From Surviving to Thriving

From Surviving to Thriving

September 4, 15 & 16
11:00am Pacific Time

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In the beginning, life on earth was all about surviving.  Finding shelter and enough food to get to the next day and the one after that.  Being strong enough and ready to withstand anyone and anything coming at you.

We still hold that survival instinct deeply embedded within us today.

But now… it’s time to move beyond just surviving.  In this new game, it’s time to thrive.

Great, you may be thinking, and how exactly can I do that?   How can I  move beyond this strong survival  instinct into a much more satisfying life that isn’t based on fear?

The group is ready to show us.  And we’re ready to hear it.

In this three-day event on September 4, 15 & 16, 2020 , you will receive  a series of activations and channels to enhance and empower your spirit and physical being.  The result is a new balance through the use of internal source codes buried deep within you, to trigger evolution on a grand scale.

Day 1:  The group will give us activations to trigger release of the codes that lie deep within the physical body. These codes will set the physical body to its highest receptive state. We ask that you wait 24 – 48 hours before watching Day 2 of the event to accomplish this.

Day 2:  The group will trigger source codes for a deeper, conscious, spiritual connection. This will show in most people as increased inspiration and creativity flow,  as well as increased channeling abilities depending on how you are wired. In a sense this gives the spirit room to shine. These codes tell the spirit it can start expanding.

Day 3:  Get  set to harmonize the new spirit/ body balance, walking in a harmony that allows your spirit to shine through in every experience. The activations and channels will send you off with more light in your eyes and more spring in your step. It will put you more on purpose and shorten your struggle by finding the path of least resistance to the higher path you’ve always wanted.

Join us on September 4, 2020 to discover how you can  move from Surviving into Thriving.

A note for those who attended our Hidden Light Codes training and are wondering what the difference is between the Light Codes and the Source Codes:

Hidden Light Codes were codes placed into the body in the event that we reached a specific vibration. If we did they could be activated and they were all about relationships.

Source codes are the codes used to create our game. They are on a much deeper level and they are all used to create the connection between spirit and the physical body. Activating, or reactivating, can adjust the connection of the spirit to the physical body.

Less of the physical means we step out of survival as the primary motivation.


    • Hello Keith,

      All seminars offer recordings and you have 90 days from the day of purchase to watch them as many times as you want. Ιnformation given in the seminars will benefit you even after they are over so don’t worry about that.