Creator Series – 5th Dimensional Body Mechanics

How do you feel about the body suit you are wearing? The one that houses your spirit while you’re here, and allows you to move around as a human angel in a physical/time space?

In this event you will learn why you have one and how it works; how it changes throughout our lifetimes (and even daily, as we show one aspect of ourselves at work and another at home), why it needs to harmonize in the new energies of the 5th Dimension, and how we can assist in making that happen.

Comments about our events

It was an incredible year full of information, changes, shifting and amazing love and beautiful energy and exercises. Thank you so much Group for all that you do and for so many people.

I am thrilled to have chosen to be here at this monumental time and hope to be instrumental in helping to bring positive change to our world.

Started a deep transformation that is still ongoing. Thank you so much for this gift that has transformed my life.