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Want to know what’s happening right NOW on planet Earth–what it means and what’s behind it–not just what you hear on the news but what a larger spiritual perspective might have to say about it?
You’ve come to the right place. 

For the past 25 years, Steve Rother and the group have been offering wise and timely information in seminars and lectures around the world as well as a variety of online events and workshops. 

That work has now evolved into the new Espavo Empowerment Stream, offering new tools for healing to help bring you clarity and calm amidst the confusion you see all around you.

The purpose of this new format is to help you enjoy the ride of being a human. To tap into timely information every week, without having to wait for special events to deepen your understanding of what’s happening and why. To help you learn even more about who you are, so you can better understand why you’re here.

January Registration is Open!

January 11 | The Sands of Time

• Online Event
Calling All Human Angels. Do you ever look at the world and wish there were something more you could do to make things better for the planet? Now you can. This event is all about the Sahara desert and the role it plays in supplying 40% of the oxygen on the planet.

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