Beacons of Light, June 2015 | The Time of Love – Energy Exchange

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
June 2015

~ The Time of Love ~
Energy Exchange

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
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Beacons of Light
June 2015
Presented Live 05/30/2015

Greetings from Home, Dear Ones.

This moment, right now, is unique in many aspects but so was the moment just before. You have stepped into something new and we will explain some of the process. During the next month or so, you have a unique opportunity. This has to do with the energy coming into the planet in new forms. We have told you for some time that you were developing new bodies. Literally you have been learning how to carry more of your own intrinsic light. Now more of who you truly are on a deeper level as a spirit, and not just that of the human. You are starting to carry more of that, which has been rather confusing for most of you. Why? For the simple reason that you do not always understand how this energy anchors. You do not know if you are doing it right or wrong, but we have also stepped out of the need for right and wrong in the new energy. Take a breath, dear ones, and settle for just a moment. What do you feel when you do that?

Transforming and Enhancing Energy

Well, you have been living your lives in your head for a very long time. We have told you the heart is starting to soar to new heights and importance in your life. It has always been a balance. You cannot live without one or the other, although some of you try hard to do just exactly that. The reality is that you are grounded of light; you are bringing light into this planet. You understand that the way we see all of it is an energy exchange and that is what we will call this today: energy exchange—how do you exchange energy? It’s simple if you look at the larger picture of life on planet Earth. Whether you have an understanding of physics or not it does not matter. What really makes a difference is that you see energy in motion. You understand how energy itself moves, for it only transforms from one form to another. Although there are times when you think you have created energy that has not actually been true. You have actually transformed energy out of one form into another, for every part of energetics on planet Earth involves carrying and transmuting. Now, find that energy and enhance it and you are really onto something. That is what is possible during this next month, which is a unique opportunity.

Transmuting the Incoming Energy into Love

There is a wave of energy all about the heart, which has come into your planet. It is meant to reset humanity so you can achieve a new balance between the heart and the head. There is also a focus of transmuting the love energy, and that is one of the greatest possibilities especially during the next several months. You have unique opportunities during this time period to ground love in a new way. If you are in a relationship, it allows you to take that to a new level and create some new forms of magic and transformations of the same love. If you are not in a relationship, the first connection is with you. You learn how to let the heart teach the head how to love, and then you will draw people to you to be able to transmute that form of energy.

Now, you have many forms of energy that you use on planet Earth and you use them all the time. You work with them in different ways, for you are a vessel of light. Although this is outside of your range of visible light, you will come to discover what is taking place–there is more light coming into the Earth. Now does that mean that the Earth anchors and receives the energy and as such the planet gets brighter? Only if the light from home is anchored in the hearts of humanity and transferred into love, can it be experienced on Earth. This is the greatest energy transformation and it can only be done from your side of the veil.

Now you can transform this energy in many different ways. Falling in love is one of the greatest, obviously.  You can also transmute this energy into different forms of love for all the beings around you, not just those in a close relationship. This is a perfect time over the next several months for each of you to re-establish your own grounding in this energy, and to re-establish where you will play in the new game of the new planet Earth. All energy is going somewhere, This is a form of love, dear ones. You have the capabilities now of stepping into something very magical. Do it fearlessly. Step forward into your experiment and dare to transmute all forms of energy and bring them forth from your heart  Your heart is capable of so much love.  We invite you during this time to re-ground your experience on Earth by falling in love or finding new ways to express that love.

The Voice of Your Heart

As we have mentioned for a very long time, as humanity changes there is one key element that you can especially work with and that is to have your voice heard. Many of you have come in pretending to be quiet. You pretend not to have a voice, not to bring in the energy, and not be able to translate. We know better, dear ones, for we see you and understand who you are. However, you are working with this rather well. Speaking from the throat chakra is very difficult sometimes when humans do not trust themselves, but now that is all changing and here is the interesting part. With this new wave of energy coming to planet Earth over the next several months, the voice of your heart can finally be heard. That is the most important piece—the voice of your heart.

Communication between the Head and the Heart

What is it that your heart desires? You can create and draw that into your life over the next several months, more than ever before on planet Earth. It is now possible for you to hold more of your light from Home in everyday work, while transmuting and changing all the energy on planet Earth. That is the beauty of it and it is what you do—you are energy transmuters and we see you working in the most beautiful ways. Take that energy from Home, consciously bring it in, When you are able to let your heart and head communicate so that you can put words to what this is, do so. Follow closely by taking action, because the energetics on planet Earth will support these moves more than you have ever known.

The Time of Love

It has been difficult, dear ones, because each of you came in with a critical role, a very important piece of the new energy that you are building. However, getting you to trust and share it with other people is often the most difficult part. Of course, you have been living in a field of duality where you think one person is right and another person is wrong. You are finding out that there is much more of a bandwidth of possibilities within that, and during these times you have a great opportunity to express love in new ways. Now what can that be focused on? It can be focused on anything, such as a one-to-one relationship, the love you have for your dog, or your pet goldfish. It can be focused on the love you have for your hobbies, sports and the things you like to do. Now you have the ability to bring your love to entirely new levels in all of these areas, not just one. If you wish to work on a relationship, change end, or start a new relationship, the next several months is a perfect time to do so. You will find it much easier as things line up for you to do it, even though you may not have decided which steps to take.

These are wonderful opportunities, dear ones. You become filled with light during these times as this energy comes in. Depending on where the collective vibration of humanity is in the evolutionary stage, it will affect you slightly differently because it works as a whole. You can actually say over the next several months that you are in the time of love. These will help you to re-member much of who you really are and your connections at Home. You understand what it is like at Home. When you think of someone or something, you are transported there instantly. The same is true with Earth, but you do not actually move; the energy is there. Call it in. Ask for help and bring your own guides to a closer connection with you during this time of the wave of love coming into planet Earth. In this time of love, you can even fall in love with spirit more than you have before. Can you feel this energy moving through you? It is beautiful for us to watch. This is a way that we can touch your hearts and have you still be on Earth, communicating with each other. Now when you with such clarity and when you get that feeling, figure out how to pass it on. Very simply, you are transmuting energy. When we can touch you with the highest of love from Home, you can transmute that and bring it into the Earth into another form of love. You will find more of this as you continue to step forward. You will also see a deeper understanding of how it works, which is very much like your own physics on planet Earth. You are in a wonderful time of evolution, dear ones. We could not be prouder of the work you are doing. We still understand that many of you feel very lost and unsure at times, because things are different than they were before. But we tell you now that the opportunities of this are greater than you ever imagined. Right now is the time to start lining up some of the possibilities of your heart.

These times ahead, dear ones, we have the opportunity to witness. We watch not only as you evolve planet Earth but as you evolve yourselves. There are many things we will help you work with, such as the connection to the Earth herself and many of the changes that she is going through. Your own new structures that you will build on planet Earth to support empowered humans as you awaken from the dream en masse. The time is now. Enjoy the next several months, dear ones, as you feel this wave of energy entering onto your planet.  Let it infuse your heart in the time of love.

It is with the greatest of honor that we get to address you in these ways. We ask you to treat each other with respect every moment. Nurture one another at every possibility. Re-member it is a game and play well together.


The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


~ Extended Family ~

 By Barbara Rother


I find it amazing to see how families grow and intertwine with one another’s life in some way. I am fascinated with genealogy. How have our ancestors from the past affected us today? We have parents who bring in their relatives who connect to us. We have brothers and sisters who marry and have their own children. Now there are in-laws and cousins on both sides of the family. The cycle continues in the most beautiful way. Extended family can bring on many gifts for our growing experiences. They also can give us unconditional love. This can be a reflection for us to see ourselves as we want to be seen by others and most important how we see and honor ourselves.

Steve and I recently returned from a spiritual extended family reunion. We were speakers at the Kryon event held in Sedona, Arizona. Lee Carroll, with the help of all his support team created magic. The first two days were a Kryon event that set the tone for the days to follow. The following three days twelve channels from all walks of life joined together as one. Each person brought in their own family that intermingled with others. Many times a person will identify with one teacher more than another. There are also times people feel the connection to many. This opened the space for all to appreciate each other and blend family. 

Each presenter was given an hour for their presentation including a channel. The channels presented together sometimes during the event ending with all twelve on stage. It truly showed that there are many teachers presenting the truth in their own special way with all acknowledging each other with great respect.

Our time that Steve and I presented on stage was such a delightful experience for both of us. We felt so welcome to be there by an audience of over five hundred. I sensed the electrifying energy of so many Lightworkers gathered in one space. I truly felt a connection to each person. I got a chance to thank everyone for their positive, warm, healing thoughts that were sent my way when I was so ill where Steve and I could not attend the Kryon event in 2012. I am so proud of Steve for bringing in such profound, yet kindhearted information thru the group and through his own knowledge. At the end of the channel when I gave him a kiss on top of the head I said “The group calls Steve the keeper and I am the keeper’s keeper.” To do this Lightwork together is a fascinating, loving journey.

Steve and I had been looking forward to this gathering for some time. We were so happy Meg Adamson- Gour and Greg Gour joined us to help spread the information about Lightworker and Paths2empowerment. We knew we would be reconnecting with many people who are dear to our hearts, which we admire, love as family and are dear friends as well. We all get so busy with our own worlds that too much time passes without seeing each other. 

One of these special souls is Ronna Herman. She is an ageless Goddess who channels Archangel Michael. I can honestly say she has always been my inspiration and dear sister. We go back to the beginning of our work, almost twenty years ago. Ronna has always believed in us and supported our work. Some of my fondest memories were created when we had the opportunity to present together. When we first met her she told us that she was going to slow down and that “you kids can take over.” She lovingly, like a mother, urged me to step into my power and add more of my flavor to Lightworker. She continues to be a person who Steve and I highly regard.

Of course it was great to reconnect with Lee Carroll and all the other Lightworkers who brought this memorable event together. My heart has grown with love for the extended family that I experienced. It truly was a time of connecting the heart and appreciating how the family keeps getting bigger.

With Love and Light,



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