Journey to Other Games in the Universe

May 17

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered about all the other multiverses out there? 

About the beings that inhabit them and the games they play, how those games might have started and ended?

What problems they might face and how they might be dealt with as a collective? 

And especially–what insights and lessons and wisdom they might have for humans now, in our own present game?

You have questions; Steve and the group have answers.

Plus:  there’s new information about how these distant games in adjacent realities are all connected, and how they affect each other in ways we do not know.  Some of these other games could even be hosting one of *your* other realities, as another you!

And just wait until the Observer turns and looks back, to show why all eyes are upon Earth at this time.

Your questions answered,  May 17th. 

Join us!

It is impossible to be alone in Unity Consciousness.

Presented LIVE online 110-120 minutes in length, with a 7-8 minute break.

Immediate replays for 90 days.