3reation – A new form of Creation

September 13, 17 & 25

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3reation – A new form of Creation

Are you ready?

Ready to create a world that’s more like what you want to live in than the one you are currently inhabiting?

Are you ready to start using secrets of creation not available to us before now?

Ready to discover the Power of 3s?–what it is, how it works, and why the Observer says YOU can use it to create a better world for all and make your personal path less challenging and more on purpose.

It’s time to create a new reality.  Are you ready?

In these tense times of compression and evolution the group offers new tools to create a new world around us.

Every time we open our eyes, we create. Most of the time we create what we expect to see. Other times we give in to the default reality created by the collective.

The Observer wishes to share secrets of creation that we could not see previously. He will invite you to observe yourself, and see all the inner games we play as humans in order to hide our creation abilities from ourselves and others. Those games are going away and a new reality is setting in. The question Observer is asking is will that new reality be of our own creation or the default of the collective? She will give us keys to see creation in a new way. On a large scale, we can set a template to create a new world. On a smaller scale we can make our human path less challenging and more on purpose, giving us more ability to be on purpose.

The Observer will show us the base of 3’s and how it is secretly interweaved into out reality. The Observer will share with us how it is at the base of all creations and how to use it in yours. The Observer will also show us how we use our eyes as a creation tool.

This work will talk place in a true 5th dimensional space that we call the Esayoto. The veil is thinner there and it is a safe space we create in our online events.

Join us September 13th for this brand new teaching from the newest member of the group, based on comprehending the hidden magic of 3’s.

Learn to create a better world for yourself and the collective.

You have much more power than you realize.

Do you want to learn more about how to locate it and use it?


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