Beacons of Light, June 2019

The Beacons of Light
Re-minders from Home

Beacons of Light June 2019
Presented Live 05/25/2019

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

~ Gravitational Waves ~

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Greetings, dear ones.

We join you on this special day. Do you know who you are? We observe from a distance because the beauty is almost too difficult to take up close. You see, you’re playing a game that is changing every day. Your spirits are emerging. Now, we’ve mentioned for some time that eventually this was going to happen, and here it is taking place. The physical body is losing density and your spirit is gaining light. You are at the very early stages of this transition but let us say,“Welcome home!”

Gravitational Waves — Emotional Triggers

We wish to tell you about some of the processes that are happening on the planet, which have a profound effect to all humans in different areas. You are carrying more light, so let us begin with the gravitational waves. Currently, there are two gravitational waves entering in as many days. The unusual part of these waves is that they come in from different parts of the universe. That is the reason you’ve been receiving incredible amounts of cosmic radiation lately, because a charging has been underway.

There are also some other things that we want to point out and help you to understand. Recent technologies have allowed your sciences to measure gravitational waves. These are alterations and actual waves of time space. What your physicists are unaware of is that these waves affect humans emotionally. In 2015, a measurement was taken that was astounding to those in the field of physics and astrophysics. It was the validation of a prediction by Albert Einstein. Like any wave, it has residual waves. A boat traveling through water not only creates a wave as it breaks the surface, but also creates multiple harmonic waves that follow. These waves have an effect on human emotions, especially the repetitive ones. The overall effect of the 2015 wave and its residual waves has pushed some to their limits.

New Hope

Recently, Earth had a very interesting event take place. Not only did you have another gravitational wave enter, but another followed within a day. Those overlapping waves originating from different directions created a neutralizing energy, which is very magical and brings the possibility of change.

Let us explain what takes place when a gravitational wave hits. Since we’re talking about gravity, you would think that when a gravitational wave comes in everybody would feel a little bit lighter for a time. But that’s not what happens. What we’re talking about is compressing and expanding time-space.

Astrophysicists are aware that all planets have a gravitational field, which pulls and alters the course of the other planets around it. Time-space was actually compressed during that first wave that came in at the end of 2015 and continued all the way through 2016. The remainder of that wave entered your election in the United States and had a global effect that is still with you today. It enhanced an underlying frustration and anxiety. Then a wave of fear and separation followed, which is still prevalent.

Now you’ve had two separate waves come in and meet within just a matter of two days. That is magical! Although people didn’t feel it, the waves were measured, and the effect was profound. When you’re in that wave, time-space changes. If it were to change very rapidly, you would absolutely notice it and go into a panic. But since it happens so gently and routinely, most people don’t have any clue that it happened until they turn around and look behind them at something that took place. Understand that these waves are not sent in nor created intentionally.

In the very beginning, you first felt these gravitational waves as they come in from time to time. This is what happens when a star goes supernova, it sends out a gravitational wave that changes the time-space of everything it touches.

You can make something positive of this, more than you know. This is a time to create your dreams, to set something into motion, no matter how small it is, and to let the wave carry it. There’s also another wave coming in a little later this year. We’ll be very specific about that one as we get a bit closer, but right now enjoy this neutral energy.

Does that mean that everybody’s going to be at peace on Earth? No, we can tell you that practically everyone is in a stir right now still leftover from the first wave. Humans are still trying to ground the energy and integrate the effects of the last wave that came in.  Waves have come in from time to time in the past, and there are different types of gravitational waves. However, you’ve never really known about them before because they happened over long periods of time. As humans learn more, it will be possible to anticipate when a wave will hit. In time you will find that these huge gravitational waves change time-space for just a split second. These changes have a significant impact on major global events that take place now. Will people try to control this? Yes, you will, because you’re human. Although some already have, the waves can only be anticipated, not controlled. People will use this in different ways once they realize the connection, for gravitational waves have a huge effect on the emotional systems of human beings.

Yes, you’ll see good things and bad things that come out of this. We’re going to focus on the good things, trying to show you the incredible energies around this. Every time you experience some sort of tragedy or have something happen that you perceive to be negative, beauty emerges and heroes show up. Humans will start emerging in new ways. Dear ones, we wish to bring you the constant reminders of who you really are and why you came here. Importantly, you’ll be playing in all of this going forward.

You Are Right on Time

So, we ask you all to step out of the fear. There is a great deal of energy moving even without these waves. And yes, you can play a part in this, we’re not asking you to disassociate yourselves. Although some of you have active roles to play in this, others are growing exhausted of seeing everything go inexactly the opposite direction that you had hoped and been working toward. What we are telling you is quite simple, “Just relax, because you’re right on time.” Esayoto is now open, so basically you can get involved with it to step out of the troubles and difficulties. No, won’t be hiding there. However, there are new opportunities that will start opening an entirely new reality. You will build a whole new game inside of, and that begins right away. It’s already open.

Play with this energy and create something magical, because it’s all starting right now. Most of you have experienced times when you’ve felt lost, or couldn’t easily find the direction that you wanted to move in. That doorway is completely open now and we’re there holding it up. All you must do is take those first steps. Reach out for that opportunity to step forward and be counted. We’re asking you to do that as a spirit first and that’s the most fascinating part. You’ve played this game all of your life as a human, yet your light inside comes from Home. We will help you ignite that light, for that’s your true purpose. You’ve come to Earth at this time to help other people. You’ve come not only to jump to that next level yourself, but to hold your hand out and help others come forward. Now’s the time.

Enjoy the journey, dear ones. Know that the magic has just begun and it’s all around you. You will see so many things happen now. Hang on and above all, enjoy the journey. It is with the greatest of honor that we watch all that you are accomplishing. We ask all of you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


The group


~Connecting the Heart~

By Barbara Rother

Letting Go of Time

I notice that I make judgments about time. I’m early, I’m running late, time flies, there’s not enough time. I even let time decide my beliefs. If it’s midnight, I must be getting tired. If it’s five in the morning, it’s too early to get up. If it’s 6:00 PM, I must be getting hungry.

Steve and I stopped wearing watches. We both had watches that we loved as pieces of jewelry. But somehow it did not feel right to wear these any longer. When I would put on a watch I felt it being tight around my wrist. Steve found he had to take off his watch when he channeled. Soon after that he stopped wearing them at all. I felt that if I really needed to know what time it was I could look at my cell phone or a clock on the wall. Even better I could ask a complete stranger what time is was. This would most often turn into a pleasant exchange of conversation.

I have learned to rely on my internal clock. This way I feel what regulates my body instead of what outside force tells me what to do. My ideal vacation is having no clue what day of the week it is or what time it is. This is truly enjoying the now. When you can do this you are in the moment of simply being. This can bring on the appreciation and peace of life. I know this sounds like a fantasy because in real life we have schedules, places to be and things to do on time. I remember when I had a job, years ago that I had to punch into work with a time clock. Much of my day at this boring job I counted the hours until I could punch out on the time clock to go home. This is no way to live. I did not stay at this job for long. Time is precious. Have you noticed when you get involved in something that you love the time passes unnoticed? There is a saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”. It is important to find joy in every minute you can.

Time is a human invention. Steve and the group often say there is no time on the other side. Spirit is eternal and eternality is timeless. With our work we have discussed how to expand and decrease time here on earth. When I feel like I am running late for an appointment I try to remind to relax. This releases the stress from my situation and allows me to be fully present in the moment. When I do arrive at my destination I feel balanced and ready for whatever comes my way.  By releasing the constraints of time you flow through life arriving at the perfect time. You have increased your time this way. Keep in mind I am human and constantly remind myself that I have the ability to do this!

You can decrease your time also. Say you are waiting for the results of a medical result. This can bring on anxiety and feelings of doom. This scenario can be changed.  We can condense time with our minds. Our thoughts and beliefs determine our today and our future.

A person I highly respect is Eckhart Tolle. He is the author of The Power of Now. His words sum up my feelings.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the now the primary focus of your life.”

Time is on your side if you know how to let it go.

With love and light,



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