February 2018

Virtual Light Broadcast

Segment 1

In February’s Virtual Light Broadcast: Barbara opens with a reminder that in the month when we set aside a special day for it, “Love is all there is,” which underscores the importance of loving ourselves and the world around us. Steve and The Scientist of the Heart give us more reasons to rejoice: it’s a new game we’re playing–complete with our biology becoming tri-ology, what that means for our spiritual and physical progress, and for how we connect to one another.

Segment 2

Segment 2 features the second round of No More Secrets, which includes fascinating news from Japan’s reason for going to the moon, why Russia is looking into the launch of its own cryptocurrency, and where the MeToo and Time’s Up movements may be heading in the U.S. In Live Your Greatness, Meg Adamson takes a 5th dimensional approach to how we create our own reality (whether we like it or not) and why it helps to remember that what we focus on, intensifies.

Segment 3

Segment 3 offers welcome Good News with Chris Morris, starting with the importance of cosmic winks. Then we learn of Europe’s ban of single use plastic, Australia’s new solar powered train, why Sister Rosetta deserves her place in the rock’n’roll Hall of Fame, the importance of talking to water, and we meet the man who brings hugs and hope (and peanut butter) to Appalachia’s struggling coal towns. Chris salutes media giant Oprah Winfrey as this month’s honorary Lightmaster, after she set the world on fire with her speech at the Golden Globes.

Segment 4

Segment 4 continues Amor’s story with his work at the Temple of Rejuvenation, with important details about creating space for people to make their own miracles instead of relying on trusted healers to do it for them.

Segment 5

Segment 5 includes two-minute readings on how to find magic wherever you are; how a former pet whisperer might heal an allergy problem; and how to create a higher potential for a fulfilling relationship.

Segment 6

In Segment 6, Steve and The group return with guidance and encouragement from eM on how to tap into the synchronicities all around us by slowing down, looking for them, and trusting them when they appear–because this is how spirit communicates with us here in our physical form. eM tells us that the time of strife and separation of planet Earth will shift; it’s time to keep our eyes open and celebrate!

Predictions, Comments & Questions

In February’s Predictions, Comments, and Questions: Barbara, Steve and the Group remind us that February is a great time to fall in love, with ourselves and the planet. It’s also time to step into why we are here, letting go of ideas that no longer serve us and loving everything we do. In general, February promises to be a bit calmer and easier than what we’ve been experiencing. Look for more cold weather along the east coast of the US and in the UK, along with a continued “heating up” of the economy.

Questions and answers include: Does synchronicity play a role in my surgery to remove cysts from my spine? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for my struggles with family and financial issues? What was the purpose of the recent false alarm in Hawaii, and is there a real potential for a nuclear missile launch on Hawaii or elsewhere in the US? How should I correct my recent digestive and lung issues? Will President Trump be forced to leave office before his term is up? Why does the path to enlightenment seem to require my physical and financial deprivation?

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