Beacons of Light, August 2015 | Remembering Your Tone – Expressing the Memories from Home

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
August 2015

~ Remembering Your Tone ~
Expressing the Memories from Home

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month.


Beacons of Light
August 2015
Presented Live 07/25/2015

Greetings Dear Ones.

Such a joy to share this moment with you all, for you are in the midst of an evolutionary movement. You are moving at the speed of love and the interesting part about it is that you are starting to become awakened right where you are. We will share a little of our vision of your place on the path as it is now, and more importantly about your anchoring into the new dimension of time and space.

A Conscious Change

There have been times, dear ones, when evolution has taken your stream of consciousness from one physical form to another.  Very rarely has that this happened in consciousness, which is what is taking place on planet Earth. That is why the collective vibration of the universe is starting to gather information and support more of the game on planet Earth, as it is now unfolding every moment. Take a deep breath, dear ones…and release it to find your center for just a moment. Close your eyes if you choose to, and let yourself expand. You have been holding yourself within a framework of resistance that you believed you had to hold. You have been spending much of your energy holding yourself within the constraints that you believed were needed to pretend to be a human. Yet, your spirit cries to be free, to speak its tone and to carry its message from Home. It is that unique tone which you brought specifically because you could carry it. From our perspective what is now taking place is that you are starting to branch out into multidimensionality and become aware of it consciously. When you do that, dear ones, the game changes very quickly..

Stretching Out In Multidimensionality

You have already stepped forward into the fifth dimension. Dear ones, we see you looking around to find out how all these pieces work. However, there is a new and critical piece that has not yet been added to the game. Because of the rise of the vibration of humanity, you have now entered a new possibility which was not there only a short time before. You have the ability to stretch out past your limitations in an energetic form so that you can collect your multidimensionality. You will also find your path of least resistance not only in your own existence, but in your entire life as a spirit in every dimension of time and space simultaneously. There are ways for you to harmonize the universe around you and one of these is a very simple process called speaking your tone. Yes, many of you have come in with a vibration, a specific tone that brings the reminder to your own physical body. Your physical body, dear ones, is vibrating and if it stops vibrating you are gone; then in reality, it does not exist. It is vibrating between a specific range that humans can perceive, touch, and work with to play the game of pretending to be a human. You have done quite well with this, walking around with a blindfold on, bumping into each other and hitting the wall looking for the door.

Express Your Tone

All of you are looking for the way Home again. You are yearning to re-member that tone and have it validated deep within you. Now you are at that location where you can spread your energy out and start to feel the other dimensions of time and space. Why would you do that? Most of you are hesitant to do anything like that because your sensitivity levels are so high. Your Vagus nerve is so highly strung sometimes that it makes it difficult for you to truly ground this light and energy, and bring it into your reality in that way. There is a actually a fear around that, which is fascinating because all energy is self-balancing. Have you ever taken two cups of water and connected them with a hose, so you make one taller than the other? Within just a matter of moments they settle. The reality is that all energetic forms know the innate path of least resistance. Now, how does that happen? Energy forms are all connected to each other, including yours. That is what we are sharing with you today—a way for you to speak and find your tone. What is your tone? Is it a a musical note that you must hit? Is it a certain vibratory frequency that must be repeated? Well, sometimes it is a tone. Other times you can re-create that by speaking toning, singing, or by creating a vibration not intended for the ears, but for the heart. That is your tone that you brought from Home. Now, how do you express it and channel your tone? ? Each of you brought in a unique piece that only you could carry the best and now you are assembling these pieces and re-uniting. It is a very magical process for us to watch. We cheer you on at every opportunity and you have already made a huge difference—more than you could ever see. The world is changed and you are responsible.

Practice Your Passion

How do you find that tone? Well, quite simply, you have a passion. Many of you have looked long and hard at your passion yet still say, “I still do not know what my passion is.” Well, that means that you are thinking too much; the passion is not in your head, it is in your heart. That is what you must strive to find—that feeling. Now what must a human do to re-create that feeling and be in touch with that at a moment’s notice? That takes practice, dear ones…just like anything. How do you get to heaven? Practice, practice, practice. Very simple. You are living on the planet of imperfection and you are perfecting yourself, reaching for Home. Now let us get back to this tone for a moment, because it is what you brought in. If you came just to make a sound on planet Earth then by all means, make it. If to do that you need to stand on the street corner and simply sing to your heart’s content, do that. Does that mean that is your passion? You will have to wait until you do it to find out. Then once you find it, you will say, “No, that is not my passion, but it is similar. It is singing.” Maybe you will create something; maybe you will do something; maybe you will start a band and begin recording. Maybe you use your voice in a melodic way to bring a message through multiple dimensions at once. There are all sorts of ways you can do this and there are also those that have been placed with a time-sensitive moment, connection, or critical mass point. In the world around you, when all those events and spirit align, you have the opportunity to create all those things that you wish for. It is then, dear ones, that you have what we call a magical moment.  You can spread out in all the dimensions of time and space, then claim all of your power for just that instant to create something in the road ahead of you. That is the conscious creator walking with the light of Home over your shoulder all the time and using it.

Express Your Memory of Home

Time to re-member that tone, dear ones. We try to take you back to those memories that you have intentionally forgotten so that you could pretend to play the game as a human. You are a spirit deep within; in reality we know you well and you know us. We are all a part of each other in ways that you will only re-member when you shed that physical body and return to the collective of energy, which is all of us. That is the magic that you are creating. You have a deep seeded memory of Home; it is contained in your tone. What is your tone and what will it take for you to bring that out and share it? There is great hesitation, dear ones. Because you are so sensitive, sometimes you are afraid that if you speak your tone it will block others. You are concerned that they will not be able to find their own individual tone if you are speaking yours, but that is what you came to do. In reality, when you start to connect with that part of you which represents the passion it spreads like wildfire. You should see it from our perspective, dear ones. We see that sometimes when you pass a person on the street and you may not even look into their eyes or exchange any pleasantries at all. However, when you pass them on the street you light them up with the feelings of Home, with that tone. Is it a noise or a sound? It can be. Does it need to be? It is ultimately a re-minder of the heart. Find your tone by practicing it, playing with it, and stretching it out. Like everything on planet Earth, it is like a muscle. The more that you practice and exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more control you have over your creations. It is a magical time on Earth, dear ones, and it is time for all to re-member their tone. We brought a very special piece. Welcome. We are so happy that you have made it this far. Now you are starting to awaken from the dream in consciousness. Find yourself walking on planet Earth and playing this beautiful game of pretending to be the human, but we see you. We know who you are and we welcome you with the greatest honor of the essence of life and the re-minders of Home that all of you carry deep within. Re-member that tone, dear ones. Whatever it takes, speak it often. Put energy behind it and share it. Move it and you will be doing the work of the spirit. That is what you all came to do.

Teach Your Heart to Think and Your Head to Feel

Now, most of you are going to intellectualize this and think too much about it. These are the times of the heart, when you are teaching the heart to think and the head to feel. These are the times where you are awakening from the dream and finding yourself in this beautiful physical body. Enjoy this journey, dear ones. You have set it up intentionally, so that you could be there to experience planet Earth exactly the way that you did and re-member your tone. Well done, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways. Tickle your funny bone to help you re-member that it is just a game. And above all dear ones, play well together. Treat each other the best that you can. Help others re-member their tone, and yours will become even stronger.

The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


~ Escape to a Lighter Side ~

We all can be so serious sometimes without being aware of it.  We’ll be so focused on our careers, family, our daily existence that we only think about what is ahead instead of what is in front of us in that moment.  When we feel fully present we can then remind ourselves that life is truly a game and we need to lighten up to enjoy the journey.  This puts us back in the flow of living.

When was the last time you had a belly laugh?  You know the kind that brings you to tears from laughing so hard.  As children it seemed we experienced this often without a care in the world. As we grow into adulthood we lose that innocence of lightness. Let’s all reach for that part of ourselves and let go of our worries just long enough to enjoy the laughter in life.

I started thinking about this recently when we had a guest on the VirtualLight Broadcast. Sandra Sedgbeer interviewed Maureen St. Germain.  They were having a wonderful discussion when Maureen let out a deep laugh that instantly brought a smile to my face.  She was able to use that sense of humor to help express her work.  Afterward I complimented her on her laugh and she said she laughs often.

Steve and the group speak about the laughter being the language of angels.  Elrah Has the best sense of humor of any entity I know!  The group is saying that if we get too serious that they will tickle our funny bones. Our higher selves, I feel, are always encouraging us to enlighten up. 

There is a special kind of emotional release that we can feel when we let down our walls and engage in heartfelt laughter.  It is the same feeling we have by having a deep sobbing cry.  Afterwards we feel lightness with our spirit. We have released anything we needed and are ready to move on.  Pent-up emotions block us from moving forward on our paths. 

I heard something that I thought interesting about social media.  The phrase LOL no longer is acceptable.  Now someone would post he he or ha ha.  Who makes up these rules?  Laugh in your own way of expression.

Keeping a lighter side of life makes us feel more alive.  I will share how I knew I was recovering from being so ill a few years ago.  I slowly started to smile and feel my sense of humor return.  I started joking with those around me.  I felt back in my body and looked forward to the happiness of a healthy life.

I know it is hard to find the humor around you when life seems unfair or challenging.  Escape to a lighter side however you can. Exercise can increase the endorphins that improve our state of mind. I know my mood elevates by simply taking a short walk. Steve and I relax in the evening watching television.  We watch a variety of types of programs but I most enjoy the shows where I laugh out loud sharing the humor with Steve. It is very important to have fun in any relationship.  I like to end my night with humor and gratitude.

Finding our soulful laugh lets out the true spirit of who we are. Let all around you hear that joy.  Laughter is contagious.  Once we hear someone laughing we feel like breaking free at least with a smile ourselves.  At the beginning of our work Steve and I presented as part of our in-person seminars an exercise that illustrated this point.  The participants would lie on the floor overlapping with each person’s head on another’s stomach.   We started tickling people until one by one a chain reaction of laughter would break out.  Steve and I would laugh so hard ourselves. After the exercise everyone was in such high spirits.

We can be our worse critics.  Whenever I have a human moment and make a mistake or do something silly, I try to laugh at myself.  This allows me let go of the judgment of myself and the image that I have to be perfect. We can have high expectations of ourselves but it is important to remember life is a learning experience that can be fulfilled to its fullest if we have lightness in our hearts. 

Consciously ignite the passion for joy every day and express it with laughter.  Know that the angels are right next to you sharing your laugher with theirs.

With love and light,



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