Beacons of Light, April 2018 | Collective Vibrations Are Raising

The Beacons of Light
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April 2018

~ Collective Vibrations Are Raising ~
A Higher Harmonic


Beacons of Light April 2018
Presented Live 3/31/2018


NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them.  Steve Rother

~ Collective Vibrations Are Raising ~

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Greetings, dear ones.

I am eM. I am overjoyed to be joining you to look upon planet Earth and all the incredible changes that are taking place. The Earth retains its own balance.  As you move in one direction, the opposite direction automatically increases to find a natural balance. You are starting to make major advances in areas that we had been watching very carefully. We see humanity’s base vibration rising more than you could possibly know. Now we tell you, if you’ve watched the news lately, know that you’re going to get only one side of anything. It doesn’t mean that the news is tainted or inaccurate. What we see is the actual vibratory rate, not the reaction of that vibratory rate. What is happening is that the vibrations are starting to rise again, which is the result of many things.

Humans have taken collective steps backwards even in your own evolution, and that is starting to build speed for a catapult forward in the energy.  That’s the way humans move. One step forward, two steps forward, three steps forward, and then one step backwards. Now, we don’t mean that humans are doing anything wrong. From this side of the veil, we have a totally different concept of your ideas of right and wrong. We don’t have all the belief systems that sometimes humans must wrestle with. So, what we tell you about this is that you are starting to make some major advances forward. Let us make clear what we’re talking about here: separation versus unity.  Yes, we’re talking about love versus fear, so in those areas humanity has been moving towards separation on quite a large scale. The majority of the processes throughout the globe such as rules made within governments and elections have been about separating.  We absolutely love that theory of taking care of you first. However, when you only take care of you and that’s all you think about it becomes selfish rather than self-first. That has been the movement happening globally and there many reasons for it. Yes, you can point fingers or say,  “Well, that’s because this happened or that’s because that happened.” Although some of those did add to this greatly, overall the vibratory rate and advancement of humanity is up to those of you who are here right now.

What is taking place is much of the maneuvering once hidden, is being uncovered on a daily basis. All you need to do is pay attention. As that happens, you will start moving forward again and coming back together because the separation was only there to motivate the game. It was necessary to put this veil in front of your face that allowed you to think that you were separate from everything. You’re not, dear ones, quite the opposite. You are connected intrinsically to everything now. Yes, we mean that you are connected to other humans. Many of you are empathetic to the degree that you can feel pain from other people more than you can feel your own pain. Some lightworkers are empathetic to such an extent that you’ve had to hide from large crowds and being vulnerable. Even standing in front of other people to speak your truth has caused great difficulties.

No More Secrets

For those of you who are extremely empathetic, it has been even more challenging as there is also a pullback that has to do with privacy. In this area you will find two things happening here. Number one, you’re going to find out that privacy is not quite possible in the ways that it once was. The second part is that you’ll find that you don’t really need privacy in the same way that you thought you did. However, there has been much of this privacy that has been maneuvered in order to manipulate humans one way or the other. It has thrown fear into humanity, manipulating it so that it would move apart rather than together. In recent years this has been very successful.  However, with no more secrets it’s only a matter of time before everyone can see who and what is behind the manipulation. Humanity is poised to catapult forward, and although it will take some time it is now underway. We don’t see this happening in the immediate future. What we see from this side of the veil is a vibratory rate of humanity has risen to the point at which the movement of separation can no longer be supported. It is really the beginning of a unity process of coming back together in different ways, not only in the government, but even in your thinking processes. Follow the money and watch what happens.

It’s time to start acting locally and thinking globally. That’s going to make a huge difference in the way that you connect with each other.  You’ll also find many opportunities to connect with the feminine energy, which is the reason I came in today as a balanced entity carrying equal amounts of masculine and feminine energy. I create a blend where I literally can go in both directions; I can bring what parts of me are needed in any situation. This gives me a lot of fluidity and many opportunities to reach different levels. You’re seeing the rise of feminine energy in a very big way on your planet. Continue to make space for that and for those hearts that had been kept quiet for so long. That will also bring a new forward movement of unity. 

We told you quite some time ago that from this point forward in the life on planet Earth, everything that separates in some way will find resistance and everything that is uniting will be supported. Now, what does that mean exactly? Well, there are times, dear ones where you will separate in order to gain your identity. At times humans will separate to form a selective group to do this or that. Humanity has been in a large wave of separation for two years. But in the big scheme of things, it is time for unity and that is what we see. The possibilities of the base vibratory rate have now reached that level and we get to see what you do with it. Many of you have come in to be here at exactly this moment. You’re part of the family of E which was incarnated in many places throughout the universe at critical times during the advancement of beings to help them reach a critical mass so they could change the outcome very quickly.

Emergence of the Third Vibration

You are to be honored and, we tell you, it is also time for you to speak your truth. Now, dear ones, there are many pros and cons as humans still look at things through duality. We ask you also to start looking for the third vibration, because it is the vibration that can harmonize everything. We’ve mentioned before that the universe is actually built on the number three, which is the base energy of everything throughout the universe. You’ve been playing in the third dimension, but you’ve also been very cleanly stamped with a second dimensional perspective. The second dimension provided duality, that opportunity to see things as right or wrong, black or white, up or , love or fear. The third part of the wave has been hidden from your view. Humans have a limited range of senses.

You can only see between certain ranges of light; you can only hear certain ranges of vibration. Yet, you’re very much aware that there are sounds you cannot hear and things you cannot see. Now that’s changing, and as it begins to happen the third position will start to show. There are always three. We’ve mentioned regarding relationships. There are two people trying to harmonize in some way, but in order to really do that they must have the third leg of their relationship. That is usually something that both of them love together or some commonality that they both like to work on, which is actually the third leg of a relationship. Now that humanity is moving out of the third dimensional thinking and starting to anchor well into the fifth dimension, that third leg of everything will start showing up.

The Morphogenic Body of Light

So that’s what we ask you to start watching for. What is the common denominator?  And you start to see it in so many different ways. Once you become accustomed to looking for it, it’s almost as if you will be tuning your eyes to see in a new range of light.  Humanity will start to see things in a much larger perspective. Now, does that mean your eyes are actually physically changing? Well, yes, dear ones we tell you they are. That is exactly what’s happening here. As humanity evolves you will be moving into a Morphogenic body and this is the first stage of the luminous body you are evolving into.  The Morphogenic body will allow you to carry more light within your being. It is the first step that will allow humanity to move a little further out of this density. As you do, you’re going to start seeing things that you couldn’t possibly imagine before.

Dear ones, you will start to see things that were there all along but you simply couldn’t perceive before. Now is the time to start looking for them. When you see an opposite here and an opposite here, look in the middle. The eyes of a Morphogenic body will allow you to start seeing the third wave of existence in everything. I am eM and I carry just as much feminine energy as I do masculine energy, although I need neither. I walk down the middle and it’s very beautiful to be able to do that in a third dimensional reality.  You may wonder what about my expression of sexuality, but actually I am considered to be sexy to both sexes because of the balance I carry. They are the opposite ends of everything. To be able to walk in the middle means that you are balanced and can see in three aspects. Start stretching your eyes and blink to reset your vision. Soon you will perceive things that you could not previously.

We also tell you the walls between your dimensions are thinning rapidly. We’ve mentioned before that you have emotions that travel through those walls. Recently we even said that you have thoughts now starting to emerge through those walls. Keep in mind all 11 dimensions are on the same exact evolutionary path at the same time. However, if you start combining those dimensions you start learning to channel them. Learn to listen to them, learn to connect to your higher self which connects you to each and every one of them.  Do that intentionally now and it will open doors to a new world. You start remembering back your perfection.

Reuniting the Perfect Imperfection

On planet earth, dear ones, there’s nothing that is perfect. It’s important to keep that in mind, but you intrinsically know  that you are a perfect being as a spirit. So, how is it that you can incarnate into a physical body and have all these incredible imperfections?  It is because you hid part of your perfections in those other 10 dimensions of time and space and each one is a perfect imperfection. Previously it has only been when one dies and returned Home that they would come back together in their perfection, yet that is now changing.  Many times people will lose a parent, a friend, a neighbor, or even someone that they had a difficult time with. Perhaps it was even someone who played the catalyst or the bad guy in their life lessons. Then they die and they go home and you are able to listen to them. They’re not that way anymore. They’re in their perfection because that’s what happens when you die. What if you could gain that perfection without having to die? 

The first step of that is the Morphogenic body. It is possible to start reuniting the spirit into a morphogenic body into a higher state of luminosity to be able to carry more light within your being. The density does take time and practice. There will be some setbacks and fear. Just like what is happening today, there will be times when people will go into fear and take steps back in their advancement.

A Call to the Light

At this time humanity is still clearly moving backwards. However, the base energy has now changed with action and movement on your part. Standing clearly in your own truth, being able to speak it when called upon at the right moments. It can start making a huge difference on your planet right now.

The separation that you see now is the precursor to change. In time you will step up into a higher vibratory level and you won’t need the density of the physical body. You are in the beginning stages of that right now. This is why we’re working with you with some of the Spirit Seed imprints, making you accustomed to what this is going to look and feel like. It is getting you accustomed to the energies of the new body and learning how to work with that. The morphogenic body holds the capabilities of shifting and changing into that, while still being on Earth. Then as the Earth begins to wind down in this particular cycle, you can be there to help and even assist others make these steps up.

Many are tired or simply don’t believe it is happening. Others will turn their back on it until the last moment. Some simply are exhausted and don’t want to change, so please do not judge them. Allow them to choose their own path for that is absolutely critical on this planet. Have free choice. You’ve won the game already and now you’re starting an incredibly magical on. We can’t wait to see what you do next.  I am overjoyed to bring you a message of hope and love, to share with you that the energy has started to change. You haven’t seen it react yet, but it is coming very soon because of you, because your hearts are connecting to each other. Know that you’re on a wonderful path, you’ve earned your seat here and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

It is with the greatest honor that we greet you this way and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together.


I am eM.



~ Amor Meets his Son ~

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Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. I share with you this day another story from the times of Amor in your history of planet Earth, even before what you called Pangaea. There was a time in this beautiful land, when people could openly communicate with just their heart energy. They formed a whole level of communication that today we have labeled deep contact. It’s a way of working without words entirely. So this day, I will turn you over to the collective of what you call the group to lead you through the next episode of the young boy named Amor.

We pick up where we left off before, with Amor learning how to be an active participant in the days of Lemuria. In these days of Mu it was a magical time indeed. It was a time where everything could be seen and you could work with different energies, where you could learn how to communicate very openly and freely. We also tell you that during these times, none of the necessities were there for communication like you have today. You are watching over an electronic instrument right now. You have your cell phones, land lines, and televisions, you have all these ways of communicating with each other. These are all simply methods of trying to replicate even the smallest portion of what you had in the days of Mu when you naturally could communicate to everybody. You could feel everyone, yes, there were no secrets. That is quite different than what you have built for yourself these days.

In these times everyone is extremely emphatic; they learn to tune in and tune out. Today, we take you to Amor and Saroo learning to build a life together. The two had moved in together, although they had not made the commitments to become what you call a husband and wife today.  But they made a commitment to themselves and reached a level of harmony, which is very magical. Where one left off, the other picked up. They often finished each other’s sentences as many times you do today. They also did other things that prepared them for the next step. There were many times that Saroo was there at just the right moment when Amor needed that little bit of encouragement, or perhaps a little bit of something that he could not do for himself. It was a very magical connection that the two of them had.

It was fascinating how it was working, almost a little bit too easy. Sometimes Amor wondered why others had so many problems with this one area. He wondered how it was going to work going forward. One day he was talking to Saroo; “I wonder if we will have children someday. I wonder if that’s in the future for us.”  Saroo looked at him and said; “Well, if the time is right, then it will happen. If it’s not, we won’t worry about it because I’m in love with you and I’m in love with the work we do.” Amor and Saroo both had times that they had been able to share their teachings in front of groups of people. Sometimes there would be gatherings at night around the large communal fire and the energy would always turn toward them. Even though all were invited to speak and share, when Amor or Saroo started talking everyone else became quiet. They were in love with the work that they were doing, but they were also making a difference with the hearts and the minds of mankind in those early days of Mu. It was very beautiful to see the connection that the two of them had. They also had a pet animal, very similar to what you would call a dog today. Although they had a rather unusual name for him, Mutter, we will simply say that was their child in many ways. Mutter would watch the house when they were away. Sometimes they would have a neighbor come in and take care of and feed him while they were gone. Mutter was part of that beautiful energy of building their lives together.

They wondered about having children, for they had mentioned it now.  Amor started thinking about that, wondering what it would be like to be a father. He thought “Certainly I would have to stop my traveling and the way I am able to travel to the different encampments and places to speak our truth. Amor simply said, “Well, if that’s to be, then that’s the direction that we will move in. In the meantime, we have Mutter with us. He can be with us for as long as needed.” Even the animals in those days lived quite a bit longer than in today’s times.  And so it was that they would travel together. On the short trips where they didn’t have to travel that far, they would take Mutter with them, sharing with everyone how harmony could work in so many magical ways.

Then there came the time that Amor did not expect. As Amor was speaking one night he could see a person’s eyes through the fire. It was a young man just staring at him, watching his every move. Every once in a while Amor would look over at him as he was speaking, and attempt to make eye contact. Amor knew there was something special there but did not quite know what it was. And later after everyone had dispersed, the young man came up to Amor and said, “I don’t know what it is about you, but there’s a deep connection here. I’d love to explore it a little more. Can I follow you as you go to the next cities? Can I be with you? Can we talk for a while?” And the two men ended up spending the entire night talking over the dwindling embers of the fire, sharing a little bit of their life stories. They found uncanny similarities.  It was fascinating, how it happened. Amor wondered, “Is this what is like to have a child? Is this what it is like to work with someone on such an intimate level?” Amor felt wonderful. He felt as if he could speak to this young man completely openly. He didn’t have to describe anything to him or explain himself. He could simply just talk and be, and do his best to empower him to help him find his way. Amor could feel that the young man, whose name was Amber, watched every move he made. Amber had a very beautiful approach to life, following his heart wherever he went. He didn’t understand what it was like to think through something. Even though there was a balance between the head and the heart, because Amber worked mostly from the heart he carried a lot of feminine energy. There is no right or wrong about that.  Amber was a male but carried a balance of both sexes, which was what people sought in those days.

Amber became a very close friend of Amor’s. Over a period of time, Amor and Saroo would have meals with Amber, almost as if they adopted him in some way. Amber followed in his mentor’s footsteps at every turn, then one day he started writing. He started bringing through some of the things that Amor had suggested, some ideas that he thought he might write down since Amor and Saroo were writers. He thought he would try his hand to that, so he started writing a story. Amber’s story was about a soul coming in, a spirit that had a contract to come in at a certain place and time but the circumstances had changed. You see he was coming into the planet of free choice and suddenly found that he couldn’t keep his agreements. His mother and father closed the door to that possibility before he was born. So as a spirit he had to jump into other possibilities to try to keep the same contracts, and he found another set of parents to jump into.

As he was writing this story, talking about how spirit works, Amber became aware that he was telling his own story. He was originally supposed to come in through Saroo and Amor; that was the contract that he had, to be their son.  One day he brought it up as they sat sharing a meal together. As the finished eating Amor asked; “Amber, how are your writings coming? How is it working for you? Were you able to use any of the suggestions that I gave you?” Then Amber said, “Yes, I have a story to tell you.”  And with that Amber pulled out his writings and he read the last several pages explaining his story of spirit. As he finished he looked up at his mentor Amor. He saw tears not only in Amor’s eyes but in Saroo’s as well.  Everyone was touched deeply by that connection and then he spoke it out loud. He said,  “I believe I was to be your son. That’s what truly happened here.” They all hugged and had a wonderful reunion. And they understood that this was a child that they were going to have, but for some reason that door was closed. That was the one part of the story that neither Saroo nor Amor could understand, for they had never gotten to that point where they were going to have children. Although they certainly could have had children even years before, for when you live to be 300 years old you have a wide range of times that you could have children, so they talked about that.

For several months Amber joined them and followed them around, as they gave speeches in many of the encampments of Lemuria. That was Amor and Saroo’s work and they were well paid for it. People gave freely for their teachings, as they had great value.  They were able to make their lives comfortable as they traveled, because that was one of the things they had a need for.  Because of the open connection of the heart, those needs were often filled and more. There was an abundant lifestyle with this, because Amor and Saroo were deeply in their passion.

One day as Saroo started her teachings, she began sharing some of the beautiful feminine energy and power. Not only women were gathered, but also men learning the new paradigms of what it would look like in this next level of incarnation. They were fascinated to do this, and at one point Amber jumped up and stood at her side. Saroo knew that he wanted to talk, but didn’t quite know if it was would fit in with her teachings. Even so, it wasn’t long before she turned and looked him right in the eyes and said, “Amber, do you have something to say here?” Amber stood in front of everybody, took a deep breath, and for just a moment paused completely. Everyone was waiting in the deafening silence of what was taking place. Everybody was expecting something and in that moment Amor put his hand on Amber’s back to give him courage, to give them the opportunity to find that channel coming through him. Amber took a deep breath and Amor released his touch just as Amber started to speak. A hush came over the crowd as they took in his every word. What started coming out of his mouth was beautiful and fit perfectly into the teachings of Amor and Saroo.

Amber told stories about the times to come. There were stories of predictions, about things that were going to happen in the future. There were stories about how humans were going to evolve very quickly and move into another level of dimension, as the dense physical body was becoming lighter. He had some fascinating stories to tell and even though the talks went late into the night that night, not a single person left. It was fascinating to watch, for Amber had connected with his channel. Even though he did not quite know what was going to come out of his mouth, he expected that he would simply recall some of his writings and tell those stories, but that’s now what happened. What happened was as beautiful energy coming out and landing upon the crowd, they all loved it. They supported it. They supported Amber, Amor and Saroo. It was from that point forward that they thought they would all travel together, at least for the time being until another path showed up.

That did happen for a time but it wasn’t long before Amber was offered an opportunity to go speak by himself. He turned it down at first, because he wanted that confidence of working with his parents, who he now had fully adopted in his heart. He even introduced his parents Amor and Saroo to his birth parents, who were still alive. They were able to have quite a reunion, so for several months he continued to travel in this way, but it was also understood that there would come a time when he would leave to step out of the shadow of Amor and Saroo and into next level of work with his own energy in a different way. They all embraced that; they all loved the times that they had together. The three rejoiced that they were in such an incredible harmony and they continued for some time to travel together.

One night as they were closing the crowds and last of the people were leaving the communal fire to return home with a smile on their face and love in their heart, Amber looked to both of them and said, “Thank you. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you so much for this opening for me to step forward. You have encouraged me in such a way that you’ve even stepped aside from your own work to make space for me to awaken and I love you dearly for it.” In that very moment, a huge contract was completed between Amber, Saroo and Amor. And Amor knew somehow as he lay down to sleep that night that he had actually found his son, his child. In some ways a huge contract was complete and then Amor went to sleep, because in that day everything was good in Mu

Espavo, dear ones,   



~ A Higher Harmonic ~

NEW Audible Light in Steve’s voice
 Just play the video while you read.



Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time and I bring you a little story about harmony. Understand that harmony is the sixth plane. Humans have a wave pattern for everything on your side of the veil. Each wave has a frequency to it, as it travels up and down, forward or backwards. That is the frequency of your wave, or your tone. Every part of your body has a slightly different wave and vibration, and yet you have a signature vibration which you send out into the world at all times. Can you alter it? Yes, of course you can. Just having different thoughts can help to open those waves so that you can more easily harmonize with other people.

In our collective channel earlier, we shared with you that the collective vibration of humanity has risen although you do not see the results of that. You had been moving apart in this huge wave of separation, but as that is starting to change you’ll have the opportunity to form unity. It is helpful to keep in mind that unity is your natural state. That is the first dimension that you lived in; you were not separate from each other. Instead, you’re all a part of each other. It’s very difficult for you to understand or even grasp the concept of that while you are pretending to be separate, but that is what you’ve done. You have gained your own individual personalities, which we adore. We find that not only fascinating but beautiful. When you return home, you will bring that beautiful core personality with you and even as a spirit, you will still laugh at the same jokes, have the same energies, see and believe some of the same things. However, your humanness will be left behind; your fears and your energy that did not harmonize with a larger collective spirit of who you are.

This harmony can be seen in the area of relationships. Look at a relationship as if it were keys on a piano keyboard. Everyone thinks that they must find a relationship, in which they’re playing exactly the same note as their partner. If you are playing the same note time and time again, although it is validating, it is also rather boring. So, you try to get very close on the keyboard and end up playing chopsticks, which is tolerable, but aggravating. It is not until you move a comfortable distance apart on the keyboard that you can strike a chord and find harmony. In effect, you move out of dissonance and into harmony.

That is what we’re looking for as you ground yourself in this new vibrational light. It is coming, dear ones, as we have mentioned before. We already see the changes occurring on the vibrational level, and now it is up to humans to anchor those changes. How does one do that? You look for harmony. You look for those ways in which you are alike, rather than the ways in which you are separate. Even as you play different notes on the keyboard, look for harmony. Yes, we’ve said that many times before but over the next several months it is going to be even more critical. Many of you have been concerned that there are so many of you that have differing views. You think one way, yet how can you harmonize with those who have a different view? Over here you are conservative, yet over there you are liberal. Is anyone right?

No, not as long as you are that far apart. The separation has become so incredible during these times that we wonder if you even are playing on the same keyboard.  You have moved into the fifth dimension and a wave of fear has swept over this planet. Besides that, Earth was pushed into timeline at a very inappropriate time during a cosmic event. A quasar exploded and sent a wave of energy that hit Earth at a very awkward time. Ripples of the wave impacted people in such a way that it caused them to try to hang onto their old truths and ideas, in an attempt to prove themselves right. Can you prove yourself right?  Of course you can. As a conscious creator you can believe anything that you wish to and hang onto whatever truth you hold, but is there harmony? That’s the biggest question at this point.

How much harmony can you find in one another? Here you have a person who watches a certain television station, and over there another person watches a different one. Their belief systems are so far apart that they cannot come together. So, what can you learn from this person? That’s the first way to find a harmony. Will you agree on things? Probably not. But if you can find those areas that you do agree on, that starts a harmonic wave in motion. Over the next several months, this will be critical for all humans on Earth. You can pretend to still be separate and divided, with huge amounts of space in between your understanding of each other. Or you can start to find whatever little harmonies there are. Whatever it is, there’s always something you can learn from another person if you look. That will be a challenge to you, at least over the next seven months. There will be opportunities for harmony of all humanity that you did not have just a short time ago. If you are able to achieve such harmony in mass, you’ll return to what you had in the days of Lemuria. You will rediscover that magic ability to communicate even long distances without words and without the technologies that you currently need for that. 

You will be able to eradicate much of this ambient energy which floats around and causes so much frustration. Sometimes people act out and explode into road rage or other acts of violence, such as mass shootings. People often do crazy things, just because they cannot hold that intense energy any longer.  But how does one work with somebody of that nature? By listening, talking and focusing on that one piece that you can agree on. That one tiny piece, no matter how small it is, makes all the difference. Once you find it, you can expand upon it and work with it. You have now formed a bond and unity that you not share any other way. That’s what’s coming for all, dear ones. You will have an opportunity to step into a morphogenic body to be able to shift into a new light frame to hold more light in your body than you ever have before. This will begin a luminous lifestyle that allows you to step into any circumstance and find harmony.

When that happens, you become magical. Are people going to fear you? Sometimes you are in this harmony that others have tried so desperately to reach not knowing how to do it, but then you just walk right in and find it. Yes, people can be afraid of that, but it is not your job to worry about it. 

The Family of E

You are all well-trained, even though you may not understand it. You are from the family of E with which the Keeper has spoken. Many of you want to know what that E stands for. Well, wish I could tell you but there actually are is no single word in your languages to define it. You can call it “empowerment” or “evolution.” Yes, you can call it by all the empowering words you know and that will be close. It may also be helpful to know that e is the most common sound in all languages.

Many have come in with those reminders all around them. Some of you have e’s in your name, which are pronounced loudly. If you have a name that doesn’t include an e, sometimes you shorten it and add one, so that Sandra becomes Sandy.  These are all gentle reminders of what you are doing here, who you really are and what harmony truly is. You can find these over the next seven months with all this energy coming in, through the 22 waves that are approaching and landing on planet earth during this next year.  This will bring huge changes for everyone. If you can find ways of introducing that harmony for yourself, many of you will turn around and teach it to others because that is your nature. What is important is you are forming a sphere of harmony around you in all dimensions. Once you learn how to do that, the world is open to you.

You have now landed in the fifth dimension and you have abilities of conscious creation. So far, very few people have exercised this in the way that you will in a very short time from now for it will become commonplace. What you have experienced before with people who could do magic in some way was a singular magic. Oh, dear ones, you know something special. You would say they are given a gift, but you don’t know if you can have that same gift. Maybe you even put them on a pedestal, but dear ones, what would happen if every person on earth woke up tomorrow with the gift of finding harmony in everything?  You would be returning to the days of the Lemuria, back to the times of a very simplistic lifestyle.

Communicating through Harmonic Resonance

You will be working with an entirely different potential, which will help you move very quickly.  You are now evolving as you carry the morphogenic lifestyle, a luminosity that would simply imprint everyone else. Does that mean that your vibration is going to take over? No, that doesn’t happen. It means you can find a resonance with the vibrations.  The Keeper plays guitar and he keeps it on a stand in the corner, even though he does not play it very often.  If you sit at the piano in the same room as a guitar and hit an e-note on the piano, the two e-strings on the guitar start to vibrate. That’s a beautiful harmonic resonance. The string inside the piano is much, much longer than the string on the guitar, but they are in harmonic balance. Finding this resonance will become more important as humanity evolves.  There are those who speak words that you cannot even hear, while some speak words that you absolutely disagree with. Does it mean you don’t listen to them at all? If you were to listen and find the one or two things that you can actually agree with then you could even gain something from an interaction that you would have missed otherwise. Dear ones, it takes time, patience and practice to find harmonic resonance at every opportunity.

This is the time to help others awaken from the dream, to grasp the energy, to step forward into a whole new light. Dear ones, you’re working with these dense physical bodies and we tell you in a very short time, you will learn how to stop the aging process. It’s easier than you think. Most of you already hold the key to this. You simply have not put it into use into fifth dimension.

As more and more people start grounding a fifth dimensional reality, it will be acceptable and easier to communicate this way. It will happen very quickly. Have you noticed how quickly things change on your planet now? Things that have gone on for years are suddenly viewed in a different way. A critical mass is now reached easily. Suddenly everybody is on board. Why didn’t we do that before?  One of the critical mass triggers is moving into this morphogenic body where you can carry more light. Is it a day that you will wake up and find things have changed? Is it a process? Is it an activation that you will go through to get there? No, dear ones, it happens one moment at a time. You’re starting the process right now. Most of you have been working on this for some time. You may call it by different words. You may speak of it in different ways, but simply beginning because your physical dense body that you hold right now starting to hold more light.

What if you substituted that word light for love? How much love can you hold? We tell you, dear ones, most of you are only at one percent of what you’re being can hold.  What happens when you overload yourself with that much love? Do you lose your unique personality? No, you become like those in the days of the Lemuria with completely open hearts where you can tap into anything at any moment. Does it mean you must carry the pain of another? Does it mean you must feel all the things to try to avoid now? No. You can select where you focus. You can select what you work with and where you can be of the highest harmony. It requires an awareness of harmony.

The next time a new person comes into your field, whether it’s a person you’re actually going to work with in person or someone you’re going to watch on television, wherever it is, immediately sense their vibration. Immediately find out how much harmony you have for them right off the bat. Then step aside, take a couple of breaths, come back in and find what harmony you can find. You will be amazed at how much more harmony you can find in an otherwise dissonant situation.

Now, this next seven months is going to be very critical. The majority of the 22 waves are coming in during that time and you’re going to see some very interesting things take place. You’re will also experience some movement in the opposite direction, which can be either quickly eradicated or harmonized. Start moving together whenever possible. We have great hopes for what you can do during this time, for the Earth is yours. Humanity is yours and this is your experiment. It is your game, and in reality, you even wrote the rules for the game. Now you will change whatever is needed to start returning to the unity process again. Those things that pull you together, those harmonies that you can find to bring you back into a likeness of the first dimension when you were all one, will be supported. That which used to separate you will no longer be. Although they will still exist, they simply cannot in the same way as you step up.  Play the game joyfully, dear ones. We ask you to remember three little things. Treat each other with the greatest of respect, for you are all masters. Nurture one another whenever possible, every single person and no matter what their harmony is in relation to you. Enjoy the game as you play it well together.

Espavo, dear ones,

I am the Keeper of Time.


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The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting: “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


~Connecting the Heart~

Learning to Accept Imperfections



By Barbara Rother


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was perfect, or would it? Not having a care in the world that disturbers our existence sounds ideal. But in reality this is unrealistic.

I use to say I was a frustrated perfectionist. I was determined to have everything in my life be optimistically flawless. While it is within my nature to remain an optimistic person I know life’s encounters can develop our growth. It is the imperfections that make us uniquely who we are.  I have let go of the control of wanting situations to go my way all the time. I have found peace with being able to go with the flow and learn the lessons of life along the way.  I continue to try to stay out of judgment about other people but more importantly I stay out of judgment about myself. This gives me a boost of self-assurance and self-acceptance.  I know that I am doing the best I can with my human experiences as I build my spiritual confidence.

It used to make me crazy when I would get a new item and it would become damaged. My long accomplished dream of this material thing entering my world somehow became diminished. I remember our first new car that Steve and I bought when we were so young. It was our pride and joy. I took it to the grocery store outskirts, parking it far away from other cars. Just as I was returning with my groceries admiring my shiny new car, another car pulled up next to mine and opened their car door slamming into mine creating a huge dent. I immediately cried as my perfect world was shattered. When I was about to lose my temper an elderly lady got our profusely apologizing for her unforeseen mistake.  My anger melted into sadness.  I knew she was sorry. I learned that day that although this car was a part my world of happiness, I had the quick insight to learn this was just a material item that could be repaired.  My reaction to another distraught human was a moment of forgiveness and a learning lesson for me.

Another example was letting go of what we have no control over was when Steve and I were first married. We were just building our lives together.  We had received many beautiful wedding gifts. One of my favorites was a flowered china plate clock. One day Steve decided to play with a tennis ball with our dog in the kitchen where the clock was hanging. I watched in horror as the ball bounded too high shattering our beloved gift. Steve felt horrible. I cried deep tears. He said he would glue it back together but I told him it would never be the same.   With maturity comes understanding. Today I would accept this was just an accident.  I found these words the other day that summed this experience up for me.

“In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the objects history, which adds to its beauty. Consider this when you feel broken. “

I laughed and shared this with Steve when I first read this. I teased him and said if he had repaired my flowered china clock years ago with gold instead of glue I might have forgiven him more quickly!  Seriously though, if we can imagine a golden thread running through our entire being magically fixing whatever we consider to be a flaw, our perfection will be enhanced.

I would like to share another quote from LR Knost. We can learn so much if we listen to others.

“Life is amazing, and then it is awful, and then it’s amazing again. And in between the amazing and awful it is ordinary and mundane and routine.  Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful and relax and exhale during the ordinary.  That’s just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.”

These words I feel are important reminders of the human condition. Each day we are making memories that one day we will look back on. We are free to choose how we react to life. Striving to improve ourselves is what keeps us motivated to being the best perfect imperfections we can become.


With love and light,



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  1. I so related to Barbara’s story about the broken China clock, and I appreciate her solution. Five years ago we adopted a six-month-old female cat, Cici, that had been surrendered to our vet by her previous owner. Cici had been traumatized by her relationship with the owner’s dog. She was nervous and apparently had been hungry prior to her being surrendered. We suspect one reason the animals did not get along was because the dog was stealing her food. She seemed desperate to eat even when she obviously wasn’t hungry and demanded that one of us stand over her while feeding.
    One day as I was reaching for her food, she jumped up onto a cabinet and knocked off a ceramic lotion bottle onto her food bowl, shattering the bottle. The bottle, painted in beautiful pink flowers, had been a gift from my aunt when I was 16-years-old and had survived many moves in my family for over 50 years. I was devastated and even entertained the idea of taking Cici back and surrendering her again. Then the thought came out of nowhere. We had been visiting a lot of flea markets, and I remembered seeing a lot of vintage treasures of this type for sale. My friend, in her eighties, mentioned how sad it would be because her children didn’t want the family heirlooms she treasured. The thought hit me that I would never have to worry about my grandchildren giving that bottle to Goodwill or selling it in an estate sale. I forgave Cici and kept her. I love that cat dearly.
    I’ve kept the pieces and plan to have a larger piece of it made into a necklace pendant by someone who does broken China jewelry.

    • What a sweet story Doris, thank you for sharing it.
      I’m sure Barbara would enjoy reading it, so I’ll be sure to pass it along.
      Thanks for taking time out of your day to spend with us.