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Join us for a 60 – 90 minute free live stream with Steve, Barbara and the group. We will open the class with a channel from the group then Steve & Barbara will answer your questions that you’ve sent in. If you are watching after the live stream you will want to skip ahead about 15 minutes to the beginning of the event.  Thank you and enjoy!


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September PCQ: After a warm welcome and timely reminder from Barbara about how breathing deeply can reset our energy, Steve and The group came in with an overview of how and where earth changes will continue into the fall.  Sending love and energy to Yellowstone will be important through September as small earthquakes rock that area, releasing energy that could cause bigger problems elsewhere. Puerto Rico may be hit with another hurricane this year, not as bad as the big one in 2017, but sending love can help create a safety zone there as well as in Texas and Louisiana.  One more heads-up:  emotions can become more sensitive as the earth’s magnetism continues to move.  It’s a good time to dream, create, and know that our new 5D bodies can hold more light.

Questions include:  How can I know when it’s the right time to move forward in my work and my life, especially when I feel like an alien in my own body?  What should I eat to maintain a healthy weight as I move into lightbody?  Is spinning still a good way to raise my energy?  What’s the story with extreme temperature swings predicted on the earth from hot to cold?  Is Big Pharma heading for a big fall, and if so, when?  Where is my fear of flying coming from?  Why do I keep having health problems as I try to bring in more light?  What should I do to help my son find a job that will support him adequately?