New OverLight Teaching Program

Over the years the group has given us several modalities for emotional and spiritual healing. This group of teachings became our OverLight series. Barbara and I have taught these modalities in many countries and have enjoyed working with healers from all over the globe. Today, things have changed. Humans have accelerated and can learn at a faster pace and absorb more. Healers are more effective now and more direct. With advanced technology we no longer need to travel in person to all the countries in order to reach them. As a result, we are adjusting our Teacher program:

If you are a teacher and would like to incorporate our material into your own website and teaching presentations/ facilitation, this is now available to you.

The following criteria apply:

1.You must be ordained by Espavo (or previously Lightworker) If you have an ordination certificate or a LightMaster ordination (completing one full year of training with us.) This will qualify you for the program.

  1. You must take or have taken the specific course you wish to incorporate into your work.
  2. Attribution is required. On printed material and presentation slides the words “reprinted with permission from” needs to be included and clearly visible.

In verbal presentations, a simple reference to Espavo and as the source of the material is all that is required. If you have added to the modality with your own work those points need to be attributed to you.

  1. This DOES NOT apply to material in our books without special permission. (500 words or less is always freely given without special permission.)
  2. Espavo will not provide listings or referrals.
  3. Espavo takes no responsibility for your clients, or the use of our material.
  4. You must register by filing out the form below

Our intent is to empower as many humans as possible at a time when it is needed.

We will be announcing the next available course soon. To keep up with our news and announcements make sure you are on the LightList here.


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    Available Teachings

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