyone at least 30 days notice.