Fall in love with yourself


  1. Hello,
    I recently found your channel through ‘The Moore show’. What wonderful work you do Steve and Barbara you are so lovely, Thank you.
    I picked up on a comment you made Steve, about the Family of E, somehow it sparked my interest I researched and read the article you wrote about this family in 2016. The reason I ask is that what I read, sounds like what I do. I just spread the light and love then take a back seat and enjoy the positive flow. At this time, I feel I need some support and a sense of direction as there are great changes being made in my life regarding leaving work, where to live, and the biggie, what is my purpose here on earth. I feel these changes are necessary but I’m a bit lost and very uncertain at this time. These energies coming in are also affecting me. My usually positive outlook has been hit hard. Have I any connection to the Family of E? Have you any advice or me? I would so love to stop hitting myself with doubt and negative energy, it’s just not me. Any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated. Much love Iris

    • Hi Iris,

      If you would like to ask a question or advice from Steve and The Group – please send it to Questions@espavo.org. Questions are answered in a public forum once a month on The Virtual Light Broadcast via ESPAVOtv. The next broadcast is scheduled for January 25th, 2020. Steve and Barbara try to get to as many questions as they can in the allotted time frame. Virtual Light Broadcast is a free monthly broadcast. The other avenue to send in a question is for Predictions, Comments and Questions. That is also on ESPAVOtv and is once a month as well. That however is part of our paid programming subscription – the cost is 29.95/month.

      Best of luck to you and big hugs!

  2. I took an online course with you on the vagas nerve a few years ago.. I seem to have lost the workbook and course materialsfrom my computer . Is there anyway I can get them again….. I paid for the course.s I am not sure the best way to contact you about this, which e mail to use,
    Please let me know how to proceed and whether you can replace that cource infomation…. My name is Kate Marks. You should find me under circleofsong@earthlink.net, or harmonicjourneys@earthlink.net, or katemarks841@gmail.com.