Living Light Codes

May 10, 21, 22
June 4, 7, 18, 26
July 2, 3

Living Light Codes

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This 9 day event is spread over three months and explores the 16 Hidden Light Codes in detail and deeper depth. In the Hidden Light Codes  three day event the group explained the process, gave some techniques and showed how to activate another person. Now in the extended nine day event the group will take you further into what to do after the initial activation, and covers the emotional aspects of the relationships that are activated. The group will explain the relationship of the Light Codes to corresponding life lessons. In effect, creating a system of Living Light Codes to work with.

Everyone has a secret, or something that they struggle with. Finding and activating the appropriate Light Code will many times change peoples lives, allowing them to find the gift in the secret, and ultimately the release and healing of it. Going through the process of practical understanding is what we are offering in this brand new and very special event.

No prerequisites are required but the instructional part of this modality has been presented in the Hidden Light Codes event. Although that material will be referenced and extended, it will not be repeated. It is very advisable that you take the Hidden Light Codes seminar to be fully up to speed.

This is a Certified OverLight course that also fulfills the requirement for later teaching this modality.

No workbook accompanies this training, you have unlimited online viewing access to all classes.

A special e-mail address will be provided for you to ask questions during the entire course.

This is a new system of Practical Mastery.  
This is a pathway to living life as a Master in Mastery.

Areas we will cover:

The emotional aspect of each of these Living Light Codes will be explored in depth.

In the beginning we will cover the Metamorphic Shell, preparation and diagnosis techniques.

Each day thereafter we will cover the emotional aspects of each Light Code, covering 2 to 3 each day. This will include the group activating the Light Codes in you, in new activations at the close of each class.

The final day offers training in Ambassadorship giving overall tools, shortcuts and healthy working boundaries.

Questions that will be answered in the content:

So my hidden codes are open now what?
How do I learn to use them consciously in my own life?
How do I offer this to clients and others?
What do I give clients when they want more than the Hidden Light Code activations?
How will I know if some of these codes close up?
What do I watch for?

This course will offer an in depth understanding of the emotional set-ups, causes and typical patterns of people dealing with each of the 16 Light codes.

Whether you use those to offer your clients or use it to master yourself, the Living Light Codes are a powerful new system that is only now being uncovered and activated.

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