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2020 Human Angel Conference- Three Payment Option

$150.00 $116.66 / month for 3 months


In Person Event:
October 17-19, 2020

Registration Begins -8:00am Oct 17th
Program Times: 9:00am – 5:00- 5:30pm


“And now will enter the Human Angels.” The group.

The Lightworker of today requires more magic, more consciousness, more abilities to energetically read every situation very quickly and respond. This requires solid tools and understanding of how energy works, creation, manifestation, and pulling in patterns and frequencies that produce results. It is also important to be very clear about our actions and intentions now, they produce effects in the collective ripple. We are all activated in our new path for this new trajectory of the earth and clarity of intention is no longer all that is required, it is so important that Lightworker’s also recognize how their energy work is effective in the timeline going forward.

  • What is a Human Angel?
  • Do you feel like you are forced to lower your vibration to do everyday things?
  • Do your friends always seek your advice on important decisions?
  • Have you always felt like you already know, but are playing a game where you’re not supposed to know?
  • Do you feel like you carry the weight of the world at times?
  • Are you still trying to figure out why humans do the things they do?
  • Are you an Empath or have great sensitivity?
  • Is spirituality a driving factor in your life?
  • When studying spiritual material does it make you feel validated?
  • Have you always had the feeling that you are holding something deep inside for all of Earth and her inhabitants?

If you have answered “yes” to at least three of these questions, chances are very good that you are a Human Angel. Now the question is, what does that mean and what can you do with it?

This year the group will present an interactive seminar loaded with the most important tools for Human Angels. In the times we are in right now and the days ahead these practices will be very useful to stay balanced in this upside-down world. You may be surprised at the magic you’ve have had all along. This event will make it easier to consciously hold the intense light you have and still live in joy.

During this special family gathering you will experience:

  • Understanding Multidimensional Harmony. How to harness your empathic abilities in all of your dimensions.
  • How to consciously step out of FEAR as fear increases on planet Earth. Tools to keep you centered in a higher state no matter what is going on around you.
  • Learning to walk with Spirit on your shoulder in everyday life.
    We chose this location for several reasons. One being that there is constant foot traffic on Fremont St. This gives us a perfect place for you to use some of these new energetic tools for yourself.

You will be given tools to put to the test the moment you leave the conference space at breaks and in the evenings.  

  • Open Heart Communication. If you have followed the groups Story of Amor you will know that the Lemurian’s were based in heart connections. It was easy to harmonize then as each person naturally felt one another. There was no war amongst Lemurian’s as they had learned to feel and harmonize everything. The group will show us how it works and give us exercises.
  • Interact with objects around you with just your energyDeep inside, most human angels live with an intrinsic wisdom of energy. The group would like to help you get comfortable with that gift and will give exercises to do so.
  • Time travel. The group says that the joke is on you. They say that most of you that will attend will be from 300 years in the future here to make this evolutionary step smoother and less destructive. None the less, they will take you into your own future to plant powerful seeds.

The group will let you feel the Esayoto (if you’re not familiar with what and where this is, don’t worry, we’re going to explain it all and take you there. It is a beautiful energetic space, where you work on all of your creation desires, receive healing, guidance, and much more.) In person it is much easier to identify the vibratory levels one goes through. Once you know the feeling, and how to locate it, it is much easier to return to. They will give reports as to what levels the group reaches as we reach it throughout all three days..

This will be a safe space to experience higher levels of your light that you can bring into your daily life.

The final day will conclude with an Angel Walk beginning at 2pm on the last day.

What is an Angel Walk?

The best way we can describe this is to say that you will never, ever, forget your Angel Walk experience. It is profoundly life changing. We take everyone through a process of being filled with as much love and light as you can hold. You will always remember who sent you off on your deeply personal angel walk, you will receive guided messages along the way, and you will be met by the Keeper himself and the Keeper’s Keeper when you reach the end of your walk, with a special message just for you. 

Thousands of human angels have participated in our Internationally known Angel Walk and have credited it as the experience that awakened something deeply personal and profound within them. Each walk is as unique as you are, and yours will no doubt be exactly what your Spirit is ready for.

After spending three days with the group and other Lightworker’s it is a perfect ending to this event. It is an exercise in how much love you can take in and hold. It will realign your emotional body and give you strength and courage.

An Angel Walk will generally take 2 to 2.5 hours.

We know that since the last day is a Monday some people will book early flights and will need to miss the Angel Walk. It is your choice, however, we wanted to give the times and dates so you can plan accordingly. We encourage you to stay for this if at all possible, as it is an experience you simply do not want to miss.


$450.00 USD. Early bird discount $100 if registered before June 30, 2019. No further discount coupons apply. We have priced this to be as attractive as possible for all. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Day 1  Registration begins at  8:00am – Seminar Begins at 9:00am
Day 2 & 3  Seminar begins at  9:30am
Each day lunch will be between 12:30pm – 2:00pm
Each day will close between 5:00pm – 5:30pm


This event will be in a new location in Las Vegas. We have found a very unusual place this year. It is in the original section of Las Vegas that is known today as the Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street is closed to all but foot traffic. The Hotel names can be confusing so we have listed it all here:

Hotels: Four Queens (guest rooms)
202 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV, 89101
Tel: (702) 385-4011
Cancellation policy 48 hrs, cut off date for rooms September 17, 2020.
This is the busiest time of year for Las Vegas & Fremont St. Please book your rooms early!

Binion’s (across the street where our conference room is located.)
and Hotel Apache (inside Binion’s)- a “boutique hotel” (where a few guest rooms are available with “ghost activity.”
128 Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV, 89101
Tel: (702) 382-1600

Cancellation policy 48 hrs, cut off date for rooms September 17, 2020.
This is the busiest time of year for Las Vegas & Fremont St. Please book your rooms early!

Book your room online

We have a special group rate for each day.
To book a guest room at the Four Queens (4 star hotel):

Go to:  www.fourqueens.com
Click on the GO tab
Click on Return to Calendar
Enter Promo Code ESPAVO
Click on Check Availability
Book the reservation

To book a guest room at the Hotel Apache (boutique hotel, very few amenities, some guest rooms with “ghost activity”):
Go to:  www.binions.com
Click on the GO tab
Click on Return to Calendar
Enter Promo Code AESPAVO
Click on Check Availability
Book the reservation

I will keep a “roommate share list” and put you in touch with others on the list who have given permission to be contacted, just email me and ask to be placed on the list.

Email Meg to be put on “room share” List

Rooms are available at a special rate just for our group. $49 for weeknights and $109 Friday- Sunday. Rooms are at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino which has recently been remodeled. It is a four-star hotel with great ratings on Google and Yelp. These two hotels are the only hotels in Las Vegas that DO NOT CHARGE A RESORT FEE. The owner did not think it was right to do that. Rooms can be seen on their site. www.FourQueens.com.  The Four Queens also owns “Binion’s” which is across Fremont St. (foot traffic.)  Inside Binion’s is the Apache Hotel. (We know its confusing, but it will be simple when you get there.) The two locations are less than 100 yards apart.

Seminar room

The Seminar room is in Binion’s. Binion’s is a historic building and it is well known to be haunted.  It is possible to stay in the Hotel Apache (inside Binion’s) and you can even request a room with “activity” which is what the staff calls it. FYI our seminar room is not located in a section that has activity.

As you probably know the group has talked about hauntings and ghosts. They have a different view than most teachers. At the seminar we will address this and so will the group. However, this is clearly NOT an event that is aimed at working with or releasing these imprints. I am, however, very excited that we will be doing an angel walk in a haunted building. Spirit Doors will open.

In both locations there is gambling and smoking in the casino areas. Hotels in Las Vegas work very hard to use air cleansing equipment as smoking is still legal in casino’s here.  Smoking is NOT allowed in or near our seminar room or anywhere where food is being served. Non smoking rooms are readily available.


Food selection is HUGE. There are at least 50 food establishments within a short walk.  The Four Queen’s and Binion’s share a special butcher that works every day to produce some of the finest steak houses you will experience. Hugo’s Cellar is our favorite in the Four Queen’s, even for a vegetarian like me, but reservations are highly suggested. There is also a special steak house at the top floor of the Four Queens as well as a barbeque restaurant, and of course both the Four Queen’s and Binion’s have full Buffets for every meal if you like. We are confident that you will find your meal preferences.


We will close each day at 5:00- 5:30pm and nothing is planned for evenings. Here you can experience Las Vegas in a whole new way if you like. Of course, you can see world class shows or walk up and down the Strip which is 4 miles long. Most people, however, will find the Fremont street experience to be very entertaining. You will see street people with varying offerings, from mimes to musicians and several in costumes so you can take pictures with them. At 4:00 pm they are required to stay within a small black circle painted on the pavement. You will also see a large presence of uniformed and undercover police. In the evenings there are 3 separate stages where bands will play live music and everyone dances in the street. If you’re adventurous you can take a zip line that runs above it all. This will also give you many opportunities to use and perfect the new tools you will be learning.

Fremont Street has all the old and classy buildings of the original Las Vegas. The Mob Museum is within walking distance. Fremont Street has recently been remodeled with a dome that covers the entire 5 blocks. Although the dome has been there for years it was recently rebuilt with High Definition LED’s. Starting at 6:00pm new shows will play on the underside of the dome every hour.

Depending on the events being held in Vegas at the time, there may be a lot of people at Fremont Street, although we have never seen it as crowded as the pictures on the Four Queens website. Please take normal precautions in crowded areas but Fremont Street is surprisingly low on crime and as we said you will see police presence at all times.

Travel Information

Closest Airport: McCarran International Airport Las Vegas
Airport Code: LAS

Rental Cars: There are multiple choices. This link gives you more information. Click Here

Shuttle from Airport to Hotel: The Four Queens Hotel does not employ a shuttle from the airport. It is approximately 25 minutes by taxi. Multiple shuttle companies deliver to these hotels. You can contact them directly here.

Event Schedule

We are working with the hotel catering department to provide vegetarian, vegan, keto, gluten free and regular carnivore lunch options for C.O.D. pricing and have the adjacent room to our conference room secured so we can all enjoy lunches together and mingle.

October 17-
8:00 a.m. Registration Opens, all attendees must register before entering the conference room
9:00 a.m. Program begins
11:00 a.m. 20 minute break
12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lunch
3:30 p.m. 20 minute break
5:30 p.m. day closes

October 18-
9:30 a.m. Program begins
10:30 a.m. 20 minute break
12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lunch
3:30 p.m. 20 minute break
5:30 p.m. day closes

October 19-
9:30 a.m. Program begins
10:30 a.m. 20 minute break
12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lunch
Angel Walk
5:30 p.m. day closes

This is an in person event. No recordings of this event will be available.


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