January 2018

Virtual Light Broadcast

Segment 1

The January Virtual Light Broadcast offers welcome hope and inspiration as we enter 2018 and humanity continues to move from separation into unity. In segment 1, Steve and The group explore how the changes on planet Earth will be occurring with the wind at our backs more than ever before. The mission to empower ourselves and others means it’s time for us to step up, let our voices be heard, continue to look for the good all around us–and enjoy the journey.

Segment 2

New segment NO MORE SECRETS from Steve talks about 4 important issues being revealed in today’s world. Australia’s commission on child sexual abuse. The US FCC attempts to overturn Net Neutrality against public demand. Google and NASA take AI into space to find other solar systems like ours. Today’s 3 mile wide asteroid passing Earth on this day.
Meg Adamson returns to the VLB with her message about :” What Guides You vs What Drive You.

Segment 3

Segment 3 of the Spiritcast is the GOOD NEWS from Chris Morris. Chris talks about beauty and how to find it in your life. New uses for the new miracle material graphine and how it can change our world as a battery that never need recharging. The “Me Too” movement. Studies on how hugging your child makes a lasting imprint. The 11th harmonic used to dissolve cancer cells. LightMaster of the month is the Threshold Choir helping people transition with their voices.


Segment 4

In this segment Steve channels the group to tell a new Amor story. Amor is a young boy coming of age in the times of Lemuria. Today They tell the story of Amor taking his first job as an active member of society. He learns of the honored customs of a sacred society.

Segment 5

In this segment Steve and Barbara take call ins from live viewers. Steve does his 2 minute readings.

Segment 6

Segment 6 of the VLB is the final of three channels from the group. Here Merlia comes in and offers a message of hope and vision for the future.

Predictions, Comments & Questions

This month in Predictions, Comments and Questions: Barbara sets the tone for 2018 with the idea that it’s time to feel hopeful and inspired by what we can all create as a new year begins. Steve and The group remind us that humanity is beginning to turn a corner as we work more in harmony with planet Earth, letting go of old belief systems to celebrate the many ways in which we are alike. Predictions for January cover ongoing earth changes including asteroids, earthquakes and volcanic activity, and how humans can begin planting seeds of light to help support those changes.

The questions segment (which may answer a question you didn’t even know you had!) includes: Will my son with a spinal cord injury ever walk again? Why are there so many points of difference among channels these days? What’s behind the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and will it cause more terrorism? How long can the economy keep expanding, and what can I do to prepare for a downturn? Why do I feel so disconnected in my spiritual journey? How can I remain inspired in my writing work?

Also–we just saw Downsizing with Matt Damon, and I just about fell off my chair at some of the “hidden” messages inside such a mainstream movie. Also fascinating about how it’s being received. If you see it and want to discuss, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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