Beacons of Light, December 1999 | The Family of Michael – Circles of Light – The Final Message of the Twentieth Century

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
December 1999

~ The Family of Michael – Circles of Light ~
The Final Message of the Twentieth Century

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month.


Beacons of Light
June 2012
Presented Live 12/19/1999



Greetings from Home.

Our time with this special gathering of souls grows more precious to us with every moment that passes. Your choices on the Gameboard of Free Choice are the final expression of the Creator energy in finite form. The choices you have made in the playing of your Game have allowed the direction to shift toward Unity once again. Your willingness to play the Game in this fashion behind veils that keep you from seeing your true nature, is honored beyond your understanding. We love you so for your willingness to reach for higher truths, even in the times when you doubt yourself.

From the very beginning of this information the Group has been silent about their origin. When I first started channeling, people warned me to be sure that I knew who was sending the information. I was told that if the source would not identify themselves then that would indicate that they were from the dark side. I therefore, promptly asked three questions: “Who are you? What are your names? And where are you from?”

They came back with an immediate response that went like this: “You have asked three questions and we will give you three answers: It is none of your business, it is none of your business and it is none of your business.” Then I heard the gentle loving laughter that I have since learned to love so much. At the time I was dumbfounded and re-membering the words of advice, I informed these entities that I could not channel them if they wouldn’t identify themselves. In response to that they told me something I will never forget. They said, “We honor your choices” and with that statement, they were gone. After two days of having a hole where my heart used to be, I went back to them and asked to resume the communication. The moment I asked, they were there waiting, and I felt whole again. I was still hesitant but asked them why they wouldn’t tell me who they were. The answer was: “We wish you to discern the message for the love content of the message itself and not because of some label placed upon it. This is discernment and is the first tool of the new energy.” Then they gave me a guide for using the tool. They said: “If it pulls at your heart strings then take it as your own. If there is anything less, then release it without judgment, for it was simply placed there for another.” They went on to explain that if I believed there were “Bad Guys”, what made me think they wouldn’t say they were the “Good Guys.” I laughed and the relationship between us began to really grow.

Needless to say, I was very hesitant to ask a lot of questions about their origins, but I did manage to slip in a few things now and then. They did tell me that they had never been incarnate on the Earth, but silence was the general response when asked for more information. It was actually several months into the messages that I included a casual reference to “the group of entities just over my shoulder.” That was the first time I called them “the Group.” To my surprise, they kind of liked it because it did not imply a lot of mysticism. Still, every time I asked, there was no answer as to their origins.

About a year later they surprised me. During one of the messages I was writing, the Group spoke almost out of context to say: “We will now tell you something that you already know. We are from the family of what you would call Michael.” I was not sure what that meant but I can tell you the moment they said it I knew it was true.

They gave me further explanation of their origins during a live channel in Charleston, West Virginia. Here, they said outright, that they were from what we know as the Angelic realm. There was little more on this subject until we found ourselves doing a live channel at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. During this channel they mentioned several times references about the family of Michael. I can tell you that from inside my head those words resonated very deeply within me. Several days later in another live channel in Vienna, they spoke about the family of Michael having a portal in the Earth at that physical location. Although they did not say much more, they mentioned it a lot during that channel. Later that year, I was doing a live channel in Cancun, Mexico. During this channel they mentioned that this was a physical location where the family of Michael had a portal in the ocean.

I get a lot of e-mail from people as the Group speaks to many people on different levels with the same words. Some of them get very excited because they feel they know who the Group is. I have heard from people that they are Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, the Greys and a few I can’t even pronounce. The interesting part is that I do not even ask that question of the Group anymore. They speak to me from the very depth of my own heart and that is enough identification for me. Now it seems they are ready to fill in some of the gaps.


Greetings from Home.

Our time with this special gathering of souls grows more precious to us with every moment that passes. Your choices on the Gameboard of Free Choice are the final expression of the Creator energy in finite form. The choices you have made in the playing of your Game have allowed the direction to shift toward Unity once again. Your willingness to play the Game in this fashion behind veils that keep you from seeing your true nature, is honored beyond your understanding. We love you so for your willingness to reach for higher truths, even in the times when you doubt yourself.

Know that there are many eyes in the Universe that are watching your every choice. Even the times when you feel so very alone and in despair, there are many around you that eagerly share your pain. In that manner it allows them to be a part of the Game that is shifting the reality of all – that – is. Those around you number far beyond your understanding. If you could only see the preparations that are needed to accommodate such a large number of entities, you would easily understand how important you really are. This is why we so often encourage you to treat each other with respect for all of you on the Gameboard are important beyond what you can possibly see.

The Grand wizard of timing has just lowered his finger illustrating that it is now time to reveal more information about your true nature. We wish to speak to you at this gathering of the family you call Michael. We are what you know to be representatives of this great family. Even when you speak the word it resonates deep within your being. This is the family vibration of which you are very much connected.

There is much confusion as we see you attempting to apply human traits to spiritual matters, so we will offer you further explanations to help you re-member that which you already know. What you call Michael is not just a singular entity, but also a collection of energies that form a singular vibration. This is why we describe it to you as a family. Although the number fluctuates constantly the family that you call Michael is actually the collective vibration of 144,000 souls on this side of the veil. The singular vibration was formed to achieve a singular purpose, and all things that are attracted to that vibration are related to that purpose.

Who is Michael?

He “who is as God” is the singular Archangel you have know as Michael. The greatest of warriors fought constantly for the right to end all war. The final battle is now at hand as humanity is making decisions to use their swords for a higher purpose. The original battle was one where the Angels began to believe that they were superior to the humans they were overseeing. This was a misdirection of energy and it was Michael that stood firmly in the understanding that to be truly strong, it was necessary to become open and vulnerable. Michael was the one who drew his sword to stand firmly in his own truth and therefore declared allegiance to the Light. This began a family vibration as many followed this lead. This inner strength is prevalent even today as more are beginning to carry their own power and stand firmly in their own truth. This is the true strength of the “Warrior of the Light” you know to be the Archangel Michael. Today the family of Michael is at the forefront of your vibrational changes as you step into the next stage of evolution as spirits.

Pebbles in the Pond

Take a small pebble and toss it in a pond. You will see circles of vibration that travel from the center outward. What you have done with this action is to introduce the vibration of the pebble in motion, to the vibration of the water. The circles of vibration that travel outward are the energy of the pebble in motion being assimilated by the pond. This emulates the Universal flow of energy of seeking balance through blending.

Understand that the original vibration of the pebble still remains as it now sits at the bottom of the pond. The truth is that the introduction of this one pebble forever changed the entire overall vibration of the pond.

Now see the effect of the water as you throw several pebbles for it to incorporate at one time. Now you see many circles on the water begin rapidly expanding and crossing over each other as they intertwine in their search to be part of the whole of the pond. Each one travels an individual path as it seeks to blend, but now you see it crosses the path of other energies in the same quest. This design of intertwining circles is where we will begin to describe the family you know to be Michael.

Heritage of the Family of Michael

This family is one of choice. You may be born into this family or it may be chosen during the Game, yet to remain and hold the energy of this family is always a choice. Members of this great family will never retreat from a conflict of light and dark. They have chosen to be at the cutting edge of the change in all areas. Once a step has been made to take one’s place as a Lightworker, one connects with their inner power. Rarely is it possible to reverse the direction after connecting with this power. Everything on the Gameboard is ruled by free choice, and as such it is possible to push yourself in another direction. Yet this is not done without a cost. Turning your back on your higher purpose is a misdirection of energy and quickly drains your energy. Denying the pulling within your heart that you have chosen as your highest purpose will have a negative effect on biology and your higher self. It is only possible to leave the family and therefore the purpose of the family, if one chooses another family and takes up that cause in its place. This is possible since most belong to several families at one time, yet it is very rarely done. Stepping into your own work and creating Plan B contracts is the work of this family that most of you will aspire to.

Messengers from Home

We tell you once again that there are beings in special service directly to the Archangels. These intermediaries interact on the Gameboard with instructions directly from Home. These are the “Angels” you see visiting the Game, lending guidance and assistance. They appear to you only in forms that your belief systems will accept. That is the reason many do not see them at all. These are special beings that work from the midpoint of the divinity ladder. You have known them by many labels. They are grand beings and if you make space for them they will be there when you need them most.

The Hierarchy of Home

Imagine that there is a large circle that sits at the center of Heaven. Now see the slightly smaller circles that overlap the original and support the whole. These are what you know to be other Archangels. There are many more of them than you presently have represented in your writings. Now see many smaller circles that support and offer slightly different purposes than the sponsoring larger circle. This is a simple way to understanding the Hierarchy of Home. This is where many families support one another in a united purpose. The largest of these circles is the family of Michael. This is the family that holds the energy for all of the larger purpose of Heaven. That overall purpose we have shared with you many times, yet the properties of the veil do not allow you to fully comprehend the meaning. The purpose of the entire angelic realm is to honor and support that part of us which is you. This was at the base of the Lucifer experiment, for here the pendulum of advancement was pulled very far to one side, allowing us to determine our direction and intent very clearly.

Like the pond in motion with the circles of energy blending into the whole, we ask you to imagine many circles overlapping one another. Angelic families are similar to what you call extended families on the Gameboard. One is never restricted to a single family. It is very common for a soul to be a part of several families simultaneously. In the overlapping areas of the circles, one is a member of all of those families represented. In these instances you will find a natural pull to all of the family purposes. This has been confusing, as you on the Gameboard like to relate to one purpose at a time. We tell you that you will easily adapt to the new ways.

Angelic Purpose – the Family Business

Many times we have been asked to describe the nature of the Angelic families. Humanity has now reached a level of vibration high enough to accept some of these basic truths. There are many families within the Angelic Realm. What you know to be angels are the messengers that hold the highest vibration discernible to man. They have presented themselves to you in terms that you would easily understand. They interact in your Game by your invitation only carrying instructions from Home. They work very closely with your guides in assisting you to connect with your own higher selves. What you know to be Archangels are actually family designations. Each Archangel, or family, has an overall vibration, which stands for a singular purpose. It is no accident that we call our human partner by the title of the Keeper of the Sword. He has held this role for eons of your time, and now is once again, playing the part. We tell you it is also no accident that the Archangel Michael has always been portrayed with a sword. For on your Gameboard, the sword has symbolized truth and empowerment.

The energy known as Michael played an important part at the beginning of the Game, as he earned the status of Archangel and leader of the angels who remained faithful to the Light during the Lucifer experiment. The entire family of Michael has carried the title of “Warrior of the Light” in some form as a result of the first days of the Game. Now the scripted end times and the last days of the Game are upon us, and once again, there are choices to be made. This is what has called the family of Michael so forcefully into action. These are the times on the Gameboard when speaking your truth and holding your sword high, will lead humanity into evolution instead of extinction. These are the attributes and the highest purpose of the family of Michael.

Empowerment is the attribute that was needed to awaken the Gameboard of Free Choice to the higher truth. It is for this reason that the family of Michael has been at the cutting edge of the awakening process. You will find many within this family that are Master Healers. The awakening of humanity began by first awakening the Healers needed to re-unite the whole. The next level of awakening will be facilitated by the many healers who will now move to their next level of work in teaching. There are also Master Healers who are not within this family, but the majority resonates with the Michael vibration. In your Game, it would appear that this would be the “family business” so to speak. Learning first to heal yourself, to hold the higher vibrations, is moving into empowerment and holding your true power while in biology. This is in progress with the Second Wave of empowerment now on the planet. This is a challenging task for humans for you have played without it for so long. Holding your power will return you to the truth of your powers of creation. It is the reunion with this power that will affect the creation of Heaven on Earth.

Connecting Circles of Light

Michael is a crystal pure vibration of such magnitude that many are attracted to it. The family known as Michael is the energy that binds the many circles of Light together. This, as with all, stands in Heaven as it does on Earth. We have told you from the beginning of these messages, of the importance of the re-union of spiritual families in your awakening process. This is the one action that most rapidly advances your own vibration as you move into the higher levels. This is also in progress on this side of the veil. The many circles of Light are in a search for connection once again. This is the movement toward unity consciousness which humanity is now experiencing. For the circles to connect in Heaven, it is necessary for the circles to connect on the Gameboard. This is facilitated when members of this great family on the Gameboard come together with intent to move forward.

Light Centers – – – A Shared Dream

A call has gone out from Home for this connection of these circles of Light to begin on many levels. Being of this family, there are many of you that have heard this call and placed your human interpretations upon it. You have the dream of the Light Centers that you also call the Healing Centers. The dream, as it is being interpreted, is to create locations where all can come together and share the learning, healing and Light. We tell you that this dream is an interpretation of the higher call from Home to connect the Circles of Light. Many have attempted to create the Light Centers only to find them unsupported. Some of you have fallen into disillusionment upon attempting to create what they know to be true in their hearts. There is one thing that is missing in some of your human interpretations of this idea. This is the calling back together of the Circles of Light. Please re-member that this original call was to connect the Circles of Light and call them back into overlapping connection with each other. No matter the purity of intent, as you began building these healing centers, if the implementation did not include connecting to others with the same dream, it was not supported. So often we see you attaching this dream to a physical location. A physical location limits the expansion of the circle and often serves to cut the dream short. Understand first, that the dream is to connect the Circles of Light we know to be families of angelic purpose. Incorporating this higher aspect of the original call will create the support needed. Understand that although it may have a physical location, that location is not the true center. Those of you that hold this dream, have this Circle of Light revolving around you. Make space for many of the same dream to share resources, ideas and information. Make space for the many original spiritual families to re-unite and find each other. Make your first intent to create a Circle of Light to aid in the unity process on the Gameboard, not only to connect others to the Light but also to connect the many Circles to each other. This will facilitate the original call and find full support in the implementation. This will also complete the cycle on our side of the veil. As Below, So Above.

It is Time

We have all waited patiently as the Grand Wizard of Time held his finger in the air. Now, the finger has fallen signifying that it is time to be about your higher work. We ask you to not reach too far in searching for your higher purpose as most of the time it lies directly at your feet. Do not concern yourself if you are not sure where your path is. Watch for the crystals on your path that lead to your highest expression of spirit in human form. These are the crystals you have placed here yourselves in your planning sessions. These crystals carry the vibration of Home and serve to re-mind you of the true joy of Home. Know that you have placed them well and they will appear to you as you take the first step toward your own joy. Dare to dream the highest of dreams and step into that dream. Now is the time.

The Gift of Michael – – – Your Michael Crystal

The energy, courage and strength of this family is with you always. There is a step into higher vibration you will soon be taking. More will come of this special step in our sessions ahead. For now, simply know it to be a step into “Overlight.” This will begin when all of the portals of this family are open and connected. To prepare for this, we ask you to carry the vibrations of this family with you consciously at all times. The Gift of Michael is a small crystal that you carry with you that holds this sacred vibration. This crystal will come to you soon if it has not been with you already. It will be a gift from a loved one or perhaps from a teacher. You may find that you have always had a special crystal in your possession but did not know its meaning. It may jump off the shelf in the store as you pass by. Open and allow it to find you. When you connect with it, please take a moment and intentionally store the vibration of the family of Michael in this crystal with ceremony. This is the blending of spirit, in the vibrations of Michael, with the crystal of Earth. This is beginning the process of physically bringing Heaven to Earth. Carry this crystal proudly as your “Michael crystal” helps you balance your energy and stand firmly in your own truth. If you experience doubt, or have lost your way or just need direction, pull out your Michael crystal and receive the answer from within your own heart. Carry it with you always and use it with intention as you then bring Home to your side of the veil. This is the physical representation of the completion of the crystalline grid and a signal for the Children of Crystal Vibration to begin their ascent onto the Gameboard.

The Other Half of the Assignment

Accepting and carrying your crystal is only half of your assignment. Once you have received your crystal, we ask you to give at least three others their Michael crystals. Take your own Michael crystal and place it in ocean water along with the crystals you will be giving to the others. Do this overnight and remove them from the salt water with ceremony as you once again imprint the crystals with the family of Michael vibration. Give these gifts to the special family members within your own spiritual family. Explain the intent and use of these gifts of Heaven and Earth. Also charge them with the same assignment of spreading the vibrations of Home by the gift of Michael crystals to others. Soon a critical mass will be reached as the number of Family crystals carried on Earth reaches the number of Family crystals carried here in Heaven. As Above , so Below. This begins the next level of the creation of Home on your side of the veil as the blending of Heaven on Earth.

This Group of Nine

We have refrained from the beginning of these messages to explain in full detail the origins of this Group of nine. The human interpretation of very high ideals is often twisted. There is an imagined spiritual competition on the Gameboard that does not exist. This human trait detracts greatly from the value you can receive from the information itself. We now wish to tell you more of who we are. We are those who place the instructions into the hands of the intermediate angels who walk among you. This Group is a series of nine connected circles at the very center of the largest circle known as Michael. We tell you this not because we want to be placed on some imaginary ladder of importance, but rather, because we wish you to truly hear our next words clearly. It is our greatest honor to be of service in helping you to re-member your magnificence. You are winning the Game and we are honored to be your family. It is with our utmost respect and love that we ask you to treat each other, and yourself, with respect and honor, nurture one another and play well together. – – – – The Group

I have a tradition that I always travel with my hat. That silly hat is often seen in the pictures on the web site and I often use it to cover my eyes if I sleep on an airplane. On top of my favorite hat is a small medicine bag. That bag has small garnets in it. Garnets are my birthstone. From the beginnings of my travels with this work, I have worn that hat. In each new place I travel, I take a garnet and exchange it for a small stone, which I then carry in the bag on my hat. It has been a wonderful tradition that the Group suggested several years ago. It illustrates the blending of vibrations that the Group says is the Universal energy flow. Recently, while showing this bag to a very special person in Holland, the Group told me to give him a special crystal I was carrying in my bag. This crystal was very clear and called a Herkimer Diamond.

The day after proofreading this message, Barbara had lunch with a dear friend Morgan. Barbara returned that afternoon to show me a present that Morgan had given her for her birthday. It was a beautiful crystal on a necklace. Barbara then gave me a gift. She said it was to replace the crystal I gave away in Holland. Her gift was a beautiful Herkimer Diamond to replace the one that I gave away. The moment she gave it to me I recalled the words of the Group from the message I had just written. “The Gift of Michael is a small crystal that you carry with you that holds this sacred vibration. This crystal will come to you soon if it has not been with you already.” In that moment I knew we both had been given our “Michael crystals.”

The year 2000 is now at hand. This is a very special time and a time to renew our intentions and focus on Plan B. Here is our Plan B for this new century: “The Circle of Light known as Lightworker will now focus on connecting the many Light Centers on a global basis. We will create space for this connection on the web sites and also in our seminars. We will make space for others to find each other and share ideas, resources and support in facilitating the Light. It is time.”

And so it is – – –

From the heart of the family of Michael, we wish you all a very joyous beginning in this new century. May your path be well lit and full of passion. Barbara and I wish you the most magical holidays ever. Expect a miracle. May all your dreams come true as we all bring this grand family together once again.

Welcome Home

Steve & Barbara Rother

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