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Join us for a 60 – 90 minute free live stream with Steve, Barbara and the group. We will open the class with a channel from the group then Steve & Barbara will answer your questions that you’ve sent in. If you are watching after the live stream you will want to skip ahead about 15 minutes to the beginning of the event.  Thank you and enjoy!


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11-7-2018  From Steve

Today’s event has been postponed.

Sorry everyone but I am under the weather today.
We are postponing the PCQ event today until Nov 28th at 11am.  It will be in the window below 30 minutes before the event. Thanks for your understanding and good wishes  Nov 28th will be predictions for Dec and Jan since there will be no PCQ in December. We will be offering two full events to cover all the events and changes. The first will be Predictions 2019 to cover humanities side of things and also we will have a two full days to discuss Earth Changes 2019 where we look at this evolution from the standpoint of Earth. Here the group wants to address the best places to be over the next several years. Both of these channeled events are designed to give an overview of what is ahead in the larger picture. Due to this intense focus we did did not schedule a PCQ in December.
December will have SpiritCast and the VirtualLight for family gatherings.
I’m crawling back into bed now




PCQ for November: Barbara’s welcome includes the reminder that we should treat ourselves especially well so we will have more to give others. Good advice for her birthday month of November–and yours, whenever that might be.

Steve and The group began with the separation and frustration that so many feel these days, not just in the US which is looking forward to midterm elections but other areas of the world as well. Watch for surprises, as big money keeps trying to influence voters right until the last minute; it’s a close call as to the end result. Look for difficulties from Brexit, too, and wherever you are remember that it’s time to step out of the drama, rise above the muck and mire and remain as a guiding light.

Questions include: Can you offer guidance for my family as we go back to South Korea once again? Will Trump supporters ever have to come to terms with how they’ve been manipulated and lied to? How can I catch up with everything I want to know for a richer spiritual practice? Are there solar events coming that might cause major damage to the earth? How can I come back from feeling like I’ve lost my way and gone into hate, fear and anger? Are the loss of my job and marriage along with alcohol and gambling problems actually a re-set of my energy? After trying many diets for decades, how can I finally lose weight and stay healthy in my 60s?