Welcome to ESPAVO TV – LightMaster Channel

 LightMaster is the year long course we offer with weekly events and guidance from the group.  Empowerment is key in these teachings including the ability to deliver your own message. Part of the course even includes how to make videos for your own teachings.  In this space we showcase select offerings from some of the LightMasters that we feel might be of interest  to you.

Passion Day is one of the projects you are asked to do as a LightMaster. These are 5-60 min video presentations on each LightMasters own personal passion. In this space you may also see select passion day submissions from LightMasters who have given their permission to be presented here.


Adam Hill goes to Standing Rock and files this report for Passion Day

Cathy Moran Passion Day
Adam and Steve talk after the 2016 elections. Interesting predictions made.