Beacons of Light, May 2012 | Learning to Look Up! ~ Making Good Mistakes

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
May 2012

~ Learning to Look Up! ~
Making Good Mistakes

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
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Beacons of Light
May 2012
Presented Live 04/28/2012



Greetings from Home.

The vibration that is in this room as we say those words is the vibration of Home, dear ones. When you hear those words, you anticipate what is coming next and you expect a miracle. The moment creators expect a miracle, they create a miracle. You have only to walk into it from this point forward. We find it very interesting that we begin this discussion about a birth, because both sides of the veil and both transitions – birth and death — are incredibly important. On planet Earth, you fear the transition of death and yet you celebrate the transition of birth. There is nothing wrong with that, dear ones, just understand that we are on the other side of the veil doing exactly the opposite. For us the most difficult transition is that of birth, for it means a soul is pretending to be separate. But re-member the joy you have of celebrating a new birth, for that is exactly the joy that we are going through as we receive a new soul Home in the process you call death. As they return to us and we celebrate them Home, charge them and send them off on a new journey to collect more information.

Particle Stream Theory

Dear ones, this day we wish to talk about something that is very important for us for it is an actual change in your own perception.  It is happening very slowly and we hope to give it a little push today by bringing it to your attention.  We will show you how it fits into your world and how you have used it in the past. All of humanity is changing as you step into this next energy. The new world that you are currently building is a world of empowerment; it is the age of empowerment. That means a new level of responsibility to yourself, to your energies and to your gifts to bring them forward to planet Earth. Let us give you an illustration of what we are talking about this day, for it might help you to understand a simple particle stream. Consider the wonderful analogy of snowflakes. We will use that illustration, for it was only a short time ago that the Keeper and the Keeper’s Keeper were driving in Amsterdam in one of the largest snowstorms they had ever experienced. If you will put yourself in that car for a moment as you are driving through a snowstorm you will see an anomaly, which we wish to bring to your attention. The snow is falling from above, but as you are moving forward in a car it appears to come right at you. In fact, you can imagine that you are driving through a particle stream of snow that is constantly coming at you. We would like to take this analogy and use it toward your life, so we can show you different parts of this analogy as this particle stream comes in.

When you are very, very small, there are few particles in the particle stream. You only catch one in a great while. As you age, your conscious vibration raises which has the effect of making your particle stream larger in diameter and letting more particles in. Humans naturally relate this to time; this often gives humans the sense that time gets shorter as one ages.

There came a time not too long ago where you started expressing your creations. You started awakening from the dream and you were able to take one of these tubes of particles and re-direct it. You called that co-creation because the energy was coming in and you were simply directing it. You did not have to create the energy, but as creators, you directed the energy. You have learned to do this in different areas of your life, sometimes consciously and  other times not.

There is a difference in the way you perceive things today. Go back to the particle stream idea for a moment. First, let us say that you have become very good at co-creation, or, directing the stream.  Now your world changes as the car stops its forward motion. Previously the illusion has been that the particles have appeared to have been coming directly toward you as you drive, when actually they have been dropping straight down the entire time.  It was the illusion of the forward motion of the car that made the particle stream appear as if it were coming at you.  .

So, what happens? Let us consider one snowflake as an experience of some sort. Is that not what you came to Earth to do? Was that not why you are here? Are you not here to collect experiences and to bring Home your collection of your most meaningful, heartfelt experiences from Earth? Yes.


So you are having these experiences and each experience we can think of as a snowflake. Sometimes there are big snowflakes and sometimes there are little ones. The little ones you integrate very easily.  Now assume there is 10-foot energy bubble around your body and we will simply call this your world. What happens when a particle enters your energy field and enters your world? Even the smallest particle alters your world. Once it gets into your field, you must change your field. It is very simple. You are now incorporating something that was not there before so you must naturally harmonize with this event in order to integrate it. What happens when something comes in? A big snowflake comes in and changes your world, and the first thing you do is you re-write your story to match your current circumstances. We never thought of that one, but you did. We think you are so interesting and fascinating. You basically change your story to include the new particles.

Every day as you age, you start receiving more and more particles and finding uses for each one of these pieces to anchor them in your world in some way. The challenge comes because all of humanity is moving very rapidly now. You are no longer taking baby steps. All of humanity is at a very brisk running pace now, moving toward these wonderful dates that used to be the end of the world. You are changing things with your own thoughts before you arrive there now and it is magical.

Overview Thinking

So, what happens with this particle stream and how can you use it? Here is what we tell you. You currently deal with every particle that enters your field. However, you have never thought about looking at it from a different perspective to determine where they are coming from and to anticipate what is ahead of you. Let us explain this a little bit differently. Now, the car is stopped and you have all these snowflakes coming down.  What do you do when you have all these things come into your field? The first thing you try to do is to step back to see the big picture. What you are really doing is stepping up and looking down at the overview of everything. This has been the typical way that humans have evolved. Every time you see the big picture and something does not fit, you create a bigger picture and evolve your reality to match your circumstances. Now we are going to ask you to switch that around at least to some degree, for changing it completely will absolutely turn your lives upside down. But starting to play with planting these seeds ahead of time can be huge. How can you do it? It is actually a big shift, because it means re-thinking a lot of what you have thought before. If you are in the age of empowered humans, you cannot teach your children in school that this is right or this is wrong. You need to begin teaching children how to discover their own answers rather than telling them to collect data out of memory. To do that, many of your systems are going to have to change.

Many of you have walls that you have placed in front of you in order to protect you. These walls are not wrong or bad, but simply  a normal human reaction. Now you will have to release the walls and  take that step into authenticity, where you are who you are no matter what others think. Now, you are real and can make connections to these particles without worrying about it. Instead of reaching up to see the new view, you allow yourself to make good mistakes and to learn along the path. Each and every one of you drives cars. Do you think that the automobile worked the first time it was made? It had all kinds of problems, but humans love the automobile so much. It evolved, one thing led to the next and today you have very reliable automobiles. You do not even have to think about it or worry about all the details when you start up the car to go somewhere, because you have perfected automobiles over the years. That is what we are asking you to do now. Do not try to figure everything out, just watch the energies as they come toward you – each and every particle – and integrate each one by allowing yourself to be vulnerable…by dropping the protection and allowing yourself to just be you. Yes, it is easy for us to say because we have never had human bodies. We understand the difficulties you go through with this and we know this is not an easy piece that we suggest. However, every time that you can allow yourself to make a mistake and learn from it, you more forward. Even as we say the word ‘mistake’ there are many of you who have a hard time hearing that. You are not expected to be perfect, you are simply expected to strive toward perfection. The problem with having the perfect overview is you become attached to your overview. Instead, if you welcome every particle coming in and finding the highest spot for it, then you are allowing yourself to dance in the light even before it is here.

Changing the Story — Learning to Look Up!

We ask you, dear ones, to look up instead of looking down. Learn to see that you are evolving creatures in an incredible place. Recognize that you do not have to be perfect and you do not have to be attached to your story, for that story is your identity. That story has been very important to each and every one of you; you have placed labels on it, put names on it, and you project that story. But that creates a gap between reality and what you believe your story to be. That gap is what blocks many creations and prevents people from moving forward. So, how do you do that? You dance in the light. You allow yourself to be a human and when you make mistakes, laugh at them. Have a good time with those mistakes, and teach your children to go out and make lots of good mistakes. When they come back with a big boo boo, you say, “That was a great mistake, honey. Go out and make some more. Try not to make the same one, but go out and collect more mistakes. Tell me how many mistakes you can make on planet Earth.” Now we have shifted the view from the top down to where we are now looking up. Now we are allowing ourselves to grow into our empowerment. That is where you are in your evolution right in this moment.

These times are incredible on planet Earth. Dear ones, you will be awakening many from the dream. It is why you are here at this moment. You have a piece for all of us. If we can put you in a situation in which you feel comfortable and confident, and where you are not scared, that information will come out and you will begin building heaven right here on Earth. It starts with just one particle.

Enjoy the snowflakes. Dance in the light. Next time a snowflake hits your face and melts right there, re-member this story and re-member to look up, because that is where all of you are heading. The change in your perception will instantly change your reality.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another each and every chance you get, and hold the door open for one another. Know it is a new game that you are playing and play well together.



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