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The next event will  broadcast on Wednesday, February 13 2019 at 11:00am Pacific Time on Espavo TV  for March Predictions. View February’s Predictions below.

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Join us for a 60 – 90 minute free live stream with Steve, Barbara and the group. We will open the class with a channel from the group then Steve & Barbara will answer your questions that you’ve sent in. If you are watching after the live stream you will want to skip ahead about 15 minutes to the beginning of the event.  Thank you and enjoy!


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separatorSteve and Barbara’s welcome to February’s Predictions, Comments and Questions includes a reminder that we’ll be turning a lot of corners in 2019.  Activating the 16 Hidden Light Codes seminar (in January) and photonic activations (in February) can help advance your understanding and personal growth in these times.  Barbara is glad to enjoy February as the month of love, a time to love ourselves and everything around us!  

Steve and the group note that we are living in a different time than just a few weeks ago, with the opportunity from now through April to work on how we want to be on the planet.  Keep an eye on the unfolding Brexit story, which contains an opportunity to re-think the present path of financial and political turmoil and change everything.  Now is the time to realign our energies so that big changes coming later in the spring will keep us mastering the lessons we came here to learn, instead of going into fear and separation.  

Questions include:  Is plane travel safe during the US government shutdown?  What was the reason for my abusive childhood?  Are there negative effects of 5G technology we need to be concerned about?  Does my mother’s soul not want to heal or not really need to?  Why am I having trouble finding a better space to do my work?  Are humans helping create global warming by paying attention to it?  Can I empathize with someone so much that I can physically feel their pain?