Sedona, Arizona – October 11-14, 2018: E-Family Mission: Learning to become Morphogenic Light

E-Family Mission: Learning to become Morphogenic Light

In Person Event

Dates: October 11-14, 2018

Location: Sedona, Arizona

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The group has stated one line over and again when talking about our future as humans. “Wait Until You See What’s Coming!” This event will reveal this for the first time.

In this four-day event the group will show us what is ahead for planet Earth and humanity as we acclimate to the new attributes of 5thDimensional reality.

These four days are essentially the same as the one day and the three-day events that we are presenting in the Netherlands in September, combined.  The first day is designed to bring you up to date on what is happening, why the highest course for humanity going forward.  The following three days are getting into action.

As Earth begins her final stage, the Family of E has come to step into a new higher reality, then hold the door open for those who wish to follow. The steps ahead are many as we learn to release the density of the physical body and move into bioluminescence.  The human animal is changing and we will start that process together in this intimate gathering of a very select group of lightworkers. Be ready to shift. The first step of this change into Bioluminescence is the shift into the Morphogenic body. We will do exercises to make you familiar with what this will be like as we plant the seeds to start the process of change.

The group wanted to keep this gathering to less than 100 people in order to give the personal attention needed. During our time together, the group will present several live channels, giving us directions and tasks to master. You will meet and be able to share with others who have a similar direction in life. You are not alone. Much of the work will be done in small, intimate groups that are designed to bring out your hidden gifts. You will find both the student and the teacher emerging as we learn the gifts of an empowered society. The group will also offer a time to ask questions directly to them in channel.

We all find ourselves here on Earth at massive times of change. This special gathering will help you know the direction ahead as the Earth shifts. Although we may not be able to address every situation, Steve will offer personal 2-minute readings at selected break periods as time allows. Each day will conclude with a unique Spirit Seed impression presented in live channel to speed up the evolutionary process escalating into the New Human Species.

One of the aspects of our new reality is the reunion of our multidimensional selves. As the walls between our dimensions thin the group will show us what it means to walk in full harmony and connection with all of our 11 dimensional aspects reunited. We will also do multidimensional healing to release the reincarnation cycle.

The group will tell the story of the Family of E and the role they will play in the changes ahead. They will also focus the last day on Ambassadorship. To be an effective ambassador of light there are empowerment techniques that will be mastered and we will work on that at the groups direction.

This is one of only two events that we will present live this year. We will be in the Netherlands and in Sedona Arizona to present this ground-breaking work.  Several of the LightMasters in our year long course will be in attendance at both events and will help those who need deeper explanation of concepts that are not clear to those new to our work.

Steve, Barbara and the group welcome this special gathering of Lightworkers.


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