Conscious Ascension

Conscious Ascension- 6 Month Intensive

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Hold on to your hats folks, because the group recently dropped in an extraordinary concept, Conscious Ascension.

Following their revelations about the trajectory of the earth’s evolution the group is ready to teach us how to step from one reality to the next at will. Like the way spiritual teachers and yogis of the past were able to consciously move from one dimension to another, the group says that we can raise our vibration to the point at which we can consciously ascend.

They wish to take us on a six-month journey that will begin to teach us how to reach that level.

The group provided glimpses of this capability in past training sessions such as the Pineal Gland Activation, Vagus Nerve Activation I & II, Multidimensional Field Harmonics, Photonics, Soul Trajectory and others. Those that attended these in-depth training classes will find them invaluable in the Conscious Ascension series. (Note: while the Conscious Ascension series will include a small amount of information on these modalities, there will not be enough time to go as in-depth into the subjects as we did during the past classes. For anyone that would like to take these classes in preparation for the Conscious Ascension series, we’ve made them available to you at a 50% discount in the Paths 2 Empowerment store)

According to the group the next four years will be critical in terms of the coming earth changes and their impact on the earth’s population. That’s why they are so keen to help us prepare us to consciously ascend with an intensive six-month course of classes.

First Month  June  Day 1

  • Free seminar: What is happening and why now. What we can do about it.  The Ascension Process -how it works and what we will be doing.

Day 2 & 3

  • Pineal Gland self-activation and exercises.
  • Building a Safety Network for the journey ahead
  • Angelic harmony. Connecting with ascension guides –  meet your specialists in spirit.
  • Clearing Assignments

July Days 4 & 5

  • Vagus Nerve alignment and activation
  • Igniting the body with Light – Lightbody
  • Activating and re-activating the Crystalline Body
  • Body Frequency Tuning.  Raising vibration through outside stimulus
  • Releasing stored cellular memories and Lightbody assignments

August Days 6 & 7

  • Choosing a new Body Template, accepting and activating the new template.
  • Photonics: training your body to carry more light.
  • Energetic Core clearing
  • Lightbody Breathing assignments

September  Days 8 & 9

  • The Torus: Your personal energy vehicle, how to use it consciously
  • Soul Trajectory – What it is and how to change it.
  • Energetic and Emotional Boundaries
  • Boundary exercises.

October  Days 10 & 11

  • Multidimensionality: Connecting with the other “Yous”
  • Re-membering and redirecting your original purpose.
  • Channeling and reflecting spirit exercises

November  Days 12 & 13

  • Ambassadorship training.
  • Assisting others in transition.
  • Final Lightbody activations.
  • Graduation & Ordination

Are you ready to walk the path of the spiritual masters?


  1. Ascension comes through the acknowledgment, processing and realease of Karma, the release of judgement, and the ability to see the world as the illusion that it is and step outside it. You are then rewarded with more self work and perhaps a personal mission in service to others. It can wear ya down, but reconnecting with Source was the thing I’d been searching for my entire life…I just didn’t know it. Peace to all on your journey!

  2. Hi Steve & Barbara!

    This class is a Definite Must for me, and I’m so grateful for the 50% discount for those of us who want the associated courses such as Multi-dimensional Feild Harmonics etc, but some of us are also in the Transendence seminar​ & 2 intensives @ a time is all I can do! So I’m wondering if those dicounted prices will still be available in September when I have the time to fit them in?

    As always, much love to you,

  3. Hi, My wife Joan and I have been on an amazing spiritual path for about 17 years. I have a question: We have raised our consciousness greatly over the years and it has been wonderful. Of course, we feel that we live in a variety of dimensional realities at once and back and forth. The question, specifically for me is will this course add anything to my present being because I already feel that I have come so far? It’s not an ego thing, I am always amazed at the continuation of leanings from one day to the next. I just want to learn and grow and experience beyond my present awareness. Thank you, love you all.