Beacons of Light, May 2019

The Beacons of Light
Re-minders from Home

Beacons of Light May 2019
Presented Live 04/27/2019

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

~ The Opening Doors ~

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Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time and I’ve come to take you on a little journey today. I will share with you what is happening on your planet, because it is very exciting. Yet, we know you’ve had bad news and you see things taking place on your planet that are very difficult for humans to move past.  There are many of what you would call tragedies that take place on a regular basis. This is partly an effect of the evolution that is occurring. First, there are some very interesting things taking place with cosmic radiation. Now that may be very confusing for most of you, but in truth there is an abundance of cosmic radiation coming in from the cosmos, onto your planet. It will help, because it is planting very important seeds of your future.

What we tell you, dear ones, is that each of you have a heart that can change the world in front of you. Although your physics still does not yet completely agree, quite simply you can shortcut all of it by learning how to influence everything around you. It is done through your magnetic heart. Yes, you can change the energy of everything in your world through your actions alone.

How many light workers does it take to change your planet?

It only takes one…you. It’s that simple. You change your world and everything around you starts to shift. Now, does that mean that you’ll stop breathing differently this day and suddenly everything that you’ve ever wanted is yours? No more difficulties in your life? Well, it’s not exactly what you had set up for yourself as a spirit, is it? You’re playing a beautiful game of hide and seek. You are learning to know the differences between how you are wired for survival and what your spirit needs in this beautiful new experience. You’re stepping up into an entirely different level and it is magical for us to watch. We will be there whenever we can. To extend our hands out to you as you step one level to the next, as you take these daring leaps of humanity, of making yourself vulnerable in a very tender situation, re-member that’s where your strength is. That’s where all of it comes from, what you set up for yourself before you came into play this game. Some of them look like roadblocks or places where you simply cannot get past, yet you are closer than you think.

A Time of Mastery

We ask you to find some very simple situations in your life on a daily basis that cause resistance. It may be something that you really dislike doing every day. After the Keeper takes a shower he dislikes having to squeegee down the shower. So, you may ask what could possibly be in that for him to learn? It’s about mastering resistance in all forms. Mastering anything can be so much easier than it was even a few weeks ago, for it is truly the time of mastery.

The cosmic radiation entering Earth currently also opens other potentials. As these enter in this way, it changes the environment it passes through. You may see new forms of illnesses and allergies showing up. Do not concern yourself, as these will be minor adjustments for most. Most lightworkers have been somewhat immunized against this anyway. Yet you will see some new properties on your planet, which are basically opening opportunities for you to experience things in new ways. The physical body itself is starting to change, starting to release the grip of the spirit. Although it is very magical, it is also quite difficult for humans who’ve walked on two legs all their lives. You have so much more that you can work with in these times.

During the next several weeks, we ask you all to look around at things in your life that cause resistance. Find ways of falling in love with them, even if only for a second. Discover the light in everything that has caused you resistance, in the things you don’t like to do. This experience can widen your bandwidth, for now humans are starting to experience life in a new way. This is why we have done much work with the blended realities that we have recently planted. Widening the vibrational bandwidth in humanity is the first step in the evolution at hand. Start feeling this as an anchoring in your daily lives and trust that much more is coming.

You are creating it as you speak, as you walk forward. Even though we cannot specifically tell you what your future will be, we can tell you what direction you’re heading and it’s very beautiful. Yes, there is more of what you consider bad news coming to your planet. Years ago, we told you that the United States was going to go through a transition cycle, where it would no longer be a leader in the world. Right now, you’re witnessing several of the different cycles that we’ve talked about regarding economies and leadership. Dear ones, you have quite a strong connection and are rather creative with those cycles.

Perfect Timing for the First Step

That is actually very beautiful, because as we’ve been telling you all along when you step up you’ll be so excited at the possibilities. Many of you can start doing that now. Several months ago, we asked many of you to start preparing yourselves because toward the end of April there would be an opportunity for you to shift. Whether it is a new project, a move, or something you are invested in, there are so many things opening up now. Do not be afraid to take that step forward when the door opens, move into it. If you don’t like it, you can always turn around and move back or choose again. It’s much easier than you think. Yet nothing happens until you take that step, so that’s what we’re here to tell you. The cosmos around you are aligning in such a way to make it easier for you to take that first step, which is the most difficult of all of them. We also tell you, dear ones, that these doors will close rather quickly if not acted upon. The changes of which we speak may not be clearly defined. If that is the case, try to widen your perception and look again.

You may want to keep yourself away from it, because it means the change that you’re starting to experience right now is taking you to a whole different place. You will see much of that as we go forward, because your physiology will begin to change in just a few months. And you may see it as a positive or a negative depending on how it affects you, but in truth you’ve known this was coming. Do not fear these changes. Know that you have opportunities to step up into a higher vibration, living right where you are right now.

In truth, you have been preparing for this most of your current lifetime, many of you for several lifetimes. There’s an opportunity to come back together in your original form, before you took on such density, and we are extremely excited about. It is calling it all back together through your heart connections. Trust that you’re never alone. You’re always surrounded, not only by others that are there with you doing something similar, but also by us now.

Know that the first small step in a new direction is the most difficult to take. That has also become a lot easier with the recent gift of energy from the cosmos, which is now supporting you in an entirely new way. Dare to take those steps, to jump out and make a mistake. That is what humans do. Dear ones, don’t ever forget that you are perfect, right where you are at this moment.

Don’t look for much outside of yourself, because you’re starting to bring it all in. There are so many things now starting to take place. Become an observer of life, choosing exactly where you wish to lend your weight. Keep up the good work, know that you are the magicians on the game board. It will not be long now before you start to discover Merlia’s sword. You’re stepping up perfectly, creating your reality one step at a time. We could not be prouder to watch. Now we leave you with three little reminders, to treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play this game well together. Enjoy the journey, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.



~Connecting the Heart~

By Barbara Rother

Change in Attitude Can Make a Difference

I love this time of year. Spring brings about change. It is a new beginning with the fresh air and nature in bloom. It also brings about a feeling of clearing. This can be with all areas of life. For me, I feel the sense of spring cleaning. This includes whatever in my life that no longer serves a purpose, emotionally and physically.

Steve and I, like I am sure many people, collect items whether is our thoughts or material belongings that gather in areas of clutter. How often do we decide to clear out what no longer serves us?

I look back to the winter months and review the emotional baggage that I have hung onto.  I have decided I am ready to let go of anything that I cannot do anything about.   I have always admired the saying from Alcoholics Anonymous “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  These words have helped me to create a more positive future.

Letting go of physical stuff can be just as much of a release. The freedom of letting go of what clutter consuming your space can like be a breath of fresh air. The ancient art of fengshui, I admire, is a teaching of clearing and what works in your personal space.

Steve and I have been in the process of clearing out our garage. We have stored not only personal but business items that we no longer need. I have donated our personal belongings to organizations. I found a place that takes household hazard waste materials. This is a place that takes used batteries, old computers, printers, etc. With our business Steve is always updating our equipment.  I wanted to make sure how to safely dispose of items that the regular trash pickup does not take.

This morning I took the long drive to this facility. My car was filled to the brim with items. When the man who was working there saw my overstuffed vehicle he hesitated. He asked where all this stuff came from? I honestly answered that it was from our business. He was quick to say that I had to take it to another place that dealt with businesses. He said he would not help me unload my stuff even if he did take it. I explained that when I had called his company explaining what I had to bring to the site, no one told me this information. I felt immediate irritation from this man’s attitude. At this moment I had a quick moment to determine how I would handle this situation. I could return his rudeness or try to be understanding of his situation. I honestly told him I did not know I was not supposed to bring such a load to this facility. I told him next time I would take anything to the proper location. He said he could get in trouble accepting my entire car load. I did not want him to get into any trouble. I told him I understood his policy. He ended up unloading my entire car.  I left feeling like on some level I had connected with this man who was just doing his job. I felt that he was down deep a gentle giant with a gruff exterior who really had a heart of gold that he showed me for a brief time. I drove away feeling good about myself with how I had handled this situation. We both parted ways with a smile on our faces. It could have turned out in a negative way. By adjusting my attitude it made a difference in my day and hopefully his.

With love and light,



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