March 2018

Virtual Light Broadcast

Segment 1

In March’s Virtual Light Broadcast segment 1: Barbara sets the tone with images of gathering our courage to “March” forward, ready to make this month special.  Steve and The group begin with Merlia’s reassurance that the family of E is making a huge difference on the planet, as humans begin to see things from a larger perspective, with new energies coming in that allow for new ways of thinking.  The magic is just beginning!

Segment 2

The Good News report with Chris Morris includes a roundup of encouraging steps toward environmental awareness and healing, from ways to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to Buckingham Palace going green, to the hospital in Boston which planted a farm on its roof to provide healthy food for its staff and patients, to a visit with Ellis Morris and his lovely lizards.

Segment 3

In No More Secrets, you’ll learn about how the House of Representatives in the US is quietly trying to gut the Americans with Disabilities Act to save businesses money;  how NOT to reward Experian for being hacked;  and how the students in Parkland Fl. are emerging as leaders and activists in the effort to keep guns out of schools.

Segment 4

Amor’s story continues, as he takes time off from his job as an intake specialist at the Temple of Rejuvenation and contemplates his next step, which leads him in some unexpected pathways toward a brand new life of teaching, writing, and storytelling.

Segment 5

Segment 5 includes questions answered from viewers who wrote in. Questions include:  why am I feeling thoughts and emotions as the walls between dimensions start to thin?  How can I connect with children on the spectrum to help all of humanity?  Is there a way to help my girlfriend with her severe headaches?  How can my surgery help me connect with other people?  What’s the cause of my compulsive hair-pulling?  What am I here to do?

Segment 6

Steve and The group as a collective wrap up with exciting news and ideas about how our physical beings are beginning to change in 5D.  As humans begin to carry more light, it’s important to release the habit of linear thinking so we can find answers without having to take all the steps one by one to get there.  How do you do that?  Here are some suggestions…

Predictions, Comments & Questions

Barbara sets the tone for March PCQ with the reminder that spring is a time of hope, and a great opportunity to wake up and come to life. Steve and The group continue that theme with reassurance that while many changes are in progress, we are closer to creating what we want than we know. There’s more information about the waves of energy coming in during 2018 and what that means for economic changes, ongoing earth changes, 5D reality, and why being “self-first” is very different from “self-ish.”

Questions include: why would my mother choose dementia? Why do I feel like I’m running on empty in my work, and how can I get my enthusiasm back? How much do we create our reality and how much of it is co-created? How can I begin speaking about what my heart feels and knows? And what can I do to either revive my marriage or leave it without harming my child?

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