Beacons of Light, February 2020

The Beacons of Light
Re-minders from Home

Beacons of Light February 2020
Presented Live 01/25/2020

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

~ Trailing Light ~

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Greetings from Home, dear ones.

We join you this day having to catch up, because you are moving so incredibly fast now. It’s almost as if a new timeline has been adopted on Earth and it’s very exciting for us to watch because what is taking place is astounding. We know that you see this differently, mostly as challenges, difficulties, roadblocks, et cetera. We also tell you this is much deeper than that. You are building energy to open a new door, one which we have been telling you about for some time. What’s interesting is that the energy on the other side of that door is now starting to grow on its own. It is almost as if you’ve created a space to step into and it is preparing itself for you. It’s wonderful to see now how you are starting to interact in new ways to hold energy in your heart, matching it up with your own actions. What you speak and what you believe now become incredibly important for every step that you take.

You’re carrying the light from Home. Please don’t ever forget that, no matter what you do, even when you run into difficulties. Yes, all of you will experience challenges. You’re on planet Earth and that’s what you signed up for, of course. When you hit those challenges, you can walk through them easily. Look back at your life for a moment and you’ll re-member the different areas of your life, especially the epiphanies that you’ve had along the way. Almost all of them were brought to you by a challenge. The time on planet Earth is now starting to settle a bit and you’ll see the human heart rise in a new way. Instead of always playing follow the leader, people are starting to open their eyes in a different way. Much will change, including your relationship with planet Earth and that part we celebrate for it will be a joy for all.

Enjoy the journey, dear ones. It is time for everyone to step together and make a new world, creating something very magical right here and now. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another. Play well together. Espavo, dear ones. ESPAVO!


Greetings from Home, dear ones, I am Merlia.

I join you this day with great joy. We see the other side of your entire existence by looking at it from what we call Home, the essence of everything. We see a huge energy that is building, for there’s a major transition occurring on several different levels on planet Earth. You’ve been aware of the challenges associated with natural disasters throughout the world. The loss of life and devastation has caused an impression in the fabric of the Universal Energy. There’s a dip in the energetics of everything at this moment, because of the huge number of animals, plants, and everything else that has transitioned in such a short period of time. Dear ones, this difficult imprint is temporary and will resolve in time. However, in the interim let us share with you a different view.

One of the beautiful aspects about planet Earth is the richness of plant and animal life. If you venture into a forest, stand still and simply observe without being a threat, you’ll see all sorts of things trying to get your attention. Trees attempt to speak to you, birds fly by, and the beautiful energy of the ever changing ecosystem itself will try to get your attention. Long before you notice anything the forest and all of her inhabitants are very much aware of you, for they are connected in ways that Humans have forgotten. These are the divas of the forest.

Just like your own spirit, the spirits themselves are not visible as you walk around every day. But it is the radiance seen in your smile and the way your eyes light up. Dear ones, that’s your spirit shining through your body. The same is true with the animals and the forest divas, who are basically what you would call the higher selves of the trees and the plants. Of course, the animals have a spirit just like you do. In truth everything does, although higher vibrations limit vision so for most it’s hard to see.

New Focus on Animals

The recent impression on the fabric of the Universal energy is calling, and you’re starting to see it now. Many of the conversations on planet Earth will be about animals, as the natural balancing nature of the universe is drawing the collective attention in that area. And this is as it should be, for these are the times of mastery dear ones. This gift provides every human a new opportunity to master the heart connection between animal and human spirits. Even if you are not a typical animal lover, pay close attention. After all, humans are defined as part of the animal kingdom. Yes, that is the physical part, but we are looking much deeply at the human spirit connecting to the spirit of the animals. Mastery of that connection leads to a much deeper understanding of the universe around you.

Trails of Light

On several levels, there are large gatherings coming together right now. One could say that these are teams on the other side of the veil that are gathering to help. Many will be called Home early to be on the other side and become a part of this very important team. This is happening on many levels, including throughout the entire animal kingdom.

We ask you to honor the plants and animals with your love, for they have given everything. When you hear about a tragedy where many people are drawn Home, know that this also leaves an opening in the Universal energy for others to find their way Home. The heroes are the first responders, including some incredibly brave doctors, and all humans should applaud them. But also give thanks to all of those in the animal kingdom who have returned Home, as they have left a trail of light for others to follow. Many are gathering to help from the other side, and for them it is a re-birth so keep that in mind. There is joy coming that we can barely describe to you, because it is so immense that it does not fit into your world. We tell you the magic is here, it’s well underway.

As you connect to the animal kingdom, you’ll find many different ways to do it. Please do not allow the differences to separate you. Humans have difficulty with that. Right now, unity can be achieved with other animals easier than with other levels of life, although those will come soon. There is a huge shift on planet Earth, and you have the perfect seat from which to observe. In time, you will come to know that you’re there to guide it. You’ll re-member every step because you came with that information. Dear ones, it’s simply a matter of remembering who you truly are.

The greatest joys are arriving quickly now, for you’ve already accomplished the most difficult aspects. We ask you all to come together, setting your intention to collectively focus your light in a single area for just a moment. This now has more of an effect than ever before.

A New Balance

Let us speak of the timeline merge that occurred a few months ago. We want to tell you how well you are doing grounding the feminine energy. This will change everything moving forward and it has already made a huge shift. Yes, there are a lot of things that must catch up. People who think they control power will not give it up easily. Although things don’t change overnight, the direction has started to shift. So we ask you to keep your eyes open, pay attention and give thanks. The feminine light is growing brighter in many ways now. It is a quiet power but it has landed. Importantly, it is being used as the natural balancing is underway.

Dear ones, we are overjoyed to see you all in place for the work that is ahead. Each of you have your own part of the puzzle that is quite unique, and we honor you for carrying it. We honor you for even remembering that you had it and now, being willing to step out and make a difference. The time is now. You’ve made it. What you don’t know is that you’ve already won the game, so keep that in mind.

We will share more with you as we go forward. The feminine energy is blending in a way that benefits everyone everywhere, which has never happened before. It is with honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together as you step into this new game.

I am Merlia and I love you dearly. Come up and see me sometime.



~Connecting the Heart~

By Barbara Rother

Follow your Heart

We all face many decisions throughout our lives, some easy, some life changing. Each day we are confronted with what is best for us. This can be as simple as daily decisions or as difficult as major life choices.

The best guidance I can offer to any decision is to follow your heart. Allow yourself some quiet time to go deep inside and feel what is right for you in any area of your life. Next is to trust yourself by letting go of any self-doubt. Having faith within is the first step with knowing what direction you feel is best for you. Friends and family can offer valuable advice but in the end, it is totally your decision. How often do we allow ourselves to really answer what calls us? What excites your feelings and ignites your passion? You are never stuck with your decisions. You always have the choice to choose again.

Perhaps it is easier to step into the direction that you heart is guiding you when you are younger. As we move into our life’s path we can complicate our decisions by where we have evolved in our world. Present careers, family, homes, can seem to cement us into feeling change would impossible to make. Many of us need the wisdom of maturity to develop the ability to step out of our comfort zones. Dare to find your inner strength and make changes that are calling you. Living our dream requires us to put out some energy and face challenges.

Hanging in our hallway wall in our home is a picture that was taken of me when I was twenty years old. I felt a confidence, feeling that I could do anything. I know now that I had not fully developed my full potential at that age but then I felt nothing could stop me if I followed my heart. That is when I left my home and family in Missouri where I grew up all of my life to join Steve to begin our lives together in California. I keep this picture of myself in full view as a reminder that I still can follow my dreams making them a reality whatever age I am.

I read a story about a young lady who was getting ready to start college. She had a difficult choice weather to addend a very prestigious liberal arts college or to study the cello with a renowned teacher at a less highly regarded school. She was an exceptional player and performer and loved being a musician. Even so, everyone (except the cello teacher) seemed to think that turning down the liberal arts school was simply not an option. She refused to commit and for months wrestling with her decision. The obvious choice was just not so obvious to her at the time. By listening to herself, she strongly felt the decision to follow her heart and go with studying with the renowned cello teacher.

Our younger son is another example of listening to what feels right for you. At age twenty he was working at a high paying job. He came to us and said he dreaded going to work each day as he felt emotionally shut down. He decided to follow his passion with working on cars. After leaving his mundane job he began working at a local garage changing oil on cars. As he received on job training and took many courses he became an expert intuitive mechanic. He now owns his own successful mechanic shop with six employees. I see the pride he has within himself.

You may hit obstacles as you step into your decisions of change. The life of following your calling is preparing you to go with the flow. But it is also one in which you stand up to challenges and reach beyond your limits and grow. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, why not choose now to be your true self and follow your dreams by listening to your heart.

With Love and Light,


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