Beacons of Light, April 2012 | Evolution ~ The Year 2222

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
April 2012

~ Evolution ~
The Year 2222

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
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Beacons of Light
April 2012
Presented Live 03/31/2012



Greetings from Home.

There is a miracle taking place right now. We have said three little words, Greetings from Home. It took that amount of time for you to fully integrate our energy. We tell you that this process is speeding up. The larger vision of humanity on planet Earth is starting to change in many different ways. Therefore, we wish to take you through some of the changes that are ahead of you today. At the same time, we will also give you the larger picture as to why these changes are happening and why they are needed at this moment. Let us explain.

A Finite Being Dancing in Density

Everything on your side of the veil is what you call finite. In other words, it exists within a field of polarity and the illusion of time and space. Therefore, everything must have a beginning, including the planet itself. When you first incarnated on planet Earth, you did not have the physical bodies. Nevertheless, you were with her from the very beginning of her birth. Many of you had non-physical body similar to what you would consider angels or beings with ethereal bodies. Afterwards you developed these denser bodies because the Earth was cooling and gaining density at that time. In order for you to maintain your connections, you began to dance in density and to gain new physical bodies, which have gone through many evolutionary steps in the short time that you have been here. Your medical sciences currently do not think that the human animal is evolving. However, we ask you: Whatever made you think it stopped? It has been evolving since the very moment it was on the planet. You will see that these evolutions happen more on a physical level for the planet was finite. In other words, there was a moment that you called the big bang, which marked the beginning of this direction of time. and there would be a time between the years 2000 and 2012 in which the end of planet Earth was scheduled .  It would have taken roughly 12 years to totally dismantle this planet , as was originally the plan.

Changes from a Shifting Vibration

Now you have shifted it all by deciding that you are staying. You began at the 11th hour to awaken from the dream, to open your eyes and take your power back. We were so incredibly amazed; so incredibly, wonderfully amazed. Now you are using that power on a collective basis to change your environment, to change your reality, to raise what you are calling vibration on planet Earth. As you do, you are being successful. It has happened. You look around your world, at your systems and you see them starting to crumble. You see some of the challenges in your economic systems, you notice the difficulties that some of your religious systems and other organizations are starting to have due to the change in vibration. If there is disharmony in anything and you raise vibration, this disharmony comes right to the surface and right to the front. So, much of the shifts and changes that you are seeing on your planet are a natural reaction to what you have created here on planet Earth.

Duality to Triality in a Physical Body

We wish to speak about the physical human body. It was developed for you within a field of polarity. Many of your organs are polarized in some way throughout your physical being. Even more so, its polarity has a negative and a positive side that opposes each other, which created what you call a field of duality in which to live. Humans have been very successful in this field. Now, this is changing and your own evolution is taking you into what we call a field of triality. A way for you to understand this is to simply imagine that you have two arms that you have used to balance your life with as you walk through it Now, what would happen if you had a third arm? How out of balance would you be immediately if you did not have everything in place to carry that third arm? It would take major adjustments. No, that is not one of the physical changes that is taking place. We know some of you have jumped ahead and started writing it down. No, no, no. We mentioned it by of illustration.

The Next Step in Evolution

Let us tell you about the physical changes that are taking place. Much of the brain is starting to work differently, which is something that medical sciences will actually be seeing in the beginning. Humanity is at the very cusp of an evolutionary process that will take you roughly 210 years to complete. From the larger perspective of the timeline of humanity, you could say that this is evolution in the blink of an eye. However, for you who are going through it, it will be challenging at best because you cannot see an end to it. The year 2222 will be a magical time for it will mark the completion of a huge evolutionary cycle that will take much of your energy in the meantime.

What does that mean exactly? Are your bodies going to grow a third arm? Are you going to look different? Well, it is very difficult for us to predict where you are going to end up because all of it is contained within your heart. Ahh, you were expecting us to point to the head. Let us explain. You will find a balance between the head and the heart that will let you walk comfortably into this evolutionary process. This balance allows you to grow in the body and to find the new parts of it before they have even fully developed. Your own concepts and your own heart energy are starting to create and open doors before you walk in. It will affect the outcome of the phone call you were going to make, even before you pick up the phone. You will now become consciously aware of the fact that your heart energy precedes you in everything you do it. We will explain how you will deal with energy because your spirit has been using a physical body. A beautiful blend of spirit, being and physicality enables you to pretend to be a human. You are doing a very wonderful job at it.

Stepping into the New World

Now that this change is starting to take place, you will see shifts within your own emotional body first. There was a wave of energy coming through planet Earth changing everything, which as we have mentioned before, you have helped to create. You have celebrated all these magical dates that are now culminating in the 12-12-12. You have literally helped to set your own changes into motion as well as create a new world around you. Now your next move is simply to step into this new world, to claim it as your own, to make it your own and to make it your expression of Light. We tell you that there will be certain challenges with it for you have become sensitive to different energy levels to which you are unfamiliar. This is the reason why we have asked you to be cautious in your exposure to the sun during this summer. The X Class solar flares that are now coming in have the potential to overload your systems. Normally you simply have your own magnetic field with which you fend off the harmful pieces.

Because of the physical and energetic changes that are going on, some of those defenses have been removed. Therefore, we ask you to simply use common sense in your exposure to the sun during this summer. Next summer, it will not be a problem but right now, with all the magnetic energy coming in from the sun, there are potentials to experience things that you do not wish to experience. 

The Larger Picture

What about the larger picture? What about ways to comfortably make some of these physical changes? How do you encourage the body to go through these shifts? Well, it is happening already. Many of you have not equated what is happening to you as a physical change in your body. Let us explain.
Much of the energy has come through in a wave. The easiest way to consider the wave is to see it as a big ripple caused by picking up the carpet throwing every chair off the side all the way to the back of the room. As the ripple works its way to the back of the room, it rearranges the furniture as it goes. This is what is happening to many of you emotionally.

The outer shield has been changing already and as a result, a huge wave of energy is going through all of humanity altering everything. Many of you are wonderful teachers, healers and channels of Light who have been helping this planet to evolve, have felt disconnected over the last six months. Some have hidden this feeling from view because you do not wish to speak of your disconnections for it feels like you may somehow have lost your magic. Nevertheless, it is a common occurrence throughout the entire planet. What took place was that a wave of energy came in so strong that it partially removed some of the veil, which you have learned to use to find your place, to have your sense of self. As the veil is starting to move, you are losing a little bit of your own identity. However, at the same time you are gaining the harmonic connection with all the other beings around you. That is the biggest part that you will experience as you evolve, even physically, for the new physicality will let you see and consciously use your connection to other people. There are on planet Earth that cover these events every day now.
Why do you think that is? It is one of our ways of planting seeds on planet Earth to let you know that everything is possible here if you only take charge of it.

This feeling of disconnection, which could be called a second dark night of the soul, is the final piece for many teachers and healers. It happened on a global basis. The interesting part is that in this process everything has been reconnected in a new, stronger way. As this second dark night of the soul happens to each of you, you will tend to think that there is a failure or that something missing because the inner peace, the inner sense of self that each of you carried with you, loses a little bit of its credibility. If you start to learn to perceive yourself through the eyes of those around you, you lose nothing.

Dear ones, you have a smile on your face when you feel happy.  Have you ever thought of distributing that smile energetically to everyone you know? Have you ever thought about holding the joy and your passion of whatever it is that makes you smile, and dared to focus your entire life on that heart energy rather than on what you think you are supposed to be doing? That is what is taking place. You are moving from the head to the heart and you are learning to readjust your lives in many different ways. There will be a big celebration in the year 2222. What you do not know, is that many of you may be there.

There are many advances and understandings now anchoring in the area of medical sciences and your physiology. You know you are only using small parts of your potential. That is changing. Your systems will be on full charge very soon if you ask for it. It is not something that is going to come to you. It is not something that is going to overload you without your asking for it. Know that once you start this process, you are moving into the age of empowerment for you are no longer in a field of duality where you can measure things in right or wrong, good and bad, black and white, love and fear. A new balance of the higher self will allow you to start seeing things differently. You are starting to connect to all of your dimensions and to be a single ray of Light again. It is not an easy transition and we ask you to help each other make that process work, for the magic is on planet Earth. You have come with the magic. You have held it all your lives. Now use it. Play with it every day. There is nothing to wait for. The time is now.

Enjoy this journey, dear ones, and know that we are behind you every way possible. Not to help you make the right turn, not to teach which way is best, but to simply love you for who you are. You are bringing the Light from Home and shining it through your eyes. You are changing this planet to create heaven on Earth and it is working.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and hold the door open every chance you get for this is a very different game you are stepping into. Please re-member to play well together.



The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


Lightworker Family


This last Saturday we had a party at our home. It was an appreciation party for our Lightworker staff. These are the beautiful people we are honored to call friends. Steve and I could notdo this work without the love and support we receive from everyone around us. Unfortunately not everyone we send our thanks and appreciation to could attend the party. I teased Lynn Bradley who has recently moved back to Israel to come join us. I then began to realize we have such gratitude for our spiritual family who are all over this world. If I had my way this party would have been filled with all of you joining us. I have always said someday I will rent out Disneyland and invite every Lightworker to join us with a grand reunion.

On a daily bases we have Austin and now Elke helping us. Jon Carl and Charmaine Lee are also an integral part of the ongoing work. But there are many who go unmentioned. These are the people who are always there to say “What can I do to help”?  From the VirtualLight Broadcast to every detail of our work, they are there.

The Lightworker family is a big part of the process of spreading the light. There are angels all over the world who volunteer their love and time. Becky Hannah and Veronique Kasiser make sure Steve’s monthly message from the group is perfected then Steve sends it out to all to enjoy. Meg Adamson-Gour, our events manager, is there to make sure everything runs smoothly. I strive to be as organized as she is! The list of people we give thanks for is endless. Everyone is going through life trying to figure out what works in his or her world. Family is about unconditional love and support. Know that Steve and I send this to each and every one of you.

We give you our gratitude for joining us on this journey. So know as we enjoyed this party this past Saturday we were keeping you all in our hearts as we celebrated and gave thanks to all our Lightworker family.

With love and light,


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