Predictions 2020


Predictions 2020

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Join us for a special two-day event for a “check-in” with the group.

Do you want to know how humanity is doing and where we are going?

Do you want to learn more about what’s ahead for 2020?

Together with Steve & Barbara, the group will give us the current overview on the following:

  • Politics & Governments
  • Finances & Economics
  • Earth Changes
  • Updates on the November 2019 Timeline Merge- were we successful?

If you’d like to find out what anchored from the timeline merge and what that means ahead, and would like a roadmap to what the coming year will look like, you won’t want to miss this dynamic two-day event.

In February 2019 we presented 2020 Vision. Much of that information is playing out right now and plays a role in the updates we are about to receive in this event. If you didn’t happen to see it, you can purchase it now at 60% off the original price. This is not a pre-requisite, but you may wish to view it for the added perspective it brings.

We are all here for a reason, and that reason is becoming more and more important and will begin to matter even more in the coming year ahead.

Join us to find out where we’re headed and how you can help!


  1. 12/17/19 Tuesday

    Here is a poem I recently wrote after learning of another loved one making their transition.


    I weep for a weeping world
    beside a creek full of woe
    Can there ever be a light for me?
    Brighter then the sun used to be.

    The river flows onward without a
    a feeling of sorrow or even a mess.
    It is a feeling, nothing more or less

    A symbol of eternal consciousness,
    This river could be you or it could be me,
    forever running towards the sea.

    It is a river, nothing more, nothing less
    winding around the curves and bends,
    flowing briskly, sometimes slowly
    inexorably to its end.

    One more tear of mine would not matter
    I am but a tiny thing on its platter
    But, if I weep no more
    The world will be a better place,
    full of wonder and full of grace.

    A simple understanding that we are all
    part of this Human Race.

    Love and Compassion and Gratitude,
    Pete Wehle


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