Countdown to 8 Billion

April 13

Remember when the group talked about the critical mass we will reach on earth when the population hits 8 billion?

That’s when the planet will decide if she can continue to carry the weight of humans in the way she’s been doing and if not, what will change.

So, you (like we) are probably wondering *when* that number might occur.

Sounds like it’s time for an update.

Mathematicians originally estimated it would happen around April of 2023… but… the group says that count might be slightly underestimated, while birthrates have slowed substantially and are in decline.

The group would like to give us an overview of the process and what it may look like for humans as the earth makes those decisions, with several scenarios for the future of humanity depending on what the earth decides. 

They will also talk (whew) about the help we are getting.

Tick, tock.  The race is on and you *will* want to hear this.

What you call “normal” is changing.

Go with the flow.

Major shifts are happening right now.

Presented LIVE online 110-120 minutes in length, with a 7-8 minute break.

Immediate replays for 90 days.