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Future Human

June 16 & 17

Who and what might we become in the next 100 years?

What a concept. We may have an inkling of how we got to where we are, here on planet Earth in the year 2022… but how amazing would it be to have a better handle on where we’re going?

How we might continue evolving, as we’ve moved  from survival of the fittest to survival of the most adaptable to…???

You’re being invited to see the greatest potentials that lay ahead for us and assist in creating them.

Now we can.

In this two-hour special event, Observer will present an overview of the future human. and introduce the ways humanity will evolve over the next 100 years.

Normally, when humanity has taken steps in evolution, it was due to our reaching a critical mass and it has taken  thousands of years.

Not any more.

Humans now have a level of technology and assistance that never existed before, and because of this, the evolution of humanity will not happen in the same way.

The group says there will not be one way we evolve, but many ways.  For the first time, there are so many people and so much technology that there are many possibilities–and much more assistance.


Want to know more?  In these times of mastery,  we are invited in June to look ahead with Observer, as he shares without judgment the greatest potentials ahead of us as humanity steps up and evolves.

What kind of human would you like to be 100 years from now?

These times are perfect opportunities to plant something positive in the future.

Plant something that you can grow, something that has to do with your passion and grounds you on this planet.

Presented LIVE online.

Each event is between 60-75 minutes in length. Immediate replays for 90 days. No downloads are available for this event.

Immediate replays for 90 days.