Beacons of Light, January 2015 | Re-membering Your Magic – Awakening the Inner Wizard

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
January 2015

~ Re-membering Your Magic ~
Awakening the Inner Wizard

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
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Beacons of Light
January 2015
Presented Live 12/20/2014


Greetings from Home, dear ones.

A Planet of Imperfections

Oh, that is not quite right, but close. This day is so full of joy for all of you. We have told you over and again how magical you are on this planet. Although it seems your own evidence of your daily lives does not always support the magic that we speak of, that is about to change. There are some very interesting things that are taking place as you approach this cross in the timeline. When you pass into this energy you will start to see new capabilities within yourselves, and that is the magic part that we have been waiting to see. You understand, dear ones, you live on the planet of imperfection so you to have an experience here as a spirit, because spirits are perfect. Ah, you have nothing to learn or gain as a spirit until you come down here and divide your perfection so that you experience imperfection or some vacancies in your own energies. Well, we know it is difficult to completely understand and we will be telling you more of this as we go forward. You live in multidimensionality every single day, but here is the interesting part. To truly have an experience on planet Earth and pretend to be imperfect and pretend to be human, it was also necessary for you to hide many of your own gifts. By your own design many of your gifts have been shut off completely, in order to play the game of pretending to be a human.

You did not want to spoil the game. What would happen if you came here and you had all of these abilities to create magic? It probably sounds like a wonderful idea to you, but what about your spirit? While your spirit is playing an incarnation and planning the opportunity to raise its vibration, finding the different parts of its perfection and setting up the obstacles can actually help you gain what you need from this experience of planet Earth.

Your Own Set of Gifts

Dear ones, you have changed so much now. You passed the point that planet Earth was soon to be the late, great planet Earth. Earth never was going to die; it was all of humanity and roughly 97% of the life forms on planet Earth that were leaving. Dear ones, you woke from the dream at the 11th hour and started taking your power, you started to awaken to who you truly were and you moved past it. As you moved through the 12-12-12 most of you found yourself in great confusion, because things did not work the same as before. Yet you brought all your tools over to use in the same way and they don’t always seem to work. Now you are passing a new alignment, as all of humanity can now step past this next level and start balancing things. That is the reason there seems to be so much turmoil on your planet right now. There are so many wars, there are so many people speaking their truths—sometimes forcefully,  other times standing in the energy. So many things that have been hidden are now being uncovered. When all of these things come forward at the same time, you feel overwhelmed. Well, here is the good news, dear ones: All of you have a set of gifts. We say that intentionally because it is not a singular gift that you carry. You carry gifts in a certain area, which usually spans a wide range, and some can be perceived to be very magical once you harness them.

Instantaneous Magic

These have been quite easily been unplugged from your experience on Earth, but the beautiful part about it is they are starting to be plugged back in and one by one. You will feel levels of energy starting to come to you, and all of a sudden you will be able to do things that previously you tried very hard to do but were not able to complete. There is a new forum of magic , which takes it out of the timeline because it is instantaneous in any moment you wish and you can literally anchor this new light. Now, it is something very familiar with you. Do not think it is a new gift that you have never seen before because it is not. Even though you have unplugged these parts of yourself and your own capabilities, they still seem to work their way into your lives. Chances are good that you will be familiar with at least the general area that your gifts will start to rise. Over the next four months, we encourage you to try again things you may have struggled with before. Try to find a new way to anchor this magic along with the alignments, timeline cross and everything that is taking place. You will feel a little bit of the wind at your back and that is all that you need—a little bit of encouragement. That is the most important piece that we can all give you at this point in your lives.

It Is Time To Revisit Your Specialness

So, know that this magic is continuing in a whole new way and it will start surfacing into your life starting with very small pieces and re-membrances. You may have an idea that you have to move this large piece from here to there, but are thinking, “How can we move that?” Maybe we will bring in a forklift, a tow truck or whatever we need to move it. Then you may suddenly re-member that once you were able to move large things using only your mind. These are the ways that your gifts will surface as a spark of light or memory at first, then into something that you knew that you could do although you have not done it in a very long time. Now does that mean that you will be able to connect all the dots and move this huge thing over here? Yes, you may and only in recent months is that even possible to consider. With all the things that are taking place on Earth, your magic is awakening and is time to revisit your specialness, your uniqueness, all the parts of light that you have held within your being. Now, the question will be, “What will you do with them?” Will you use them in your work and try to make a living with them? Well, here is the beautiful part, dear ones. We have no judgment about what you use them for. That is truly not our business, is it? The reality is that you are on the planet of free choice. You can use them for anything and by using these for anything in any way, you will get good at the mastery process again. We say that because this is a full circle for humanity.

What Will You Use Your Gifts For?

There were times when you excelled at connecting your mastery, but now the magic and your mastery will start to awaken in new ways. It is a beautiful time to be on planet Earth. Yes, there are still difficulties and challenges ahead for you. The generational hatred on your planet is very difficult to deal with and it does not go away very easily. It is very deeply engrained in some people the same way that love is in others. The lack of love that you call hate can also be deeply rooted. What happens is quite simply that something takes place—a war, an invasion, whatever it is—and people are displaced or have their lives disrupted. Then they teach their children to hate those people that disrupted their lives, and it goes on and on and on. It happens on both sides of an argument, dear ones, so do not think that there is only one right side. This happens all the time on planet Earth and these things bounce back and forth in your fields of duality. Now you are able to ground some of the new magic, the magic is awakening within all of you. What will you use it for? That is the question.

Remembering Your Magic

Well, dear ones, this is your singular ray of light that only you could bring from Home. You brought it here to Earth and you agreed to use it in some way. Up to this point it has not been important, because it has been unplugged. You could not access it even if you tried, although you have memories of it. You have memories of your magic, which you thought they were dreams. You thought they were childhood memories of story books and fairy tales. Why is it, dear ones, that suddenly when someone introduces a book about magic that it takes off? Look at some of the things, such as Harry Potter, that have been brought into your life suddenly to bring new energies. Many of the books, movies, and things that you have brought are here to help you re-member your magic. You now have the capabilities of anchoring and using something very dear to you. Look within your areas of passion and at how you think other people may have a gift of magic in some way. Is it going to be that this manifests and suddenly everybody on planet Earth will have magical powers of manifestation to create everything? Whoa, what a mess that would be! It will surface slowly, but nonetheless it is magic.

Start With Your Dreams

You will not uncover it all in one effort or one memory, for it will take some time. It took you a very long time to bury those memories and now you will start uncovering them. Start first with your dream times. Many of these memories have been hidden just outside of your reach, but this was intentional. It is a vibrational division and here is your consciousness, then just outside of it is the housing of everything that connects you to all of your dimensions of time and space. We know it is difficult for you to fully understand at this point, but just take our word for it that this has been just slightly out of your reach. What is happening is that all of humanity is starting to expand energetically, without even knowing it or studying what it is. By doing so, you have brought yourself closer to Home than you have ever done before. Now is the time for these things that were just out of reach before, to start entering your reality in the slightest ways. These are the things that you can exercise, so practice your magic. You are not used to that, are you? What if you could just simply wave your hand or maybe a magic wand—we do not have a magic wand, but we have a magic pen! What if we were able to wave our magic and have something created for you? That was fun, I think I will do that again. What if we could do that? Well, this is coming, dear ones. In the meantime until you have that capability of fully re-membering, take the dreams because that is how we will help you re-member.
Many of you have challenges with dreams; some of you do not re-member them and  others think you do not dream. Dear ones, when you relax your consciousness and your image of who you think you are, suddenly you become whole again and this is happening during the dreamtime. This is your rejuvenation period, so before you go to bed give yourself permission to re-member your magic. That is all you need. Simply give yourself permission to receive what is being given to you to help you stir memories of your magic. From that point, it makes no difference what the actual dream was because you have opened the door to receive the magic and it begins at that point. Some of you will have incredibly wild dreams of mastery of all kinds of forms of magic. These are wonderful but you already had them, dear ones, for many of you had these as children. You thought it was a natural part growing and it is, but only because it is real. It was not imagined; it was not a story told to you by your parents to entertain you or to keep you distracted for a while. This was real and it is the part that is starting to return to all of you. The year 2015 is a time to re-member your magic, to awaken from the dream and start using some of this consciously in your life in different ways. This will give you the opportunity to exercise the muscles necessary to fully integrate it into your life.

The White Noise Will Start To Clear

These are beautiful times on Earth. You will start to see something very interesting, for you have suddenly opened the door to all of this input and everyone with a cell phone can take videos. You are in the time of no more secrets and you are also in the time of almost information overload, which will actually help you to clarify your purpose on Earth. As you start integrating some of your magic into your life and begin using some of these things in practical ways, all the white noise will start to clear.

Now does that mean that you will not have the problems that you are having in the world? Yes, you will. You will still continue but they will not enter your field unless you have a part to play. You will start to be able to get more focused on all of life and be able to see more of what your part in everything is. These are the times that you came to Earth for, to be here at these magical times when we would start working with your own physical bodies. Your physical bodies need adjustments as well, dear ones, for they were only designed to carry a certain percentage of your light. Here you are flooding yourself with so much more light—the bodies will adapt and they will change. The energetics of Earth had to shift first and that is still in motion, but your physical bodies will start to increase their capability of holding more light. We are not talking about the visible light in the spectrum. We are talking about beyond the cosmic rays, the highest forms of light that humanity has yet to discover. Your sciences will eventually take you there, but until you have this evidence right in front of you re-member your magic. Re-member who you are. Take the quantum leap past all of that and just jump into it. It is that simple. Not always easy, but simple.

We Are Watching Over Your Shoulder

It is time for each of you to re-member your truth, your magic, the things you can do and the capabilities that you have. Dear ones, there are times on Earth where we look right over your shoulder. We are watching you as you are frustrated with something trying to figure out, some conglomeration of energy that you are trying to solve. We are laughing hysterically because you have the magic to do so very quickly inside the whole time, and you are looking for all the answers outside of yourselves because that has been the human way. Now that is changing and this next year will start introducing a new form of your inner magic. Greet it with open arms and promise yourself to anchor it by using it in some way. Do not feel that there is lack in your world, dear ones, because that is only the illusion. Many of you do not do something because you feel it may take away from someone else. You are so incredibly sensitive to that, that you do not want to make waves on your planet. Please start making waves, for it is time to re-member who you are and use the magic within to start creating your world. You will find that planet Earth is changing and making more of a possibility than you ever thought possible.

Dear ones, it is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways and walk you through these steps to see the evolution of humanity, as we have predicted unfolding right before you every day. The magic is here, you hold the magic. If nothing more, we hope to help you re-member that. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Re-member it is a brand new game you are playing. Play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”



~ Gaining Time Back ~

 By Barbara Rother


Last November I received in the mail an official looking envelope from the Las Vegas government.  I slowly opened it up not knowing what it contained.  I knew whatever the letters message I had to have an open, positive attitude.  I think spirit was helping me prepare for the news.  Inside was a Jury Summons from the Judicial District Court of Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was to appear for court duty on November 13th.  My immediate reaction was to yell out to Steve “I can’t go.  The baby is due that day!”  Our son, Austin and our daughter-in-law, Frauke, were expecting their first child on that day and I wasn’t going to miss such a miraculous event.  Then I remembered to adjust my initial response to one of calm and resolution.  I called the jury office and talked to the nicest man.  I explained my situation and he helpfully postponed my court appearance to January, 2015.  I thanked him as I was full of appreciation of regaining my time that was almost taken from me.

January, 2015, back in November that date seemed so far away.  I thought I had lots of time before then.  I put it all in the back of my thoughts.  Then it happened.  I received the 2nd official looking envelope earlier this month.   I was to report for jury duty January 12th.  Again I tried to retrieve my optimistic viewpoint but was struggling with what was ahead of me.  I thought to myself, “I have plans.  I can’t give up so much of my time to serve on a jury.  Between our Lightworker events and a planned family re-union in San Diego, I couldn’t possibly see putting my life on hold- unless there is no choice.

So this past Monday I set off on a new adventure.  My optimism was still trying to win over my reluctance of having to appear for court.  I thought this would be an interesting learning experience how our court system works.  I started to feel patriotic as if this were my duty to be on jury duty.  Still that underlining sense of time loss kept entering my thoughts.  Once settled in the waiting room to be given more details of the day, I began talking with some delightful people who were all in the same situations as I was.  We shared the same feelings with the position we were in.

Most of the people I had been sitting near were called.  A young girl, probably barely twenty- one years old, started bubbling all over with smiles and saying how she was so excited to be called for jury duty.  She made me stop for a minute and see life as she saw it.  She was refreshing with her enthusiasm.  I use to be that girl.  Somehow I lost seeing the fun in any given situation.  I thanked her for reminding me how to enjoy the now moment.

My group was finally called into court.  It was fascinating to see a court system in person and not just on television.  The case was divulged to us and the lawyers and judge spoke for a while.  Each potential juror was asked questions.  The two rows where I was sitting were then excused.  We were told they had all the people they needed for that case and that we could go home.  We all happily returned to the original gathering room where I again encountered the bubbling young girl who was still waiting with anticipation for her name to be called.  I hope she did get to serve.  She would be a welcomed addition to any court case, at least make it more enjoyable.

As I hung up the phone from telling Steve I was heading home, I sat in my car awhile and thought about the time I had just gained back.  A court case can take anywhere from two days to two weeks or longer.  My future was with the court system’s hands.  I had to let go of any control of my time.  When I was dismissed from jury duty I had gained time back. It felt good to have this new experience. It made me appreciate time with whatever comes my way.

With love and light,



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