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July 22, 26 & 28

This month in the Espavo Empowerment Stream

The Light Challenge

As a conscious creator, you want to have the best instruments possible in your spiritual toolbox, right?

That’s why the group has been making it so clear in these past few months that we are creators–powerful ones– so we can get a higher viewer of ourselves and use our tools more effectively.

July brings the final segment of this creator series, at least for now, before we move on to the Esayoto Tools series.

It’s called the Light Challenge.  It could be considered as the final exam of the creator series although there are (whew) no prerequisites and no grading.  During these three days, the group will take you through your own creative process and show how you can move even more consciously as a creator being here on earth.  You will be offered challenges each day to work with–including the ability to create in harmonics.

The EES will continue to be offered on three days in close succession, but the exercises are designed to last for the next three weeks afterward.  You will receive short reminder videos from Steve on the focus for each week.

Join us for this next step.

Join us–to walk hand in hand as confident, creator beings together.

Special Access Day – July 29 – Available to 6 & 12 month active subscriptions. Cancel anytime.

This 4th day with Steve and the group every month will always include an opportunity to have your questions answered, and much more than that, too.

This valuable extra session will also include special activations (like the 3 that came in October) and whatever else the group feels is most important to drop in right NOW.

It’s an important way to monitor how the preceding three days of EES information are landing with our ongoing subscribers and adding anything else that humanity might find helpful, based on how you and the rest of the world are responding to life’s challenges

Meet your hosts

Steve Rother & The group

Espavo is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here.

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting used for “Hello” and “Goodbye.” It means “Thank You for Taking Your Power.”


Our new points program- each month in the stream (3 classes) earns you 10 points.

Once 120 points are accumulated you will receive a beautiful certificate of completion and Espavo Ordination from us.

As you accumulate 240 points and 360 points special reward emails will be sent to you in recognition of your steadfast commitment to this critically important work.

How and Where?

This event is presented online through our Online Empowerment Stream.

Presented LIVE online 60-75 minutes per session, immediate replays for 90 days. No downloads are available for this event.

Discounts are built into the 3, 6 & 12 month subscriptions.

The more guidance you sign up for the less you pay!

Save $50 when you sign up for the 3 automated monthly payments.

Save $160 when you sign up for the 6 automated monthly payments!

Save $450 when you sign up for the 12 automated monthly payments!

I had been with Steve and the group from back in the early days, when it was still  For ten years i participated actively, doing whatever i could to support his mission. During that time, i found that it was I, who was growing in spirit, learning who i was, and what my place was in the Universe.  I have been blessed beyond belief from my association with Steve's project.  Health issues forced me to finally leave the active participation in 2008, after ten marvelous years of learning, and growing in spiritual strength, to a point where all my previous fears in life ware banished forever.  I learned to live a life without fear, without stress, and filled with love for all.  I am forever grateful for the blessings i received, working for Steve, Barbara, and the Group, which are still with me, and growing daily. I will never forget those early days, when we used to get together at that little coffee shop in San Diego, and it warms my heart to see how the program has grown to what it has become today. • Jean-Paul Déry