Beacons of Light, April 2017 | Do Something Different

The Beacons of Light
April 2017

~ Do Something Different ~


Beacons of Light
April 2017
Presented Live 3/25/2017


Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

I have come in this day to intersect with your timeline for just a moment, to tell you what the view is from Home. Humanity is experiencing a major stretch on the planet. Because of all the challenges, it has decided that you would move very quickly. That was your choice, dear ones, and you have certainly gotten your wish. However, you are also starting to see that there are those who wish to influence your choices. So, now it’s going to be determined exactly how much of a free-choice-planet you are on. No matter where you live, your political systems, or whether you are female or male life is changing on your planet for all of you. It is something you have chosen. For quite some time this has been something you have been hoping and waiting for, and now it is much closer than you think.

Life is changing

In the meantime, it is not always going to look very pretty. In truth, change always takes its toll and creates unusual stresses. But that is why you are here…all of you. How many Lightworkers does it take to change the world? All of you. Every single one. Now we see you in motion. The next several months are liable to be a little bit of a challenge on a normal basis—what you would call normality. Well, normality is not so normal anymore now, is it? In reality, you are going to see a lot of changes coming because there are no more secrets on your planet. That is much larger than most of you thought. And, in truth, you are going to find that this is actually going to work well for you. In the meantime, we ask you to embrace every part of it. Be who you are because no matter what is taking place in the world around you, you hold the light. You hold the opportunity to be in full awareness of your energy and to express yourself freely at any moment. That is why you came to Earth. This has all been so that you could play the game of pretending to be a human, to be able to hold the right amount of light at exactly the right point. Keep up the good work, dear ones, all of you. You have no idea how important each and every one of you are. You are holding the future of humanity right now and you are doing an outstanding job with it. Enjoy the journey and keep that smile on your face— it will help quite a bit.

It is with the greatest of honor that I get to greet you in these ways. I ask you to treat each other with the greatest of respect, to nurture one another at every opportunity and play the new game well together.


I am the Keeper of Time.


Greetings dear ones, I am Merlia.

I am here to share with you some of the new energies that are coming forward very quickly. Trust that lightworkers are changing this world one heart at a time, starting with your own. It has been amazing for us to watch from this side of the veil, as you are opening up and allowing the feminine energy to balance on planet Earth. Humans are incredible, dear ones. Absolutely incredible. Quite some years ago we had another channel on this same subject titled, “Being Orange in a Gray World.” What does that mean? Having the courage to change, be different, stand out, and be yourself. We are working to give you all that confidence. You landed clearly in the fifth dimension and you have been wandering around for several years. You have been trying to anchor new possibilities, using the same tools that you established in the third dimension. Dear ones, it is happening en masse. As humanity steps further into a fifth-dimensional experience, you will discover that even physics is different. You are so accustomed to the action/reaction cycle that you have done that emotionally for years. You are always balancing an emotion. When someone makes you feel bad, you must either pay them back or make them feel good at some point. You are balancing these energies, but what if you just separated everything? That is what is coming next for all of you on Earth; however, it does not mean that you are ready for it or that you will know it when it gets there. Instead, it means the possibility is there; that is absolutely what is happening right now.

So, take a deep breath, dear ones. Just breathe in that beautiful energy of this day. It will never happen again, for this day is special. Take a deep breath, blow it out down deeply and keep the circular energy in motion when you breathe. That’s perfect.

Dare to be ‘orange’ in a ‘gray’ world

Breathing rhythmically in that way sets up an energetic field, which opens up parts of your heart. Many of you may say, “Oh, that is great! I love to open my heart, to feel and be active on the planet.” In reality, dear ones, most of you have come in feeling so much. For such a long period of time, it has even been a little more difficult than that. Sometimes it is not even possible because you naturally close down at times, often when the light is starting to come in at the highest level.  Here you are, looking for new opportunities and new possibilities so we will challenge you: Dare to do something completely different. You are used to traveling a certain direction to work every day. You live here, your work is there, and you choose the fastest and most effective route. Consider driving a different way to work. Do something to change your energy patterns during the next three to four months, as it will lead you to a new level of existence. You have actually prepared this for yourselves because you knew what was needed for stepping into this energy. Yet, as you step into it there is still so much protection going on. Combined with the frustration wave on the planet, it is a bit scary to open your heart to all that energy. We tell you, dear ones, it is right there for you. First of all, we simply ask you to do something different, whatever it is. Every day you wake up, go to the same coffee pot, and you pull out your favorite cup…do something different. Change your patterns then watch as you magically begin to recognize new opportunities. The opportunities have been there all the time, but when you follow your normal patterns or the path of least resistance, you do not search for the new way. Your brain works exactly the same way. If you could follow the synaptic pathways of a thought as it races through your brain, it builds up those pathways and the next thought you have automatically moves down that same wave. Do something different. Stop yourself for a moment and change your behavior.

Do something different

Take a breath, dear ones. You are starting to see this now, are you not? The key is to do something different. Begin with something small, simply change your usual daily patterns and watch what happens. When it comes to people, you usually have the same reaction or pull at the same emotions all the time. Shift your energy and do something different. Dare to challenge someone when they walk in the door. You can always recover, by coming back and saying, “Oh, I did not mean that. I was just playing with you.” If you do not step out of the norm, your norm will trap you. You are now moving forward into an entirely new vibrational status, which is why we are helping to balance the feminine aspect. The feminine energy is coming on this planet and balancing in a big new way. It is not a forceful energy, yet it is powerful. There is such a difference between force and power that many people cannot equate one to the other. Watch what happens. You understand that a peaceful world is what you all desire, but what will it take to achieve that peace?  The word “peace” actually signals a lack of something in a way “at peace” is a negative statement. What if you were able to say “love” instead? What if there was love on the planet instead of war, arguments, and the crazy politics that you play? You can hold that love, dear ones. You brought it from Home and each of you has a special role to play in that energy. We are here in force to encourage and help you take those steps. For all of you, the new information we have to share is to take that step to move forward into a new, gentler and peaceful world full of love. That is the original dream that all of you shared and it is what you expected when you stepped into the fifth dimension. Instead what you experienced was very much like the third dimension, because you dragged all your ways of doing things with you into the fifth dimension. You learned how to find the path of least resistance and you brought it forward. And we think it is hilarious that you managed to go through all these problems, then recreate this over here when it is neither necessary nor real. You are so accustomed to it, but that is changing so dare to do something different. Shift your feelings for just a moment. You can always go back and say, “Oh, never mind.” Try something new.

A loving world

What took place during the wave of energy March 4–17, brought a new level of resistance to planet Earth. Many people are now feeling that taking a step backwards. Re-member, anytime people take a step backwards they take it in their own evolution. Often in their own belief systems—they step backwards. Dear ones, do not judge this for it is not your place to judge. Simply, it is your place to be there because you brought energy, ideas, and memories from Home for this exact experience. You brought the most beautiful parts that you thought could possibly exist on the planet, yet some of you have not been able to release them. Now is the time to do something different.

For those of you who have tried to find your dream by working hard to create the reality a healing center or setting up your own practice without success, now is the time. Dare to take a different path. Set something different into motion by going a new direction even if it may be a long way around because there are contracts waiting for you. Your belief systems have limited you so much that it has often been difficult to fulfill your dreams and wishes. Why? Because when you put one foot so closely to the next moving forward so hesitantly, there is basically no room for spirit to work in your lives. Create that space and watch what happens. Dare to be totally different during this next month. Watch your spirit come alive with the possibilities, as the new energies are now here for you to balance. And above all, dear ones, during these times of change, you are going to see that there is quite an opportunity for balancing the feminine.

A base power of feminine energy of creation

It has been out of balance by nearly everyone for a very long time, and you are bringing it into the collective consciousness. This actually holds all the answers to these problems you are experiencing on your planet now. If you look at the challenges, disagreements, and wars you see that it is mostly a revolt against the masculine energy. It is a force vs. power. You are actually in the fifth dimension, dear ones, you simply have not yet learned to use that power. It is a base energy, so it does not have the same effect as the force. The force can be physical, or sometimes even energetic. However, it is a force to be reckoned with. Although it is not harmonized, that is basically the masculine way of doing things and has been very successful on your planet for some time. Many of you have measured your muscles against each other to see which one has the most force. Interesting. We never expected that. Your real power– your true force–is the base energy that lies beneath all of it, which is the feminine aspect. Whether you are carrying a masculine or feminine body makes no difference, for both of you need to balance in new ways to open these doors. You will see it reflected in some of the problems you deal with, politics, as well as some of the rules and guidelines that you set on your Earth. However, you are experiencing a new understanding of sexuality in general and that opens the door for the feminine to return. We celebrate that with such joy because we have been waiting for this a long time. Your light is not new on Earth, for you have been here before. This time you brought a new energy to you that is enabling the harmony on planet Earth, the next big step.

Individuals holding the light

In duality, dear ones, you have always taken sides. You are still doing that, but we hope to break that pattern with all of humanity. This is not about sides, it is not about being in this group that one; it is about individuals holding the light. That is what you now have an opportunity to do, so step out of whatever classifications you put yourself into and do something different. Let your heart react to the world around you. If it is frustration you feel, perhaps you need to go outside and yell really loudly. We will be there listening, waiting. Release that energy so you do not have to carry it with you and step forward and do something different. Watch as the opportunities now appear for you to take those different actions, and express different reactions.    You have stepped into a new world. What you do not always realize is that you are leaders, which is why you are here; that is what you came to do.

Keep up the great work, dear ones, and know that you are loved beyond your understanding. You never, ever walk alone on this planet. Yes, we know you cannot always feel it and sometimes you long for the physical presence of another human but cannot find it. Trust that we are always over your shoulder watching, sending energy and attempting to open the doors whenever possible so that the next opportunity can reveal itself for you to step into a place of creation.

You have brought the blueprints of Home here to Earth. Because of all this disarray that you now see, the opportunities for balancing feminine energy has arrived. Celebrate it! Play with your base power of feminine energy of creation, and know that the world is yours for the making. Do something different.

It is with the greatest of honor that I get to greet you in these ways even as a singularity. I am Merlia and I ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another whenever possible and play well together. Come up and see me sometime.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


Connecting the Heart

~ Celebrating Earth ~

By Barbara Rother

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day events in more than 193 countries are now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on the environmental issues that the world faces.

We have come far in our progression of caring for this precious earth but still have so far to go with the advancement of our awareness of making a true difference. Knowledge is the key to taking our individual steps in making a positive step forward. Each one of us can do our part but the more we connect in our efforts, the more of a change we can make. Small changes to your daily routine can have a big positive impact on our environment. Below are facts.

1)      Plastic-380 billion Americans use each year, which requires 12 million barrels of oil, says the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is very easy to put reusable bags in your car and use them whenever you go shopping. This can be for the grocery store or anywhere from drug stores to clothes stores, etc. There are even washable ones that fold into a pouch that fits into your purse. I know when I use reusable bags at my grocery store I get 10 cents for each bag toward my bill. That makes me happy but even happier that I feel I am helping the environment. Not too long ago Steve and I were in San Diego, CA visiting family. We went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. We were told we would be charged per bag, paper, recyclable ones, for our purchase. In the future plastic bags were not going to be used at all. I was surprised at first but then I thought what a wonderful idea. This will encourage people to bring their own reusable bags. When I was back in Las Vegas the week after doing my weekly grocery shopping I told the clerk my experience in California. She told me that Nevada was going in that direction in the near future too. The amount of plastic bags used that are not degradable is tremendous. We have to stop this waste that harms our world.

2)      34 million tons of paper wasted.

This is the amount of paper thrown away each year. Think twice before printing that e-mail or document, and recycle all paper. If you are like me you receive tons of catalogs in the mail. Although I love to glance through them, I am trying to cancel these unwanted catalogs. You can do this by Clicking Here.

Another way to save paper is any time you shop for anything request an e-mail receipt. The amount of paper used for some stores is ridiculous. Paying bills on-line is an excellent way of saving paper instead of receiving bills and paying by the mail.

One of my old fashion ways of using paper is to send cards by mail. Whatever the occasion, I prefer to pick out that special card for someone I want to send a loving message. I know many feel e-mail cards are the way to go now but I feel receiving something thoughtful in the mail can brighten up anybody’s day. So this is one area where I yet can give up the use of paper. Remember the days of sending letters? I do miss that and yes, I have saved every letter that Steve sent me when we lived a long distance away from each other in the early part of our relationship. No, he didn’t save mine! I will try not to hold that against him!

Steve and I were watching a television series that was based in the 1960’s. It showed a scene where a family with the father, mother and two children were enjoying a lovely picnic in the park. It had me reminiscing of warm, past childhood memories of mine. Then we were both shocked as the family finished their outing and the mother shook the blanket that they had been picnicking on and left the trash behind on the ground as the family drove happily along their way. How many people still smoke cigarettes and toss the cigarette butts on the ground often endangering nature with fire? Progress can be slow but we are advancing. We all have come so far in recent years with our consciousness of saving this planet. It still amazes me when I hear about someone who does not believe in global warming! That makes me realize we still have a long way to be educated about what a difference we can make.

3)      4 pounds of trash each person creates in one day. About 75 percent of that is Recyclable.

In Las Vegas, our regular trash pickup comes twice a week. We only put out the trash on the first scheduled day as most of our trash is saved for the recycle day. I have never understood why recyclables are picked up only twice a month. I see neighbors put out their recyclables along with their regular trash on this appointed day. I often wonder why we seem to have three times or more the amount of recyclables than anyone else in our neighborhood. I am not saying we are better than anyone else just that we are aware of the amount of trash that is recyclable.

A few months back I needed to figure out where to recycle trash that the regular recycle trash pickup refused. This was unused paint, etc. I simply called my trash company and asked them about where I could discard safely these items. It was a bit of a drive but I felt so good about doing this instead of illegally disposing of these toxic goods. Below is a site where in the United States where you can find out how to recycle anything if your local trash company doesn’t have the information.
Click Here for more information.

Almost two years ago I met a delightful lady at a Kryon event where Steve and I were participating. She came up to me and we had a wonderful conversation about planet earth. Recently, Steve and I received her book which entails light-filled gardens, being one with nature and each other. Her name is Marianne Brettell-Vaughn. Her book is entitled Over the Rainbow-A Gardener’s Guide to Creating Light-Filled Gardens. The title touches on her knowledge of life on mother earth.  We hope to have her as a guest on the Virtual Light Broadcast someday so that she can inspire all of you as she has for me. I know she is among so many who are doing their part to change our awareness so that we can grow further with our connection of spirituality and connecting to this world we hold so precious to our hearts.

Another Author I just discovered is Julian Lennon. He reaches out to children. When we can educate children at from an early age how to take care of our planet than their generation and the future ones will have a better life in the world in which they live.

I remember when I was a girl scout. I was taught when we went into nature to leave it a cleaner than when we first saw it. That thought has remained in my head. When I take a walk I feel the need to pick up trash that has been so carelessly tossed aside. Little steps like this can make a difference.

Julian Lennon is teaching children how to “Imagine” a better world — and build it themselves.
Visit for more information Click Here

Like his rock-icon father John Lennon, the 54-year-old musician, photographer, film producer and activist is using his art as a rallying cry. We all can do our part on Earth Day and all the days surrounding it. Individually we can make a difference but together we can change this world.

With love and light,


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