Master Healer Certification

October 6-8, 2019, Belgium

Master Healer Certification

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The Seven Clans of the E-Family

The Family of E played a special part of the evolution of “all that is.” These special beings work in all areas of the Universe. They are specialists and were called in if a game (planet) fell out of control and looked like it would end prematurely, or self destruct. These special beings are in ethereal form much like what you may call angels today. It was the E-family that came up with the idea to have a special game with no predetermination. Thus began the only planet of free choice, Earth. With the wisdom of the Universe the E-family determined that there were typical failures of all games. It was here that some of the family of E decided to lower their vibration to take physical form, to carry in these important attributes. They incarnated in clans at first and soon spread out to infiltrate humanity. They knew they would not remember who they were nor where they came from.

Most have now incarnated hundreds of times having no idea how important their personal energy is to the world, even to this day.

These are the origins of the Seven Clans of the E-Family. Although some may feel a pull to more than one this is normal after so much time and evolution. There is usually one dominant attribute that you have carried proudly into this lifetime. Over the three days of this event we will cover each Clan with special channels to show the attributes and strengths of each. This gives validation to much of your experience as a human. With this insight people can find their passion and direction in life. If you are a healer it gives you a new tool to help a client change perspective.

Each Clan will be given a special message from the group about their mission here on Earth, going forward. The timeline of the Earth has changed, and the the new Spirit work you came to do is just getting started. Many of you have just been activated and are feeling a call to a new purpose in the game.

Timeline Healing

This is work we do for the emotional body and the huge changes most are experiencing now.
This modality is designed as guided intentional work on the timeline. Healing and balancing the past takes place by moving negative imprints into the present for healing and then relocating it to a safe space in time. We will also explore planting events in the timeline in our future. The group has been introducing what they call “Spiral Time” and will show us how we have more conscious capabilities than we are aware of. In Day 2 we will go into deeper understanding of the mechanics of the brain, memory, past, present and future, and spiral time. This modality has evolved from the original Inverse Wave Therapy training, which only dealt with clearing the past. There is much new information relevant to healing in the new energy.

The Transition

The group has been talking about the changes we will all experience as we take the evolutionary step right before us. They say there will be many who choose not to go. There will be people who will be helping them to transition. Most do not study for this or choose it as a vocation. Most of these people will suddenly find themselves in situations where they are helping someone (or many) transition. The group reminds us not to judge and separate ourselves by thinking one is better than another.

Everyone is on their own path, yet everyone has to go home sometime. What does that look like? The group also speaks of a gathering of special souls that are being called home. This special gathering will be working from the other side of the veil to help us align our new reality here on Earth. As a result many more will be leaving, especially over the next 10 years. We can be of great assistance to those being called home. The Transition home is especially important as it determines how much energy (difficulty) it takes for the souls to acclimate. In this part of the event we will cover the important aspects of a spirit in transition.

The group brings to our awareness that our societies do not honor death. It is held in secret and mystery. This belief makes it difficult for spirits to acclimate home. In this study, the group will show us easy ways to assist in this beautiful process. Then if you are really lucky, you will get the chance to pass it on when another person lets you in so deeply that they share the miracle of their transition with you. Based on the original Transition Teams training, new information is provided along with how to work with this updated modality in a new framework within the new energies of both humanity and planet earth.

Many people are feeling the chaos of the world, particularly the empaths. This new training will provide you with personal information about your Clan and your mission. You will meet like minded others in a sacred and private setting. You will receive answers to your questions like “Why does it feel like my life has just stalled?”

“I feel like I am supposed to be doing something different?
“I feel like I am being called to move or change my relationship” and many more…

In a way, the group is pushing everyone to trust in what’s ahead, and wishes to give us each a clearer perspective on what’s to come, what our missions are, and train us (through reminding us who we are and our ancestry) to awaken from the dream, right as the evolution of humanity and planet earth are changing. You are the front-runners of the game, here with very special attributes, that are about to be activated and put to work.

Upon completion of this 3 day intensive, you will be Certified as a Master Healer. This certifies that you have been trained in the Sacred Arts of Timeline Healing, Transition Work in the New Energies of Earth, and have a deep understanding of the future ahead with the ability to assist and serve the healing and empowerment of others.

Registration Details

Day 1 Registration begins at 9:00am – Seminar Begins at 10:00am

Day 2 & 3 Seminar begins at 9:30am

Each day lunch will be between 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Each day will close between 5:00pm – 5:30pm

Each day will include: Photonix Code Activations.

Photonix Code Activations are presentations shown on a screen. Most are two to five minutes and include blinking lights that carry these codes. These are used to introduce new brain rhythms and patterns that attune people to the higher frequencies of the new game.We have presented a few of these online but they can be seen in their original full spectrum in person. We will present several of these along with other Journey activations over the three days.

Meet our hosts: Romy & Carla