Blended Realities

April 12, 16 & 24
(note date change from 17th to 24th for third class)

Blended Realities

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The group has been speaking for quite some time now about learning how to step out of one reality and into another. Typically in our evolution process, humanity would incarnate and work on Mastering one “reality” and when they had collectively completed that, the game would expire and humans would transition Home and choose to reincarnate again in different parts of the Universe.

But now, something unusual is happening on Planet Earth. We have successfully shifted our “reality” from a third dimensional experience into a fifth dimensional experience, yet many people continue to create their same third dimensional reality over and over again every day.

As you observe, you can see the evidence of the challenges of this shift all around you. The key conflict is between the growing separation on the planet and the expansion and opportunities that come from that. Many boundaries are being pushed.

This brand new series will teach you more in-depth details about the blended realities we are currently living in and have access to. There will be several activations throughout all three days. They (the group) really want you to begin to understand how you are currently evolving, what you have access to and how to comprehend your personal work in the coming days and years ahead. No one is here by accident or without purpose in this never-been-done-before game on Planet Earth.

The focus of this teaching is to align you energetically to the new blended realities you reside in, as well as teach you practical observation and interaction tools for daily life. This will allow you to move freely within the realities of your choosing and not get stuck in any specific paradigm playing out.

The group says we are now entering a completely new level of “the matrix” and we are stepping up. This is an opportunity for you to shift into a space of knowing and observation, rather than resistance and reaction.

We hope you’ll join us!

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  1. Hello,

    My passion is translating from English to Spanish and my mission is helping the Spanish light workers Community to have access to valuable information like this. If you think I can be of any help in spreading this message to yet more people globally, I ‘ d be more than happy to help.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Guys,
    I have just registered and paid for Blended Realities and I haven’t done this before and wondering what I actually do tomorrow 4am my time. If you can email me the process that would be great.
    Looking for ward to tomorrow.

    Kim Buckeridge

    • Hello Kim,

      The process is pretty straightforward. When the time comes (11:00am Pacific Time) please do the following:

      1. Login to your account in
      2. Click “Access Your Events” on the black menu bar
      3. Locate the event you want to watch
      4. Click on “Access page” under the event title

      You will be then directed to the event’s access page where you will see links to all available days. Click on the link for Day 1 and you will be taken to the video page. Enjoy the seminar!

      Nick Pnevmatikos
      Webmaster & Translation manager

  3. “But now, something unusual is happening on Planet Earth. We have successfully shifted our “reality” from a third dimensional experience into a fifth dimensional experience, yet many people continue to create their same third dimensional reality over and over again every day.”

    The Aspect that is creating such a dramatic re-creation over and over is due to the extraction of our body’s “adapters”, [i,e, viruses ,bacteria, Micro-Beings .} and then the ongoing”hijacking” of their previously occupied pathways, {amino acid, protein and enzyme producers and ligand makers} and claiming these processes as Their discoveries.{identity theft}. All the while setting into place a false reality to Appear Real by saying over and over that our “adapters” {nature’s microbeings}are the ones creating a reality of disease to be manifested while all along it is The Chosen Words of Expression / Perception that is creating the the Disease-Reality. Like Saying Our Immune System is a killing defense system when in fact it is an integrating / Adaptation System. Bacteria contain DNA that does not die, so to say bacteria is killed and then put into vaccines is incomplete expression of describing to us what is truly happening.
    What I’m trying to express here is that the “tie-up” in the third to fifth reality exist in the continued use of out-dated information, endorsing a “Diseased reality” to continue to be created, which explains why continued third dimensional reality is continuing to show itself in the fifth dimensional Reality,,,due to it not being finished transmuting at the Collective Conscious Level.

    • Hello Maria Teresa,

      All seminars are presented online. In order to watch them, you must have created an account to At the designated time of broadcast, login to your account and click on “Access Your Events” on the black menu bar. You will be taken to your account page where you can see all your purchased seminars. Select the desired seminar and click on “Access Page” under the title. You will then be taken to the seminar’s access page when you can watch the event online. Events do not have expiration dates which means that you can login and watch them as many times as you want.

      Nick Pnevmatikos,
      Webmaster & Translation Manager


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