Beacons of Light, January 1999 | Time – Does anybody really know what time it is?

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
January 1999

~ Time ~
Does anybody really know what time it is?

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
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Beacons of Light
January 1999

Lightworkers everywhere are experiencing difficulties with time. They are finding it especially difficult to get things done in a “normal” amount of time. For many it seems as though everything is taking a little longer. In addition there is an anxiety in the air that gives us the impression that we must hurry and get on with it. It leaves us with the underlying feeling that if we don’t hurry up and move into our contracts, that the ascension will happen without us.

The Group speaks to this by saying that the feeling of anxiety is a biological side effect of our increased perceptions. Here they offer us insights to universal time and how we can begin to experience it.


We are once again deeply honored to address this group of masters with the title of Lightworkers. This is a chosen title, and is bestowed upon all those requesting to carry it. It reflects a willingness to consciously carry light to planet Earth and this attitude is the only prerequisite. As you know we are reluctant to use titles of any kind. We find humor in the fact that humans place so much importance on titles. We see that oftentimes humans accept messages of questionable integrity because of an elaborate title attached to it. We ask you to give the attention to the love content of the message and use your own discernment to all information that enters your field. This is the greatest expression of the God within each of you and will help you maintain your balance in these times. We tell you that even with this aversion to titles we are in fact honored to call ourselves Lightworkers. In place of using this title to place us on some imaginary ladder of importance, we use it as an affirmation of our intent. We invite you all to do the same.

We are aware that often you feel distress and discomfort as you stretch your beings to incorporate the higher vibrations. We tell you that you are loved beyond your understanding for this act. At this juncture we wish to point out that the vibrations of those we are addressing has changed considerably since the time we began the flow of this information. The vibrational advancement accomplished by this action paves the way for many others to follow more easily. Your willingness to move forward and take the lead for the benefit of the planet is what endears you to us so. We are proud to be here offering this information for your individual discernment. We are here only because you have asked. In asking, you have exercised your power and have also allowed us to fulfil our contracts on a very high level. We humbly thank you for this opportunity. We are deeply honored to be a part of the game as humanity steps into the next stage of evolution.

In this session we wish to speak of your changing perception of time. On the gameboard you have the mechanics of polarity that often color your perceptions. We ask you to understand that this was a necessary part of the gameboard. Looking though eyes tainted with polarity you can only see the dimension of time that you know as linear. Your existence on the gameboard has been one of being finite pieces of the infinite whole. Since it was not even possible for you to understand the concept of “infinite” in your current condition, it was likewise not possible for you to understand the perception of the universal now. This is now changing as a result of your forward movement. Much is now available to you that you are only just beginning to be aware of. This is a time of return to your power and as it floods back into your consciousness many doors open. One of these doors is a new relationship to what you call time.

Those of you that have requested to step fully into plan B on the gameboard have set about a shift deep within your own biology. Through your intent to move forward you have begun the process of shifting your biology at the cellular level that you know to be the DNA. We have spoken of this in prior messages and told you that this was actually a return to a state that you once knew when you first formed the grand game. Returning to this state of higher vibrational biology is bringing about changes that are just now beginning to show themselves. As your biology settles into the higher vibratory levels you may experience heightened states of awareness and sensitivity to energy. With each new level of vibration attained on the planet, a short period may be needed for your biology to adjust. This is a normal process and is not to be feared. It is simply your biology adjusting. These symptoms will often show as lethargy or simply a lack of energy. Other times it will be body aches and energy sensitivity in many areas. This can be termed the vibrational flu because the symptoms are similar. In addition your heightened sensitivity to energy will often show in your emotional bodies. For a time during these drastic shifts such as the introduction of the Second Wave, it will be commonplace for Lightworkers to experience heightened emotional states.

Please be aware that these are not only a direct result of the shifting of the planet but also the shifting within your own biology. The emotional body and the physical body are so closely linked that the subtle changes of the DNA often create this heightened emotional state. These two causes are creating difficulties for those of you leading the way to vibrational advancement. We understand your pain and ask you to be patient as this will ease quickly. Each time you experience these shifts it will get easier. It is rare that a wave of energy as powerful as the Second Wave be introduced to the planet. With this physical and emotional challenge also comes a strengthening that will make this easier the next time. For now, please view it as an annoyance and know that it will not last. Further work through joining energy with the Second Wave will help assimilate this energy into the planet and ease these tensions. Grounding and breathing techniques will help balance this adjustment process.

As the biology shifts to higher states, your true senses become more attuned. In reality you are moving from a dense body to an ethereal body. In doing so you are also moving from a field of linear time to a field of universal, or “now” time. In your limited perception you are only aware of very narrow band of vibration. Most animals on the gameboard have senses of perception that extend well beyond human capabilities. They can see, hear and smell far beyond our ranges of perception. As your own DNA begins to realign and shift to the higher states, your range of perception steadily increases. Most of these increases you will not feel in traditional ways. It is not as if your body will hurt as a result of shifting DNA. Instead this shifting will begin to show itself in more subtle forms. One of these forms is in becoming aware of other dimensions of time.

Let us lead you on a journey to illustrate the reality of universal time in relationship to your perception. Being limited to three dimensions, you see time as only linear. Visualize yourself traveling very fast through a long hallway. Even though you do not see the end, you have awareness that there is a beginning and an end to this hallway. This illustrates your being in finite form and reflects the polarity of the gameboard. You have been traveling down this hallway for the duration of the game thus far and you are quite familiar with the passageway. Advancing down this long hallway, you make a conscious decision to raise your vibrational level and in doing so start to increase your range of perception. Suddenly you look to your right and notice that there is another hallway going off at a ninety-degree angle. Even though it was a very quick glimpse, you are sure of what you saw. You quickly search your memory banks for an explanation with no results. With a lack of information, your ego intercedes to inform you that it was just your imagination. Temporarily accepting this explanation, you return to the journey down the hall of linear time.

It is not long before you catch a glimpse of another hall, this time off to your left. Further down the path you see one going off directly above you and then one below. This time it is not possible to explain this as simply imagination. You make a mental note that all of these passageways are at right angles to each other. You wonder what is down these halls but are unable to explore any further. Your speed down the hall continues at the same speed as before but your range of perception seems to be increasing. You can see more than you have ever before. Now, as you pass these other halls, you can see that they are very similar to yours. These are actually other dimensions crossing each other at right angles.

Now we pull you way back into deep space to view this collection of hallways. Moving back, you can see that each one of these hallways is ever so slightly curved. This curve is so infinitesimal, that even from inside the hall this curve is not detectable. Moving further back you can begin to see that with this curve these hallways all connect in ways to form a very large ball. This is an example of circular time and also relates to the time-space continuum previously introduced to the planet. To answer the questions forming, yes, the channel and Lightworker known as Einstein was correct. Each of these hallways is connected to each other in several places as their paths naturally intersect. From here it can be seen that even though you may see yourself as traveling down a hallway with a beginning and an end that this is not the case at all. From this perspective it can be seen that with these intersections it is possible to be anywhere in the sphere at any time as long as you know which turns to take.

You are evolving at a phenomenal rate and as you continue to advance you are increasing your range of perceptions. With your expanded sensory range you are even now beginning to see down the hallways as they pass through your field. These most often present themselves to you as vague shadow figures out of the corner of your eyes. Perhaps you feel like there is someone else in the room only to turn and see nothing. Your peripheral vision will be the first to perceive these other dimensions of time. Please understand that this is not new. There have always been many dimensions occupying the same space. What is new is that your range of perception is now allowing you to perceive them. Upon close examination you will soon find that not all of these other dimensions are equal to your own vibration. In fact, some of them are much lower vibration and you will not likely choose to play in their realm.

There is a natural biological reaction to extending your range of perception. The ego is still a part of your existence on the gameboard and as such you must balance it often. With these new visions and ideas entering your field, the ego produces a natural reaction to these new events. The result is that most leading the way in this advancement are now experiencing distortions related to their perception of time. One way that this manifests is an anxiety that leaves you with the feeling that you must hurry and move into your full power. This feeling gives you the impression that if you do not rush, the world will move forward without you. Some people feel this so intensely that it easily distracts their energy, demanding all of their focus. Know that this is a natural biological reaction much like a side effect related to your new perceptions of time and nothing more. You have enough time to do everything you came here to do. The fact that you are feeling this anxiety indicates that you are actually on track with your progress.

Another side effect is that your relationship to time as you have known it becomes distorted. This often makes it difficult to accomplish tasks in a set amount of time. Most of you will find yourself not getting things done in the amount of time you are accustomed to. Especially repetitive tasks will often seem to take longer than they ever have before. What this illustrates is that you are beginning to reclaim your power to control time. The problem is that most of you do not know how to exercise that power and by leaving it uncontrolled, it slips easily away leaving you with a shortage of time.

Warping time in the higher dimensions is a matter of exercising conscious control. We will give you some of the basics and plant important seeds in fertile ground. We have told you many times that you are much more powerful than you see. So often you look to the outside for your power only to find it waiting patiently within your own being. The many times we have spoken of re-membering your powers are often just a case of altering your perception very slightly. Such is the case with time shifting. The biggest challenge to shifting time is to set your initial goals small enough to allow them safely past your ego and your own belief systems. The state you are in at present, is one where your time can now be bent slightly. Therefore we ask you not to attempt a manipulation time in a grandiose fashion. Start with regaining control over your daily tasks and other tasks you know to be well within your reach. As you become more accustomed to intentionally controlling time, it will become easier for you to gradually increase your objective. Set your goals small enough to be believable. Find something for which you choose to create more time. Start small and see how time naturally opens for more of this activity. It is also possible to set your intent to get more done in a smaller amount of time. Use your repetitive daily tasks for this to start with as they are well within your reach even now.

We understand your propensity to make things mystical. This is a direct result of the veil on the gameboard as it keeps you from seeing your own power. If you wish to make this a mystical experience please feel free to do so. All that we ask is to keep in mind that we are simply leading you back to your natural powers as finite parts of the infinite creator. In the very near future these same powers that appear so mystical today, will be commonplace and mundane. Make space for these as you would brushing your teeth in the morning and see how they can add to your experience as the gameboard shifts.

We will now suggest a starting point for this to take form in your lives. It is important to incorporate your whole being into the process. Before you begin this exercise, express your intent aloud to noticeably warp time during this experiment. Note the time as you begin and then release all concerns about time and your relations to it. A most effective means of uniting spirit and biology through intent is with the use of ceremony. We will plant some seeds here for you to form your own rituals, as this is the most powerful tool for you to discover. First we ask you to center your thoughts. With your eyes closed, raise your eyes above the horizon as if you were looking up with your head level. This is a starting point only, so do not be overly concerned with holding this position. Do this for as long as it feels comfortable. If you feel your concentration slipping away during this exercise, simply raise your eyes again.

Focus your thoughts within now and allow the outside world to slip away. Please re-member that it is not your choice what thoughts enter your head as you are simply tapping in to the flow of universal thought. Even though you may not be in control of what enters your head, you are in control of what stays there. It is always yours to decide which thoughts reside in your consciousness. This idea of conscious thought selection is the basis of reclaiming your true power of creation. As these thoughts enter your head, simply acknowledge the thought and make a conscious choice to let it flow out the other side without attachments. Do this for a time to become accustomed to the feeling of unattached flow.

Now we will ask you to imagine a color for each thought as it enters your head. This is not a judgment, but simply an impression. As each new thought enters your head, notice its “color” as it moves through. Release the need to judge the colors for there are no good or bad colors. Now take a moment to choose only the bright colors. As these flow though your consciousness, allow the bright colors to stay for a time and visit with you as you move the subtle colors through. Now choose to release all colors and as the flow continues choose to allow only the subtle colors to reside with you. See each thought of subtle color as it passes through.

Now direct your thoughts to the use of time. As this enters your head become aware of its color. Now take this thought about time and intentionally change its color and shift the hues that you see before you. Now you are seeing your perception of time change. Take this thought and move the color to one that suits you. Make it your special color. Notice now the sounds or smells that may accompany this thought about time. If they are not of your liking, alter them in a way that makes them pleasant to you. Take a mental picture of this thought and remember the color, the smell and sensations surrounding this thing called time. Make a mental note to pull up this image at any point in the future when you wish to alter time. When you are finished, come back and breathe in the experience. As you release the breath, know that you have just discovered a tool for your higher good. Use it often and you will become well practiced and able to alter time more efficiently. Note the time as you return and see how long you were gone.

This is but one way to begin taking charge of time as you have known it. There will be many more techniques surfacing as you begin to play with this. We ask you to openly share what you learn and help each other to understand the possibilities. Each one of you carries a special piece of the puzzle. The whole picture can only be seen by openly sharing those pieces.

You are at a stage of your development when it will be helpful to re-member that the spirit within is with you in everything you do. Connecting spirit and biology through the use of ritual will help you live consciously every moment of every day walking in unison with your higher spirit. This is the re-membering of your power and the beginning of the marriage to your own higher self. This re-union is what you have been calling the ascension. This process has begun.

The masters on the gameboard are awakening in force. This is exciting for us to stand on the sidelines and offer assistance. The name of this grand game was to see if one could re-member their powers and use those powers to create Home on your side of the veil. You can not imagine the excitement and honor we feel that this game is now being won. The love we have for you is not explainable in words but can be described only as a spiritual family connection. We are integral parts of one another. The feelings that we so often send you in these writings are the only way we can communicate this love. Please accept these feelings and know that as they resonate deeply within your own heart, they are in fact crystals that you have placed on your own path to re-mind you of the way home. Please know that we are always here for you with love and information as you request it. Know that even though you often feel alone in your path, please know that we are at your side every moment of every day. Ask, and we will come to you. We will come to you in any form that you will accept. All it takes is your intent and your willingness. You will know us by the family connection and this feeling of deep love within as it resonates within your own heart. We proudly stand at your side as you create Heaven on Earth.

It is with great honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, empower one another and play well together – – – – – – – – – – – – – The Group

I know several people that carry the energy of the Group and some even use the label of the Group. A couple of months ago we did a seminar where there were three others that channeled the Group. On the second day I did a live channel and there was this strange sensation similar to hearing an echo. After the channel I checked the one person who was aware of her channeling. She verified that she was getting the information just prior to it coming out of my mouth. To me that was a big validation but it also illustrates just how available this energy is to anyone who chooses it. It’s a great time for the planet.

I know that personally I experienced a shift after the meditation last month with the Second Wave. Barbara and I both experienced health challenges. Although they were not serious, it was very unusual for us. We all are really looking forward to the easing of tensions that accompany this new wave of energy now on the planet. 1999 will be a very special year for planet Earth.

I am honored to be here and to claim for myself the title of Lightworker.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges



Take this moment to release all your thoughts and cares of the day. Place them carefully over there in the box by the door. They will be waiting for you if you decide to take them when you leave. This experience is for you, here and now.


~The Beacons of Light Meditation~

~Time- – – from linear to circular~

Feel the life force as it enters your being with each breath you take. Become aware of the energy in the place where you are at this moment. Your senses have become very acute when it comes to this energy. Now connect to all of those doing this meditation. Let this be part of your experience during our journey together. Center your energy in this moment and feel the intensity build. Now take the energy and smooth it out to a comfortable level.

Ask your guides or guardian angels to join you and sit beside you during this exercise of empowerment. Reach out your hand to the ones on either side and feel the comfortable energy as it runs through all of them. As it filters back to you, feel how powerful yet subtle this energy has become. This is truly a balance of spirit and biology. In this moment, take the opportunity to center on healing. See everyone sitting in a very large circle all holding hands. In the center of this circle see a large ball. This ball has the appearance of metal but reflects all the colors of the rainbow as you view it. You are aware that it is a collector and storage device for pranic energy. Everyone now in the circle begins to send healing energy to this large collector. It begins to light up with many colors as the energy collects. If you choose to ask for healing, do so now with the aid of your guides. You will receive energy from this ball as the others in the circle continue to send energy to this collective. Now settle back to a comfortable level and take your seat once again in the circle.

Travel with us now as we take you on a journey through time as you have known it. Take a moment and become aware of your peripheral vision. See the movement out of the corners of your eyes and simply observe it without looking in that direction. Now take a moment and center your thoughts on what we are about to do. Intend to deliberately warp time. Hear yourself speaking those words out loud. Now with your eyes closed, move your eyes to just above the horizon while keeping your head straight. The result of this is to change your energy so that you may take the position of the observer on this journey. Now watch as you see thoughts floating through your mind. Every once in a while one sticks to the side as it passes through. Gently release them, allowing the thoughts to flow easily through your field. Get comfortable with the flow and with this process. Now as each one of these enters your head, become aware of the colors or flavors they each have. Watch as this parade of colors passes before you in an effortless stream. Release the need to judge the colors for there are no good or bad colors. Now take a moment to choose only the most vibrant colors. As these flow through your consciousness, allow the vibrant colors to stay for a time and visit with you as you move the others through. Now choose to release all and as the flow continues, choose to allow only the shades of green to reside momentarily with you.

Call into your field your perception of time. As this thought enters your head, notice the flavor or color surrounding the thought. Now take this thought and watch as you purposely begin shifting this color to a different flavor more to your liking. Shape it in the way you choose and repackage it as it passes through your stream of consciousness. Now slowly return to the circle once again and see everyone sitting, holding hands as your vision returns. The large metallic ball is now gone and there is now a campfire fire in the middle of the circle. Contemplating on the events of only a few minutes ago, you find your thoughts wandering off and you seem to be staring into the fire. Looking deeper into the fire, you see the same color in the fire that you just assigned to your thoughts of time. Your mind is getting confused as you try to understand it all. Instead you simply decide to relax by the fire for a moment before returning home.

Returning home you go directly to bed and sleep very deeply. You awake in the morning well rested but not re-membering any dreams. Getting ready for an appointment across town, you look at the clock and notice that you are running late. You complete your daily tasks and rush out the door and into your car. Starting the engine you glance at your watch and see that you have only 6 minutes to drive across town. This journey usually takes a minimum of 35 minutes at best with no traffic. It is Monday morning and it is rush hour. Taking a deep breath you release the anxiety of the situation and accept to do the best you can. Driving normally, you suddenly re-member the events of last night. The circle, the healing ball, the guides, the color of thoughts and the fire. Just then you look to your right and see a store window displaying a collection of colorful garments. In that moment you see the exact color that you used to shift your thoughts last night. You seem dazed for just a moment but then regain your composure and continue down the road.

Soon you have arrived at your destination. The person you came to meet is greeting you in the driveway as you approach. As you step out of your car you begin to apologize for being late. This person has a puzzled look on their face as they correct you. They state that you are actually early for the appointment. Looking at your watch you see that it is 10 minutes earlier than when you left your driveway. How could this be? As your brain searches desperately for an answer, a flash of familiar color reminds you that you set this into motion with your own intent. Not giving it another thought you move through your day easily.

Consciousness now returning, you become aware that you have been doing this meditation. You find yourself sitting in the same chair that you were sitting in as you began the meditation. “Did this really happen?” you ask yourself, waiting for an answer from somewhere. Just then you look around the room and notice the time on the clock.

And so it is- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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