2019 Visionary Series – Earth Changes

2019 Visionary Series – Earth Changes

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After many requests from around the globe, Steve, Barbara and the group are back to present The Visionary Series for 2019.

There are two events under this new series available separately and sold individually. This event plus Predictions a two-day event airing December 11 & 12, 2018.

In this event the group in live channel, will talk about upcoming tsunamis, earthquakes, and what they call “trigger points” or events to watch out for in particular areas on the earth that will “trigger” another event right behind it.

They want to address our “new relationship” to the planet and how we are becoming the guardians and stewards in a new and different way, as Ambassadors of Earth. There is a new energy exchange from you to the earth and from the earth to you.

Some topics that will be included:

  • The United Nations report on health
  • News from the World Wildlife Federation and the loss of species around the globe
  • What life will look like as this shift progresses
  • Where the “safe places” to live are for 50 years or more
  • Upcoming Earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane and Volcano activity
  • Technologies that can change your world
  • Ocean Clean Up
  • What your role as a Lightworker is becoming


  1. You do not have to watch it live. It will be recorded so you can watch it in your own time Joanie.
    It will be in 2 pieces: on dec 11 and dec 12. You will find a link to the recordings on ‘Your events’ page, a few hours after the live classes.
    Kind regards, Gerrie

  2. I’m not clear on what I’m paying for. This broadcast starts at 11am pst on Dec 18 & 19 and goes on for how long? And then we’ll get a link to what the group has said that will be available for some period of time after the event? So I don’t have to be glued to my computer to catch the live event, correct? Those are work days for me.

    • Hi Joanie,

      Gerrie is correct. The live events start at 11am Pacific Standard Time and lasts for approx 90 minutes.
      We have an International audience so it isn’t always possible for people to watch the live event. Therefore you
      have the option to watch it according to your own personal schedule. The recordings are available approx 4hrs after the live event.
      The recorded events are just as powerful as watching it live and you have the added bonus of being able to watch them
      repeatedly to cement the information presented. There is no planned expiration date.If we do decide to pull it from
      our active seminar offerings, we will give everyone at least 30 days notice.

      We hope you can join us.