Finding your Spirit Name: Becoming who you intended to be

find your spiritual name
find your spiritual name

July 31

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Finding your Spirit Name: Becoming who you intended to be

There is deep significance in your name. Energetically it carries a signature that you emit through your energy field all day long. Coupled with speaking your name and hearing others speak it to you creates an energetic conversation right down to your cellular DNA structure.

As a spirit before you were born, you attempted to project the name (vibration) you wished to carry to your parents. Sometimes they simply didn’t “hear” you and named you after Aunt Jean or Uncle Tom, placing an additional layer of energy over your signature frequency. Those who don’t resonate with their birth names know how uncomfortable this can feel, like wearing a coat that’s just a little too snug in the shoulders and you have to shrink to fit into it.

In this special one day event Steve, Barbara & the group will share why it is so important to be connected energetically to your spirit name, especially right now, when technology is being used to distract you.

During our time together, you will be taken on multidimensional journeys to discover your spirit name and also the frequencies of the spirit name your other dimensional selves are using. This will lay the foundation for all incarnated aspects of you to realign as the frequency you choseto carry for this incarnation.

What are the benefits of this realignment?

  • Your energy begins to smooth out and feel much more comfortable to you (like a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin)
  • You discard misaligned energy that was never yours to carry (Uncle Tom and Aunt Jean might have behaved in ways that aren’t a fit for you energetically and you’ve been carrying their vibration around on top of your own.)
  • Your body once having released the misaligned energy can begin to heal itself, physically and emotionally.
  • You now have a powerful tool to use to realign yourself at any time. (You can use your spirit name as your mediation mantra, or chant to clear and realign any time you are feeling stressed or unwell.)
  • You begin to create your future from the energetic being you fully intended to be.
  • Changes on your path have the potential to occur quickly and rather effortlessly once you reach the deep energetic parts of yourself and your signature vibration.

There are no prerequisites to this class, however, if you have not taken any multidimensional classes with us, you may wish to also view our recent series Spirit Seed: Multidimensional Healing, which explains the group’s perspective on our 11 dimensional selves and 12th Higher Self overseeing them all in this incarnation experience.


Find your 


  1. Hi! I Wonder if it’s possible to have subtitles in spanish on the videos? I’m so interested in joining to discover my real nane, but I’m no sure if I could understand! I thank you both for your work and kind response!

    • Hi Nora,
      Thank you for your question.

      We don’t currently have subtitles available in other languages for the videos. We do have an International site available with translations for Beacons of Light. That website can be found here:

      Thank you so much for asking.
      In Love and Light,

  2. This event is on my birthday and luckily my beloved children and grandchildren will celebrate with me, but I so want to listen in and participate ,
    and find out my spirit name. But the time difference is 6 hours (Reykjavik Iceland). Is possible to listen in later and find out? I’m named two names, both my grandmothers names and I can well believe the energy of their names has carried to me. Thank you fòr your work.

    • Hi Magnea,

      Happy early Birthday! Yes, you can listen in later, we record all of our classes because we have people from all around the world who attend and not all time zones are convenient – class recordings are posted approximately 4 hours after the live airing.

      Hope that helps


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