What is the Dream?

In short our dream is to expand the offerings and the development of ESPAVOtv, our online video platform. The History: For many years now we here at Espavo have been using technology to distribute the information from the group. It started with a monthly meditation called the Beacons of Light sent by e-mail and posted in a chat room. That was new technology in 1995. It was not long after Barbara and I started doing a monthly channel, sharing a microphone in my tiny office. We called it the VirtualLight Broadcast. As technology evolved new opportunities arose, and it was not long before we began our very first Video broadcast in our friend Mary’s front room, with approximately 40 people. We successfully streamed live video and that paved the direction for the next 20 years. Now, we are finding that a new level is opening, not only in technology, but in the work itself. Creating a space for that to be distributed is the dream.

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In a time of no more secrets transparency is our highest intent.