Predictions, Comments and Questions

A 60-90 minute program bringing you a heads-up about important events for the following month, followed by a Q&A session answering your most urgent questions, whether you’re wondering about personal issues like where you should move or how to deal with a difficult family member, to understanding the latest spiritual teachings from Steve and the group.  It’s a “Don’t Miss” event every month.

Practical Magic

Barbara Rother’s experience and insights are a guide to the small changes that can change your life. 

The Story of Amor

The Story of Amor continues each month in channel from the group, with striking parallels for what we can expect for today.  Many of us were there in Lemuria, and can use those life lessons to guide our paths now.

Tools for your Spiritual Toolkit

Have you ever wondered how Steve first connected to the group, and how you might better channel the wisdom available to you?  Get specific ideas and suggestions here. Each month will bring a different spiritual tool for you to use, from photonix activations (no worries if you don’t know what that is; we’ll explain their value), to guided meditations, global focus work so you can help heal the planet, and extra channels from individual members of the group.

Welcome to ESPAVOtv 

Here, you can easily find what you’ve been looking for, month after month. Our programs include:

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Important information and inspiration from a reliable and trusted source.
  • Predictions, Comments and Questions
  • Practical Magic
  • The Story of Amor
  • Tools for your spiritual toolkit

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