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Join us for a 60 – 90 minute free live stream with Steve, Barbara and the group. We will open the class with a channel from the group then Steve & Barbara will answer your questions that you’ve sent in. If you are watching after the live stream you will want to skip ahead about 15 minutes to the beginning of the event.  Thank you and enjoy!


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Predictions for June begins with Steve and the group sharing timely news of exciting things to come, along with the reassurance that humanity is on time and on target for change, with grace, excitement, and power. (Whew!). Also get an update about politics in the US, why attempts to bury the truth can’t work in this time of No More Secrets, and what you need to know about the background and future prospects of 5G technology.

Questions include: what are we to think about the recent UN report on more than a million species vanishing from planet Earth? What’s the future of Roundup now that huge court awards have been made for people harmed by its use? What does the group say about social media? Why is there such disparity in the teachings of spiritual leaders? Can I deal with chronic disease by shifting my energy? Is there a big wave of magnetic energy coming at the end of May? How can I stop feeling stuck and start moving forward again?