Beacons of Light, March 2020

The Beacons of Light
Re-minders from Home

Beacons of Light March 2020
Presented Live 02/22/2020

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

~ Stitching Hearts Together ~

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A special note on Coronavirus:

Greetings from Home, dear ones. We wished to add to the message this day to talk about what is in front of most humans at this time. Changes in lifestyle are a reaction to life forms originating in the cosmos that has crossed from the lower vibrational animals to humans. Much fear is on Earth. The challenges are many, yet simple to understand. Consider this to be a very “sticky” creature both inside and outside of the body. As people distance themselves, it becomes a balancing act between safety and isolation. You are now learning much about this virus as humans call it. It will ultimately leave behind an easier path for evolution in all humans. It has the effect of loosening the ethereal body. Children are affected less as most already have this new level in place. Only a small percentage of humans need to catch this to reach a critical mass and some who do will not feel sick, yet, all can be carriers. There are other viruses already on Earth, answers are already planted, and that knowledge is making its way into the collective consciousness.

Please keep in mind that we have been talking about the growing separation on Earth. The message that follows is all about that. We even made the comment several times that if Earth was attacked from outer space that it could have the effect of bringing together hearts as all humans realize that they are more alike than they are different. From our perspective, that has happened. Lightworkers globally now are being called into action in new ways. Keep in mind you will make it through and on the other side humans will take this opportunity to build anew.  Many who have been holding the energy quietly and now will be called into action. There will be more fear on Earth. Consider this as an opportunity for light and all Lightworkers. Fear and Love cannot occupy the same space. Find the Love and pass it on. Keep the hearts connected in as many ways as you can, dear ones, and a new world will emerge. If you are successful, the human heart will rise in unity.


The group


Greetings, dear ones.

We join you this day with such a joy. You see, when you left Home, you were all connected. There’s a very deep connection between you because you’re all a part of one other. Dear ones, it’s like calling two fingers on the same hand separate from one another. That separation defines you as an individual, for it is how you define things as a human. However, remembering the connection is how you define things as a spirit. Recently there’s been even great separation, and that deep connection seems to have gone by the wayside. In truth, some of the separation has been intentional. Why? Because if humans are to be controlled, there’s only one way to do that and it’s to separate and divide you from one another. That effort has been very successful.

Unity of the Heart

That separation and division can change, but it is up to all of you. No matter which side you think you’re on, the most important part of this is to lose the sides and begin reconnecting hearts. Remember, dear ones, everything is connected at Home. You will laugh about this when you return Home, for there’s a strong connection with everything. The months and years ahead will present new challenges, new difficulties. All you need to do is to look back at your own history and see that is true. As these new processes grow and the energies start coming together, you will quickly find the power of unity, especially unity of the heart. In truth, many of you even jumped into the timeline at this exact moment because individually you are carrying something important for the collective. The challenge is that if you are separated, you won’t remember.

Stitching Hearts Together

What we’re asking all of you to do during these times ahead is to lose the sides. Do you define yourself by your past choices? If so, it makes change that much more difficult. Start looking at how you can connect with one another, even for a moment. Find one thing that you have in common with every person who crosses your path. All you need to do is find that one little thing about a person that you can resonate with, then you instantly restore the connections that you had at Home. You can actually feel a strength coming from others when you can harmonize with them. It’s available to all of you at this moment, as the connections are very strong.

Dear ones, know that this is also an opportunity for light to stitch together the hearts that have already been separated for way too long. Those new energies are here right now, and we can’t wait to see what you do with them.

There are a wide range of waves emanating from differing parts of the universe that constantly bathe planet Earth.  Last November we told you about one of these waves coming in and opening up opportunities to change everything by shifting the base energy on which you all live. That has taken place, but there are residual waves continuing to come in even now one right after the other. One of the most beautiful things that we have seen during this wave of energy is the rise of the feminine energy. It has moved into the base and anchored in an entirely new way, in a whole different place.

You have made that possible, dear ones, and you have been wildly successful at that. Although you don’t see the results of that quite yet, the new feminine base has been firmly anchored. It takes time for it to propagate and for that voice to be heard as a collective. Make no mistake, it is in motion. You are all responsible for that happening, because without the space for it to land the energy would have come then quickly gone back out. In effect, everything would have returned to normal. But that did not happen, even though you still have a lot of confusion everything is now in place.

You’ve anchored something very powerful here, and in the months ahead you will move into it. If you can begin to bring this energy in, finding a way that applies to you. Everyone will deal with it a little differently. Some people will feel it as a strength, while others may feel it as a weakness. Why? Because if you’re moving from the masculine energy, which defined power as force, into the harmony of feminine energy it can feel like you’re vulnerable. Dear ones, we tell you, it is in that vulnerability that the greatest strength lies. So, when this happens and you must plan how you’re going to react, bring all the energy in with intention. Stop, take a few breaths, and then act instead of reacting.

In the months ahead, you’ll find opportunities opening because of the work that you’ve already done. Although you may think you’re sliding backwards or your society is somehow going in the wrong direction, that’s not how it’s measured. Quite simply, it is measured one heart at a time starting with yours. You see, you are setting the energy for your own world in more ways than you know. Although it may seem like you’re disconnected from the others you’re not, for this is the practice of discernment amidst chaos.

A New Pace

You’ve been very busy. Planet Earth has not slowed down, in fact it is now speeding up. Years ago, it was discovered that the stars in the sky are moving away from Earth at ever increasing speeds, and now the Earth is also increasing its pace.

By connecting back with the basic principles of being kind to others as well as yourself, you will energetically open doors in so many new ways. It is a time of unity, dear ones. As you move from one season to the next, the energy on planet Earth is also shifting rather drastically right now. It’s connecting at the most basic levels. Although you won’t see this show up in your news on a regular basis for the time being, the energy is coming together and building. Expect a miracle, dear ones, and we’ll help you create it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together in this beautiful new Earth.


The group


~Connecting the Heart~

By Barbara Rother

Fear or Hope

How much energy does worrying require? During these uncertain times of health scares we can easily go into fear. With fear the mind tends to worry. This can be very draining on our physical, mental health. We are constantly being bombarded with information how threatening this Coronavirus can be to us.

As much as I have tried to remain balanced with my thoughts about all of this, I have found myself being over concerned. This has caused a reaction that I found surprising to my wellbeing. Steve and I both shared a touch of the flu recently leading us to question if we had contacted the virus? How could this be possible? We have been focused on remaining healthy by staying home. We feel very fortunate that our work is able to be presented through the internet and not in person right now. In October we are looking forward to presenting an in person event in Las Vegas. We feel confident that this scare will pass by then. Gratefully Steve and I only experienced a brief flu. We are appreciating our good health and wish everyone the same.

Life as we knew it is not possible right now. Everyday information about how people and business are isolating to protect everyone is being presented to us through the news. I use to enjoy going to a weekly meeting with Weight Watchers. Yes, I like so many of us, I am trying to lose a few pounds. The meetings are only on line now. I miss the sharing with other women in person. After my meetings there I would go over to the nearby library only to find it closed now. Steve is such a sweet husband. He bought me a new Kindle so I could enjoy my joy of reading in a different way. Las Vegas offers so many entertaining options usually. Now most are shut down. The list of daily life experiences is limited now. Hopefully this is only a temporary new normal.

I like to pride myself with being a positive person. At the same time I acknowledge I am human with emotions running high. I so love our house where Steve and I have created a space for our business and a warm environment that we call home. Still with being precautious about this situation we have become homebound. I found myself spiraling into a mood of depression. I love being around people and experiencing new surroundings. I miss get together with friends and family. I miss adventures of exploring what life has to offer. I knew I had to break through this separation of being a part of this world around me in some way.

After discussing this with Steve we decided to go to a local park with our dog to have a picnic. This is a very special area with lakes, green grass and trees all around. It has ducks, geese, and swans sharing their surrounding with us. Connecting with nature lifted my soul. We greeted people passing by without the fear of germs invading our space.

This afternoon outing gave me new hope that this virus will pass. I have returned to my positive self. Now I can help this situation move through our state of being. I share the intention with all of you that we will be safe and learn from what is overwhelming our world right now. Have faith and feel the support that we all share.  This is a passage of endurance that will make us stronger to face whatever comes our way.

Espavo. Thank you for taking your power.


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  1. My employer sent me into a 14 day quarantine due to a recent illness, so I’m at home and just relaxing as best I can. I’m grateful to have time out of the chaos going on out there. I’m shining my light here at home, knowing we are all being reset and creating the new earth!

  2. I believe our challenge is to ride this wave with joy, not fear since these challenges create so many new opportunities for new adventures. I am hopeful that children and their parents will use this time to remember the joy of play. Children do not need all the tech gadgets, they need our loving attention and reminders of the wonder of imagination and the beauty of nature.

  3. I am one of the many Lightworkers on this planet After reading the Group’s message, I was able to detach from the fear and anxiety that had gripped me❤️ I’m so grateful ❤️ Now I can get back to helping others ❤️ Blessings to you ❤️ Adele❤️