Beacons of Light, November 2016 | The Right Turn

The Beacons of Light
November 2016

~ The Right Turn ~

Beacons of Light
November 2016
Presented Live 10/29/2016


Greetings, Dear Ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

Are You Ready For the Right Turn?

We join you this day with your game well in progress, but we look at your energy on planet Earth and we are amazed. Amazed that all of you have this opportunity to project yourself onto a timeline and to play the game of pretending to be a human. I am the Keeper of Time and I have come in this day to share with you a little of what is ahead. Now, think of a time when you have been in a car as a passenger, perhaps even when you were younger. So, you are in this car having a conversation when suddenly it makes a drastic turn and you are bracing yourself. You are thrown up against the side of the car as it goes through the turn, then you are upright once again and you resume your conversation. You are about to take a turn; it is a big one. Are you ready? We will share a little bit of this. A wave of energy which landed on Earth on September 27th, not that long ago, is basically still coming in. This wave is raising everything to new levels including the vibrations of all humans everywhere. It is not only humanity, but every plant, animal, rock, and leaf. It is very beautiful to see how it has worked, and how you have managed to move that energy in so many different ways. We will tell you that here you are about to take another turn.

Now, if you can imagine that I might be driving the car. When I drive the car I keep things rather steady, easy, and simple for pretty much everyone, because of the concern of my passengers. But there are times, dear ones, where some drivers do not think that way. For instance, if Elrah were driving the car you can just imagine that you would be thrown all over the place at different times. Now, what you are experiencing is the opportunity to see that curve coming. If you position yourself at the perfect junction, you can make it through the curve with very little effort. You will ride the high essence, cut it down to the closeness, and in effect make the curve without being thrown against the wall.. That is what is taking place. When exactly is the curve coming in? It will be experienced by different people at different times, but the majority of it will come in during the first four months of the next year—all the way through April. You have already been in preparation for these turns, and you will see many things start to change. Why? Quite simply, humanity is still rising. Because of that the higher vibration you can now see things that were blocked from your view before. Now you have that opportunity to see fully through it. You have the ability to place yourself in the position of least resistance, or even to gain something by going through the turn. The turn is all of humanity, which is a redirection. Very beautiful. The Family of E in more mass this moment on Earth than ever before in your planet’s history.

The Path of Least Resistance

Yes, there are more people on your planet now than ever before even including during the previous times of Lemuria and Atlantis. However, you see that much of that is shifting because you are about to hit a critical mass number of 8 billion that shift everything. Does that mean you are going to be hitting that number in the first part of 2017? No, but that will be the other part of the turn or the landing. The turn is in preparation to put into motion something new and to create opportunities. How is that possible? You are examining these things every day, are you not? You are looking at all the rules you have set out for yourselves and others, and reexamining many of them. That is beautiful — well done. It means you are allowing your own belief systems to evolve to the level from which you can now see. You will be able to justify things between your head and your heart more than ever before. You will have the return of Lemuria, when two lines of time cross each other at just the right moment. You experienced one about a year or so ago and another one is coming after the turn, when the new direction is determined for all of humanity. That is what is right in front of you, dear ones. As that begins to evolve, you have new capabilities of finding and grounding passion in your life in all new ways. In truth, you will be simplifying your lives. All of these arguments, discussions, elections and all the things that have led up to this have brought up all these rather interesting points that you will want to rectify once you go through the curve, the great turn of humanity. Does it mean that you will see it? No, turns are not generally seen until they are pretty far down the road and you look backwards. Do not expect too much of it, but you can prepare yourself by projecting into the future the energy which you wish to use. It will draw you through that curve at the path of least resistance.

Technological Advancement

So many things are taking place, dear ones. Yes, this can obviously be a potential for collapse of some of your systems because a turn of that magnitude can cause things that are out of integrity to feed upon themselves. That is what happens when you have two vibrations which are opposite to each other, because in effect they neutralize each other. Quite simply, it is spiritual physics, as well as your modern-day Newtonian physics. We will be speaking of this in greater detail in the very near future, because so much new information is here. You are at this critical junction that is absolutely amazing. You work so much in the times of Atlantis for your evolution and the advancement of your technologies, spirituality, and every part of it. Yet it was cut short before and you were not able to complete the process. Now you can, dear ones, for that is what is happening. You are picking up where you left off in Atlantis. However, instead of going through the biological side of advancement, this time you went through more of a technological side of one. You are creating cognitive computers—computers that can think. Of course, your greatest fear is what happens when computers outthink the humans. Do they simply shut us off, lock us in a room somewhere and take over our world? Well, that remains to be seen but it is not one of the potentials that lies ahead. Instead, what lies before us a rather interesting question for humanity. When you create something and it holds true consciousness, how will that work? What will you call it and what rights will you give it? The truth of the matter is that none of you are accustomed to being creators, so you are accustomed to denying your own creation abilities. It is time to start looking at these and asking these questions ahead of time. You have no problem giving your energy to a plant or a pet, and yet it is very difficult for you to receive in that fashion. Take a step, dear ones, all of you are there.

Safety Net

During this turn up ahead, especially if you are striving to be thrown up against the side of the car at that point. We also share with you something that you all need to know: we have you. We are doing our best to protect each and every one of you, because your individual essence of the light is very important to your own evolution as well as ours. Dear ones, we are not separate from you. We are a part of you the same way that you are a part of each other. You are now moving in that direction, opening those new capabilities and starting to reveal worlds which you have not seen since the times of Lemuria. It was in Lemuria that you had deep connections with each other. It was no problem at all to connect in a different way and simply say, “Oh, you are a part of me. I feel you, I feel your needs; I will move aside and make this space for you.” Yet, there are so many levels that you can be working on with this. All of you are starting to ground exactly where you are. In Lemuria, you were connected; you worked in a similar fashion that the bees work when they are in their hives. They all communicate, yet have their own jobs and know exactly what they are supposed to do. And they are all about doing that job, which is also the new way after the turn. It is possible that many of you will be meeting your Lemurian selves. an Energy may come over you in such a way that it takes you out of your own circumstance. All of you can be doing this in different ways, if you simply pick it up and try. Work a little bit more with it every time you get a chance. Push a little bit further, with the confidence of knowing that we have you. Is it possible to fly off the road during this turn? Of course, and you will see many people doing, but not for you. We are providing a safety net especially for those who carry critical pieces for planet Earth, which all of you do. We honor you in ways that you cannot understand; we love you, dear ones, and that you can understand.

The Family of E

Take these next steps with joy, as you prepare to meet another part of yourself which was here during these beautiful days of Lemuria. You will not be learning as much as you will be re-membering. We hope you re-member well, because you had a society which empowered one other and that is why you have called it the “Family of E.” The Family of E has incarnated over and over and over again since the days of Lemuria. Your mission has been to be here at specific times when evolution was critical in your honoring of human rights. One of the larger pieces of the Family of E is human rights. The Family of E is basically causing this turn, which is a re-direction, a new commitment. It is a new way to activate light in entirely new directions.

We also tell you there will be some preparation for this in different ways, though we are not trying to prepare you for the curve—you can do that yourself. We are trying to prepare you for what lies afterward. Society has the capability of creating an environment which all of you can grow and evolve into in the most incredibly beautiful ways. These are the new times on your planet. As creators, you have created them. The Family of E is back together and you are doing some absolutely incredible work. Know that your path is being watched from here at Home. We honor every part of what you are trying to do and we clear the path for you whenever possible. We ask you to do the same for each other, because that is the beginning of the empowered society that you are building today. Know that sometimes you have to go through the dips before you can reach the heights, but even the turn will not be that bad. Are you ready? We are.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways. We ask you to treat each other with respect at every moment that you can. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together on this new Earth. I am the Keeper of Time.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


Connecting the Heart

– Focus on the Good in Life –

by Barbara Rother

Most of you know our story about when we lost our sweet cat that we had for almost 21 years. Anyone who has lost a pet knows you have to go through a grieving period. We followed that process and knew it was time after three weeks to get a rescue dog. I know I heard Merlin, our black magical cat, whisper to me it was time. For the last three months Sadie, our dog, has been the joy of our lives. But with any family member you experience the ups and downs in your relationships as you discover the connection you share. Sadie is a complete match for us. She is so mellow and full of unconditional love. She is just what we needed to get us out to exercise with her walks. We are even discovering restaurants where their patio areas cater to dogs allowing them to have their own dogie meal as we enjoy ours.

We were in total bliss about what a perfect dog we had adopted. A week later after we brought her home, we were outside the front of our house saying goodbye to Austin and our grandson. My brother–in–law was visiting and out front with Austin and the baby. Steve was inside. As Sadie and I were coming out the front door to join them saying goodbye a horrible experience occurred. I was just hooking up the dog leash as Sadie broke away and ran toward a man who was walking his dog in front of our house. He yelled out fearfully “Is your dog friendly? I was honest and said that I thought so but we had just gotten her as I ran to retrieve our dog. Sadie felt the fear and anger of this man. Both dogs reacted aggressively to my surprise. The man started to spray pepper spray toward Sadie and me. Austin instantly handed over our grandson to my brother-in-law so he could help me and get Sadie. The man went crazy and continued to spray Austin in the eyes and body. Austin finally took our dog into the house as this man went on a rage threatening to call animal protection and the police. I told him go ahead as I was going to report this incident to the police for his overreacting. The man finally left cursing as he walked down the street. It was an unbelievable experience.

I had never seen Sadie act in such a way. I feel she was protecting me and picking up on the unpleasant energy of this person. As I went back inside our home the effect of the pepper spray was felt by all of us. Our eyes and skin were burning. Even Steve and my brother-in-law were feeling it because the chemical of this spray rubs off to anyone who has had contact with it. My anger rose when our grandson felt the sting of the spray just by us touching him. We all washed off as much as we could but the effects lingered. The police and animal protection did come to our house and they said the man overreacted and wanted to know if we wanted to press charges. We said no but asked if they could go talk to him. It turns out this man is the son of a sweet lady who is a neighbor of ours. Her dog is too strong for her to walk so her son comes over to take the dog out. She apologized for the actions of her son while reminding us the importance of keeping a dog on a leash. I explained I knew this but Sadie got away from me so quickly. Now I put her on her leash before we go out the door. She continued saying that the night before she had been attacked and bitten on the leg by a neighbor’s dog that happen to get out of its owners gate. She and her son were understandably leery of any unrestrained dog. We are at peace with the lady who is our neighbor but her son is still full of negativity. I try to rise above his energy whenever I do run across him while walking Sadie. This left me with such sadness and hesitation of taking Sadie out for walks.

That feeling soon disappeared as I began to take Sadie on her daily walks. I started to feel the joy of my neighbors as they would stop me and comment about what a beautiful, well behaved dog Sadie is. We shared stories about rescuing dogs and what a blessing they are in our lives. I have gotten to know my neighbors. The other day I was walking Sadie and a FedEx truck pulled up in front of our house. I was cautious because I did not know how Sadie would react. The driver opened her door and exclaimed “what a beautiful dog!” Sadie instantly wagged her tail and pulled me toward her. She handed Sadie a dog bone and we had a wonderful conversation. I know, like people, dogs react to positive and negative energy. I choose to focus on the positive people instead of the ones who so devastatingly upset my world. I try to send negative people love and know that perhaps their life is not happy and that’s why they behave this way.

We don’t have to get along with everyone but I know when I carry ill feeling toward anyone it only brings my heart down with heaviness. So I choose who I decide to be a part of my life and let the others go with the understanding that we are all trying to live the best life we can. We don’t know what another person is going through so I will practice patience. The vet explained to me that we don’t understand what a rescue dog has gone through in their past. All I know is that Sadie craves love and attention and we are more than willing to give it to her as she in return gives us unconditional love. Meanwhile I have signed up Sadie for obedience classes so she can be the best dog she can be!

I encourage everyone to focus on the good in life. What we focus on becomes our reality.

With love and light,

Barbara Rother


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  1. Thank you Barbara .. your experience left you with the ability to see beyond the appearance, to ” forgive for they know not what they do” to give love to others, is what we are meant to do.. I have learnt to look at error and although it may come thru persons, places, or things.. to see it as. NO Power, an effect and thus nullify it in my experience and also to release the other person etc. from bondage to the error. Your Pet will be your loving companion, an unconditional love. Blessings ☯️❤️

  2. Barbara, It sounds like you, your son, and Sadie all turned sharply in your drive of life. Awesome that you are on the happy rd now.
    I had a similar experience. A SUPER angry rich neighbor is building his house on the property next to mine. I was walking my dog on another near by rd and he tried to hit me with his car. He got out spitting and yelling that he bought another property of 10 acres up there and I was trespassing. I told him sorry and you are my neighbor and the rd you drive up belongs to me. It was just awful I wanted to move. I cried when I got home.
    Then the next day I went outside and the wind comforted me so much. Almost like don’t worry about someone out of alignment- just be love and continue to shine your light. Now I wave at him and smile when I see him drive on my easement rd property. I have a Donald Trump neighbor that helps me understand contrast:) And I am okay and happy with that.

  3. Very inspirational story Barbara! Something similar happened to us with our dog, and it was so stressful. I agree that dogs can sense negativity. Thank you for sharing your experience and letting us know how you have healed from the incident. You and Sadie are lucky that you found each other!

  4. Beautiful story, Barbara. Thank you so much for sharing part of your experience with all of us. I have been reading B of L from the very beginning, when it first appeared on a forum as part of AOL. I have continued to read, listen and watch your monthly broadcasts and I have signed up for several of your classes over the years. The Espavo TV production you put on with Steve and the Group after the Election was so appreciated. I had been meaning to make a donation and after listening to the hope and even the challenges that may be ahead I was relieved to at least get an idea of what just took place and what how I could go about navigating through this normal at the present. I quickly made a donation to say thank you for doing that and all the work you do and have done over the years. I do want to make clear it’s not just Steve and the group I tune in for each month, but you and your thoughtful healing words.
    Thank you and I’m sending much Love and Light your way,
    Big Hugs,